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How To Speed Up Your iPhone?

How To Speed Up Your iPhone?

We're going to tell you about 11 ways you can speed up your iPhone. Your iPhone is a computer and it has a processor. It has the memory, it has storage space and each of those is finite. It can only do a certain number of things at one time. So everything that happens on your iPhone whenever you swipe on it or you tap on something or even when it's asleep in your pocket is using the memory.

It's using the processor or CPU. It's also taking up storage space. And so iPhones slow down because there's a bottleneck somewhere. So your processor might not be able to handle everything that it's trying to do at one time. And this can happen for a couple of different reasons.

Too many apps & widgets

The first reason is that you're running too many apps or you're running too many widgets or there's too many tabs open as far and we're going to go through all of those so it's some normal problem.

Software crash

The second reason would be that there's some sort of a software crash or a glitch that's causing your iPhone's processor to Rev up to 100%. It's like a car engine. So Let's start with some basic fixes.

And the whole point of this is we're going to try to make your iPhone do less work in the background so that it'll be faster when you are using right.

11 Ways To Speed Up Your iPhone

1. Remove any unnecessary widgets

Widgets are like little mini-apps that run on your iPhone all the time. So just to get there it's like left-right across on the home screen. Here are your widgets.

So if you want to remove a widget Scroll the way down and tap edit and now you can just tap that red minus button to remove which you don't want. I thought the fantasy which it would be cooler and I could check the score of my game and that's not actually what it does. So I'll just go ahead and remove that turned out to be a fantasy turn. Just tap Done. Those widgets are now gone.

2. Turn off Background app refresh

Turn off background app refresh for apps that don't need to be able to download content in the background of your iPhone when you're not using them.

1. So Let's go to settings and then general and then Background app refresh.  I have almost everything in this list turned off. It's a good idea top too.

2. Tap on Background app refresh there to just choose WiFi because these features allow your iPhone to use your cellular data plan when it's in your pocket and it's a good way you could burn through data. I mean you're not expecting to.

3. So Let's step back again. And for me, I just had to ask myself which apps do I want to be able to download? Content like ESPN? Maybe not the Apple Store app though. Happy to just turn it off. So almost everything is off on my iPhone and that's going to cause your iPhone to do less work. It'll be faster.

3. Change push to fetch

In your mail accounts with Push mail, your iPhone is constantly checking the email server to check if there's new mail. So it's saying is their mail, mail, is their mail. But most people don't need to know this second if they got a new email message for me I set up my iPhone to check every 15 minutes if there's new mail which is more than often enough or whenever I open the mail app. And that's what we're gonna great do.

1. Step back to the main page of the Settings app a little more time.

2. And then Scroll down two passwords and accounts and then tap on fetch new data. Turn off Push. There at the top.

3. And then he changed some of the accounts to fetch. And then we have to choose at the bottom how often we want to fetch. Maybe you want 30 minutes to tap there. A blue tick appears that would just make it a little bit less work for your iPhone to do 15 minutes is probably too enough.

4. Close apps on your iPhone

It's possible that an app crashed in the background and it's just slowing everything down. I've seen apps get stuck at 100 % CPU usage so you should never have to do this. And that's why people say don't close out your apps. But it's like wearing a seat belt in the car. You should never have to wear your seatbelt because you're never gonna get in the crash except occasionally you do.

So how do we close our apps on the iPhone X and newer:-

1. Swipe up on the bottom of the screen to the Center of the screen.

2. The wrap tool appears slightly mob and off the top of the screen.

3. If you have an iPhone with a home button double-press that home button. You'll get to the app switcher. Slave them up on off the top of the screen and then your apps are closed. Just a way to prevent problems.

5. Turn off unnecessary system services and Location Services

So Let's head to Location Services.
1. Settings  > Privacy > Location Services.

This is kind of like background app refresh in that we don't recommend. Turning off Location Services is entirely because everybody wants to use GPS on their iPhone maps for instance. But not every app needs to have access to your location when you're using it and certainly not all the time. So as you go through this list if you see any apps that say always I recommend changing them to a well-using app. Bank account app while using this app why would CEFCU your Bank need to know where you are all the time? I don't know when your location is I'm sick. They don't need to know. 

Otherwise, it's just going to drain your battery. And if it's doing that it's doing something that's using your CPU. Your phone's going to get slower.

2. System services Tap on that and you could turn off almost everything in this list. What are we going to keep on? I'll be right. Emergency calls, and Sos, find my iPhone and share my location. If you use that I would keep those on.

Your Compass is still gonna work. Your time zone is still gonna work. If you're traveling between time zones I recommend doing what we do which is just turn that switch back on and turn it right back off. And then at the bottom here there are some analytic settings you also want to make sure of. Let's turn off all of these switches if they are on.

6. Clear up some storage space on your iPhone

Let's go to settings > General > iPhone storage.

iPhones are like computers. If you run out of hard drive space it slows down because there isn't enough room for it to do all the reading and writing to the storage that it needs to do with an iPhone. Same deal. Leave a little bit of headroom. Otherwise the memory on the phone the CPU is constantly shuffling things around in and out of memory and it slows everything down.

A couple of things you can do to delete apps you don't use. If I just go down this list I'm sure I'll find one that I don't use anymore. How about the Golf Scope app? But we download it yesterday for a video and I don't need it anymore. So I can either offload that and you won't lose any of your data. It'll just be there if you want to reinstall it later or you can delete the app delete everything. I'll just offload it for now. And you'll save 100 megabytes of space.

Another thing that's really helpful here is if you delete your photos they sometimes wind up in the recently deleted album. So while you delete them they're still taking up storage space on your iPhone. And there's a really easy way, just empty it. 128 megabyte gone.

7. Turn off iPhone analytics

1. Go to Settings and then scroll down to Privacy.

2. And then scroll all the way down to Analytics and make sure that all these analytics witches are turned off because analytics are little pieces of data that are sent to Apple and other third-party app developers to help them improve their products.

But if this is honest your iPhone's going to be capturing data and saving it and sending it in the background. You never notice it's happening. But it is happening. So it is going to slow down your iPhone just a little bit. And by changing all these settings that are slowing down your iPhone just a little bit I make it a lot faster hopefully. How to Optimize your iPhone.

8. Clear Safari history

So a lot of the time people say my iPhone is slow on I use Safari.
Let's clear Safari history.

That's what it's going to be.

1. Go back to the main page of the Settings app Scroll down to Safari.
All Internet browsers work by saving little bits of data on your device. It's called a cache so that the next time you visit that site it can load faster when that cache becomes really big and it can after you visited a lot of sites for a long time that's going to slow down your iPhone. Also if you have tons of tabs open that's going to slow on your iPhone because each little tab is like its own little process. 

2. So what you can do to fix everything at once is just go to the bottom. I tapped on all the blue links. Watch out for those and then tap clear history and website data.

It's going to scare your history and all your devices that are connected through your iCloud accounts and it's going to close all your tabs the next time you open Safari.

9. Check for an iOS update

Sometimes Apple releases new iOS updates to patch up some bugs speed things up to improve performance. And it's just a good idea to keep your iPhone up to date as often as you can. Especially after the new software release like iOS. Sometimes there's bugs. They didn't quite catch up.

Let's check. So we'll put up the Settings app. back to the main page of the Settings app and Scroll up to General to have software update checking for an update. Must have iPhone Accessories.

10. Turn your phone off and back on

Sometimes software processes can get stuck. This is a very simple fix. 

All you have to do on an iPhone X and newer is hold the side button in either volume button until Slide to Power Off appears on the screen and then swipe across the screen with your finger.

On an iPhone 8 and newer hold the Power button. Press and hold the slide of power Per. Swipe left to right turns off your iPhone then hold the side button. Turn it back on.

11. Reset all settings

Reset all settings to really eliminate a potential software problem that is bogging your iPhone down. Reset all settings is kind of a magic bullet it doesn't fix every single software problem under the Sun but it does fix a lot of them and you might be floored by how much faster your iPhone is after you do this.

1. Let's go to settings and then general all the way down to reset and then tap reset all settings.

By going through this process you're not gonna lose any of your data right then your Wi-Fi password to reconnected your Bluetooth devices something like that under wallpaper again but that's not a big deal.

Let's say that your iPhone is still dirt slow and you're using somebody else's iPhone that's exactly the same model and you're saying this person's iPhone is way fast and mine is not. It's very unlikely. It's a hardware problem if your iPhone is working well otherwise if it isn't a hardware problem you might want to try a DFU restore.

DFU restore

DFU stands for device firmware update and that is the deepest type of restore you can do on an iPhone that will erase everything on your iPhone. Make sure you back it up first but that's what they'll do in the Apple store if you go into the Apple store and say hey I've got a slow iPhone they will do DFU restore it for you.

So that's what to do to speed up your iPhone that's what to do when your iPhone is slow. If you enjoyed leave us a comment down below did we speed up your iPhone?

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