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What is iPhone Dual SIM & How to Set Up?

We're going to tell you what iPhone dual SIM is and show you how to set it up on an iPhone.

What is iPhone Dual SIM & How to Set Up?

What dual SIM mode does?

It allows you to have two different phone lines on one iPhone. This is especially useful for people who travel. Maybe you want to have one iPhone phone line for when you're overseas so you don't run up your data bill. Especially useful for people who may be doctors or lawyers. Usually, these people are carrying around 2 phones. It's a very useful feature and it's incredibly easy to set up. So every iPhone from the iPhone Xs and later can use this dual SIM feature. So that includes the iPhone Xs, Xs Max, Xr then all the and iPhone 11s, all the 12s, and iPhone SE 2.

How to Set Up a Second Phone Line?

We're going to use T-Mobile's Prepaid plan and T-Mobile actually has an app. So all you need to do is download this app and it's going to hook up e-SIM on your iPhone. And don't try to find a second SIM card to put your phone in because there is only one slot. So we're going to have one real SIM card in there that I already have from Verizon.

  • Open up the App Store on your iPhone. T-Mobile makes it really easy. They have an e-SIM app that you download. type in T-Mobile and find T-Mobile.
  • At the bottom, T-Mobile prepaid on tap kit and then tap the side button while he's getting some of this stuff set up.

We do want to say that we got a question about this. That's part of the reason why I made this article. Someone named Sam reaches out to us. He said he went to the Apple Store asked about the iPhone dual SIM. They said go check out the internet which I thought was an interesting response from somebody who works at Apple. So that's part of the reason I made this article. Hopefully, you find it helpful.

And hopefully, be more helpful than the Apple Store on this point. There are a few different options here.

Just because we're demoing this process I'll go with the 15 dollar plan tap next. While this is activated I also want to add that some people get confused with dual SIM where they think they need to go out and get a second physical SIM card. And that's just not the case. There's no space in that on an iPhone.

What is iPhone Dual SIM & How to Set Up?

A lot of these carriers just have apps. This is really a simple process. It is actually I wish it was this easy all the time just to get in a new cell phone plan. It will be in the future probably when they get rid of the physical SIM cards.

  • The pop-up you will see before ''Install the cellular plan''. A cellular plan from prepaid e-SIM is ready to be added to iPhone. tap continue. 
  • So my main phone number is the primary number and Let's call the second number. I just added my travel phone number.
  • I just tap on travel and tap done in the upper left-hand corner of the screen and then tap continue.
What is iPhone Dual SIM & How to Set Up?

1. Default lines is going to be a primary tap on that to get the check box to choose to continue.
2. And then I message and face time. I'm just going to stick with the primary sell your data primary and then allow cellular data switching. I'm going to say Yes. This might be dangerous if you're overseas. You probably don't want to have this on because you only want to be using the travel line from data.

What is iPhone Dual SIM & How to Set Up?

Then just look at the ads. The apps ask you to rate their app right after I download it. I just ignore those pop-ups. So people just go right and give one star for through that for the news.

You'll notice is that there are two lines listed here in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. One is Verizon WiFi which is my normal carrier and in the upper left we've got T-Mobile as well and we should also add there's the P and the T labels next to those networks. Primary travel makes it really easy for you.

What is iPhone Dual SIM & How to Set Up?

Check other settings

So other settings that we should take a look at before we dive into actually had to use this. If you go into settings and then cellular you can choose exactly what we have just chosen. Do I want to use the cellular data from my Verizon account or from my travel account with T-Mobile? I'm actually going to turn off cellular data switching and Let's force the phone to use T-Mobile data to back to cellular.

What is iPhone Dual SIM & How to Set Up?

Then go to default voice line you can change between your primary and travel number and Sam wanted to use a second line for travel. He had a question about can I turn off a secondary line or my private life when I go overseas so I don't get a big bill?
The answer is Yes. You can. They'll automatically switch the default voice line to the other place.

I one other point I want to make about dual SIM is that if you have an iPhone 12 and you want to use 5G you need to disable one of your dual SIM lines before 5G will work. You can't have both active at the same time and connect to 5G.

  • So tap back or slide from left to right with your finger to go back and disable your Verizon line.
  • So tap the switch next to turn this line and tap ok.
  • Now Let's go back to cellular back to my travel T-Mobile line and you will see that it's automatically flipped over to 5G auto. Which is great.

What is iPhone Dual SIM & How to Set Up?

That means it's only going to use 5G when it's necessary and when it will not significantly reduce battery life. That's the Smart data mode saying Apple is talking about in October. It's not called Smart Data mode is called 5G Auto for some reason. 

So we just turned on 5G and Unfortunately, it looks like T-Mobile doesn't have 5G covered where I'm sitting.

What are the last things we want to do in this article is show you what this looks like and some of the other apps that are affected by dual SIM?

Tap on the phone in the bottom left-hand corner and the first thing you'll see is at the top T-travel. If you tap on this it's going to let you choose which phone line you want to use. So it's pretty easy primary or travel.

What is iPhone Dual SIM & How to Set Up?

You'll also notice that in Voicemail and in recent you'll see a bunch of little Ts or little Ps or little whatever letters you've chosen to label that second line. That's how you know if this voicemail it's very cool. The way that they've built this together works great in the phone app. A little bit different. An extra step to take in the Messages app.

  • Open up the messages you want. Start with Settings.
  • Go to Settings and open up Settings.
  • Set back to get back to the main Settings menu and then scroll down to Messages.
  • Send and receive 4 addresses tap on that and now we can choose to receive messages to and reply from one or the other phone number. If you notice that your second phone line doesn't appear in this bottom listed first.
  • You need to tap to enable i-messages on the second phone line, and then you can choose to start new conversations in the Messages app from after your primary or your secondary phone number.

What is iPhone Dual SIM & How to Set Up?

  • So if you want to start them from your new line then just tap that and check that box.
  • Open up the messaging app. Tap send.

That's how to set up dual SIM on an iPhone. I hope you found this article helpful. It's kind of a technical concept but once you've actually dived into it it's a pretty easy process as seamless how they built in the integrations with the phone app and with the Messages app. Voicemail with incoming calls outgoing calls switching data. It's excellent. This is much easier.

Think once, people get over that initial technical sort of hurdle there. It sounds scarier than it actually is. Stop carrying around two phones people. Give it a share. Leave a comment down below with any other questions. We'd love to hear from you about your experience with Dual SIM.

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