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Online vs Offline - Where to buy a laptop

Online vs Offline - Where to buy a laptop

What do you prefer buying offline or online? Once you finalized the brand, decided what your need is, it's time to go for purchase and this is the common thing to consider before buying a laptop.

Always buy expensive items, especially offline laptops, and electronic products. But this term is not true in the current time because online shopping has increased. Everything getting digitalized. Most people buying products online and they satisfy with their service.

Online shopping is convenient for those who don't have enough time to leave home and buy from the store to and compare brands. They found exactly what they were looking for, and they didn't want to have the trouble of dealing with aggressive sales representatives. They don't want to park their car a few miles away from where they were actually going.

But, there are two options for buying a laptop, online and offline. Most people are confused about whether to buy a laptop online or offline.

What could possibly be the best option and why you should buy online or offline? So we are going to see some advantages and disadvantages and things to consider before buying a laptop online or offline. How to buy from your preferred option.

Pro and Cons of Buying Laptop Online vs Offline

1. Return replacement

If you purchase online from Amazon or Flipkart, whatever its policy is 7 days or 15 days you will get a replacement. 

If you have any trouble or issue with your laptop, then you can return it and the amount can also be returned to you if you buy online. But there is a 95% chance that you do not get it offline market. If you buy from a local store, you can't return and have no option for replacement.

If you find any scratches, damaged or defective or any trouble while using the laptop or if you don't like that product or if it is not suited to your need or it's not properly sealed then you can easily return or replace it and take a refund on particular days. So it's a very big advantage of buying online.

2. Warranty

You will get a warranty which the company claims, for both buy online and offline. You will not face any warranty issues for both options. If you purchase online or offline its warranty will be covered.

In which city you live just go to your nearest service center and you can repair anything in particular warranty. It also applies to both local stores and online.

It's easy to claim a warranty on most laptops. If you log the problem on their website, they will come to your home, bring a laptop, and repair things within the warranty period. The advantage of offline services is that they sometimes provide a free extended warranty. Once I got a free warranty of up to 3 years and a laptop bag for the same price.

3. Right price true value

You will always get a laptop at the correct price online because of its equal price for all online customers. If you do not know about online buying and current prices and if you go to buy a laptop in the offline market then you will get a high price.

For example, if you purchase any i5 laptop online at present, you will get it around $700 to $750 price. But if you purchase it in the offline market then it will cost you around &750 to &899. So i will suggest guys try to buy online because it will save you money. Overall, local retailers and shops tend to be a bit more expensive than the ones offered online.

4. All models available

One of the best advantages is to buy online is you can see all the models. For example. If you go to purchase a laptop at your nearby shop then you can see only limited models which shopkeepers have.

But if you buy online you can see a thousand of models according to your need and budget. You can find a laptop according to your working purpose and features. So it's the first and big advantage of buying online. So you should try to buy online sites.

5. Sale and offers

There are many good sales and offers online. The price of a laptop is $750 offline, you will get up to &550 to &700 in online offers. So all these offers you see less in the offline market as compare to the online market. If there is no sales offer and discount available online, you can wait for price drops and the best deal.

The online store offers good discounts on credit cards. So if you have a credit card then check the available offers and save a good amount of money and extra cashback on your purchases.

6. Required models available

If you have decided to buy a particular model online and you want to buy the same model offline, you are not likely to get the model. So there is more chance to get that particular model on Amazon or Flipkart.

If you go to the store you can check the laptop physically. You can check screen size, built quality, keyboard, weight. So you do not need to depend on reviews. You can check everything based on a personal level and experience.

If you buy it locally, you can go to that store and they will take care of it. If something goes wrong, they will be forced to repair your laptop as soon as possible.

In addition, you can negotiate lower prices or get other free items, such as laptop bags or mice, which save you money compared to offered online and you can avoid various problems, such as being deceived or defrauded.

When buying offline you can face the person at any time and you don't have to go through the busy return/replacement process. The most important thing is that you personally check the product. This is a huge benefit of buying from the store. 

7. Latest models & generation

You can see the i5, i7 are the latest generation right now. If you go to buy it offline then hardly you will get 7th or 8th generation but online you will get 9th or 10th generation easily, and new features.

If you are not an experienced buyer or if you don't know that much about laptop specs then you can be cheated by retailers because they would show you old models that they couldn't sell.

They will show models according to budget and knowledge. If you ask for a particular model they will tell you it gets old and buy this one, this one because they don't have that model.

They just try to sell on any condition. So you have to know your need what the specs you need? What kind of work do you want to do on that laptop. So that way you can choose a laptop with the best specs and generation.

How to buy a laptop offline or local store

What you need to do is to find and finalize the model you want from online research. Check the company's official website and write down the prices of various websites to get a reasonable price range from local retailers. Then visit local retailers and shops, where you can get the best prices.

The best option is always buying from company-exclusive brand stores. Find your favorite brand's exclusive store near you. I bought vivobook from the exclusive store. If you buy a laptop from the exclusive store they offer complimentary gifts.

I got a Logitech mouse and a mouse pad. If you buy a laptop form online you will be charged $28 to $85 for a 1 to 2 year extended warranty.

But if you buy from the exclusive store, they offer a 1-year warranty which the company claims, and if you want an extended warranty then go to your laptop brand's official website and you will get an extended warranty for $2 to $10 with the help of invoice.

How do you know that the Laptop is Original or Refurbished?

What is Refurbished?

Refurbished means the laptop was first damaged or return by buyers to sellers then the shopkeeper repaired it and again selling it to you. That's mean it is a refurbished or Repaired Laptop.

How to find if the product is refurbished, original or used?

1. Simply Press [Windows + R keys] on your keyboard. 
2. Run Dialogue box will appear.
3. Now type msinfo32 Type msinfo32 and press Ok.
4. Now you can see your system summary.

On this page, you can check your OS Name, Version, OS Manufacturer.

Now click on the system SKU and check the number. Mine is 0651. It means it is not a refurbished laptop.

Online vs Offline - Where to buy a laptop

If your system SKU number contains R before # then it is not the original laptop. It is a refurbished, repaired, or used laptop.

Online vs Offline - Where to buy a laptop

Some systems do not contain the # symbol. If you have any simple number Like ABC123 or Any Alpha Numeric Number or Simple Number without # It means your Laptop is Original Not Refurbished. If there is R before the # symbol then it means the laptop is Refurbished.

How to buy a laptop online on amazon, Flipkart, etc...

If you aren't living in a big city then online is your only option. Whenever you buy a laptop online, you will get an option right to the product amazon fulfilled or Flipkart assured.

So you only have to purchase from them because they are genuine sellers and provide genuine products and you will get returns and replacements very easily. Because one of my friends wanted to purchase a laptop and he told me that I have found the best deal on a laptop and which is $200 cheaper than the real price.

So if they offer a huge discount then they are not trusted sellers. They are just launched sellers. They do not have ratings. They don't maintain proper service for customers.

Also, check reviews because sometimes reviews are fake on online shopping sites. Go to the review section and if you found the same comments. If you don't find genuine comments then those reviews are fake.

To find genuine reviews or if the reviews are fake or true, you can copy that product link and go to fakespot.com and paste the link. It will show you the ratings of the review. 

Things to check after buying a laptop offline or online

If you buy it form online, check laptop condition, damage, screen, the keyboard on the spot when you take over the laptop from the delivery boy, and if you couldn't check for any reason then record the video of the product from unboxing to checking all things like a charger, accessories, etc. If you found something missing and damage, it is important because you need to have proof to show them while replacing. Take care of receipts.

  1. Check the physical condition of the laptop
  2. Check battery health
  3. Match specifications 
  4. Check all components
  5. Microphone test
  6. Webcam test
  7. Sound test
  8. Keyboard test
  9. Touchpad test
  10. Check fan noise & CPU stress
  11. Ports, wifi & Bluetooth
  12. Backlight bleed test
  13. Register your laptop on the official site

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