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15 Essential Tips for Buying a Laptop

15 Essential Tips for Buying a Laptop

Buying a good laptop can be more difficult than buying a car. You can test drive the car but not the laptop. We are going to discuss what are the factors and points that should be kept in mind whether if you buy a laptop online or offline. All in all, I will give you a laptop buying guide that you can use to buy a laptop for yourself.

Things to consider before buying a laptop

1. Platform

This means you want a Windows laptop or a Mac laptop, if you want to do coding in IOS then a MacBook laptop is only one option. MacBook is an apple company. If you want to use apple software or want to do iOS development or if you want to use software like a fine cut then MacBook is the best option for you. A Windows laptop is best for coding and other things. If you want to do gaming then Windows laptops are better than the MacBook for gaming.

2. Type and weight

Type means what kind of laptop you want, two in one, touch screen, or normal traditional laptops. But I recommend, you should buy a traditional laptop. Because 2-IN-1 or touch screen laptops have a high price and not value for money. You won't get that much performance on these laptops. The touch screen is a new technology in laptops and not that much improved. It is not worth the money.

So if you want a good performance laptop, then go with a traditional or normal laptop, but if your need is two in one, go with a 2-in-1 laptop, but touch screen laptop response is not good. So it's better to go with i-pad or other tablets. Choose the convenient laptop weight, if your job is in the office and your laptop's weight is high, then it can irritate you while traveling.

3. Processor

In the processor, you can go with  i3, i5, i7. Before buying any laptop you must have to take care of choosing its generation, now the latest generation is 8 generation, 9 or 10 generations on the intel processor. So you can buy at least 7 generation or 8 generation processors at present. You can also go with AMD. if you are thinking of buying intel's i3 then it's better to go with ryzen5. You will cost the same price range for both. So it's a much better processor than Intel i3. So my suggestion is you guys should buy AMD's ryzen3 or ryzen5 series.

4. RAM

RAM should be at least 4GB, 4GB DDR4 RAM, or DDR4. I recommend you buy with at least 4GB DDR4 and if you have more budget then 8 GB can be a good option. So what RAM does is the more RAM you take the more applications you will be able to run. As you have opened Chrome, also opened photoshop, any other software so it depends on RAM that how many software you can open simultaneously. If you have opened chrome then there are many tabs you can use at the same time in chrome. So go with 8GB Ram at least.

5. Display

You have to take care of three things in the display. The larger the display size, the more battery backup will take. First, you decide you need 14 inches, 15 inches,16 inches, or 17 inches. My recommendation is 15-inch is enough and if you want more then you can also attach an external monitor.

Resolution - At least go for full HD means 1920 x 1080 resolution you should take because if you write anything or play games or watch videos then you can get good clarity.

Display - Look at the display from every angle. Check display is an IPS display or not. If someone has that laptop in your identity, then go and take the idea.

6. Keyboard and touchpad

The keyboard is a very important factor. So many people ignore it, but it's very very important because, on the laptop, we mostly do the work of typing. So check the keyboard and read reviews about a particular laptop's keyboard utility. Check whether the keyboard is backlit or not. If you work at night then you will need a backlit keyboard. So check the touchpad before buying. MacBooks touchpads are very good than windows touchpads. Windows laptops have high complaints about the touchpad so take care of the touchpad and keyboard before buying the laptop.

7. Storage drives

The laptop has SSD a type of storage drive that can make a huge difference. Having an SSD drive on your laptop is very important. If you run some more extensive programs and applications then SSD matters a lot. SSD provides very good performance. SSD can increase your laptop's boot uptime and speed. apps or software will open fast on the laptop. The speed of your copy paste will be fast.  It never hangs but SSD it's expensive. You will get SSD on laptops that start with 50,000 thousand. And if you are buying an HDD then look at its ram speed. There are two types of RAM speed is 7200 or 5400.

So I recommend trying to go for 7200. It will be 30% faster than 5400. Check the Ram speed carefully before buying. And if you are not able to afford SSD and you have a desktop or old laptop then you use it by Optane memory - Optane memory is a new technology in intel it comes with a stick of around 16GB or 32GB Ram. You can add Optane memory to your desktop or laptop and you will be able to use the functionality of SSD in your HDD which is a very good and budget-friendly option if you are using HDD.

8. Graphics

A graphics card will be required when you want to do gaming or video editing, if your main purpose is development, then you can skip the graphics card. Graphics card you will get different on every laptop. My suggestion is if your main purpose is gaming then check the benchmark of that graphic card, you will get all its information on google. Just enter the name and search by entering the benchmark and you will get all the information about it. What is its fps, what is the fps of which game, what is the support.

9. Ports

Check how many ports are there. USB ports, audio jack port, check also SD card slot. The USB port should 3.0. it will help to increase your USB's read and write speed. Now the latest is 3.1 is good than 3.0. so try to buy 3.1 and if you cant then buy at least 3.0. If you use a camera then check the SD card reader slot is there. And you can skip the DVD reader because in today's time everything has become digitalized. So a DVD reader is not needed. Do not invest your money in it. If you skip the DVD reader and check if you want to use HDMI then check the HDMI slot option is available or not.

10. Battery

If you are buying a laptop then obviously battery is important, you will need some portability. And assume 2 hours less than the company claims, if the company claims 10 hours then assume its battery backup 8 hours if 8 hours is written then assume 6 hours, if 6 house then assume 4 hours, and once read its reviews, whichever laptop you buy. If you are buying a big-screen laptop and it has a graphics card, then it will consume more battery, so take care of it.

11. Heat

If your laptop is getting too hot then you cannot use it on your lap. If the laptop is getting too hot then its life span will reduce and its battery life also reduces. If your laptop is getting hot then you can use laptop accessories like a cooling pad to reduce heat or use it inside the AC room.

12. Fan noise

If you have a habit of working in a quiet environment then fan noise can distract you. So whenever you buy a laptop from a store or online, it's better to check its reviews.

13. Brand

Buy any brand Hp, Lenovo, Asus, Dell, ACER. The main matter is, how do you get service after selling the laptop.  Check if its service centers are in your city or not, then look at its reviews on google. How was the experience of people? Most of the service centers are slow. So don't expect much from them buy a laptop from whoever is giving you a good laptop.

14. Upgradable

Is your laptop upgradeable, can you connect SSD in the future, can you increase its ram, can you add Optane memory in it. These things are very important if you want to use your laptop in long run. Because suppose you have a 1TB laptop and you add 128GB SSD in it then its performance will improve a lot. The load uptime of your windows will improve. Because you do not have a budget right now and in the future you need.

Your plan is that there is going to be a little money generation by working on this laptop so I can invest that money back for upgrading it. You can easily upgrade a windows laptop but if you buy a MacBook it does not upgrade. So keep this thing in mind.

15. Gimmicks

Stay away from gimmicks means like fingerprint sensors or ultra-thin bezels, these are gimmicks that are used for selling, avoid that, I use fingerprint but it is not that useful. As much as mobile, you open mobile 100 times, but you do not open the laptop as many times, and once opened, you work for 2,3 hours and then close it, so don't pay extra money for that gimmicks. 

It's convenient but you hardly open your laptop 4 or 6 times. So you can get a laptop by saving some money on gimmicks and consider good specifications than gimmicks. Skip those fingerprint sensors, bezels. It's better to invest your money in specifications.


These are the 15 essential tips to consider before buying any laptop. Because before buying a laptop you should know what your need is. What kind of work do you want to do on that laptop then only you can get the right laptop for you in the right budget. Considering these tips, and you can easily buy any laptop for yourself.

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