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How to extend Mac’s battery life

I am going to share some useful tips and advice on how to extend MacBook’s battery life. You may notice that as the Mac battery gets older, the time in between full charges reduces. This means you are not getting as many hours of charge as you used to get when it was new. In this article, I’m going to address Mac’s battery issue and reveal some practical solutions to this common problem.

What is Mac’s battery cycle?

Every device, such as a MacBook, benefits from a limited number of cycles until a battery is used up and needs replacing. Every time you use as much of the battery as possible, then recharge it, this is a complete battery cycle. Once the battery has hit its maximum charging cycles, it can still be used. But it does mean that you might only get a couple of hours at most of the use until it needs charging again.

In some cases, you may not be able to use a Mac without a power cord. This is clearly a sign of a dead battery. Now that you understand what Mac’s battery cycle is, we can have a look at how to check this.

How to check Mac battery cycle count?

  • The amount of charge the Mac currently has is automatically displayed in the top toolbar.
  • Click the battery icon and choose Show Percentage to see the exact amount of battery.
  • This window also displays what is currently using a large amount of the battery charge. Google Chrome is definitely one of the considerable energy wasters.

Now here is where to check how many charging cycles your Mac reached.
  • Go to the > Apple menu in the top toolbar.
  • Then select > About This Mac.

How to extend Mac’s battery life

  • Select System Report and click Power.
  • Listed under Health Information is the current Cycle Count.

How to extend Mac’s battery life

It shows how many cycles your battery has had. The maximum cycle count of every modern Mac’s battery is 1000 cycles.

But it doesn’t mean that when your battery reaches those, it suddenly stops working. It will start to hold less charge, and you’ll need to charge your Mac more often; that’s the only notable effect you’ll feel. How many charging cycles did your Mac’s battery reach? Share in the comments below!

Now you know how to check current battery percentages, how many battery cycles your Mac has, and where to find that real-time data. Now, let’s move on to actual tips on how to improve the battery health of your Mac.

Use Energy Saver settings

Specific processes on your Mac can drain a lot of energy. With the help of Energy Saver Preferences, you can optimize power usage.

  • Go to System Preferences.
  • Then click Energy Saver.

How to extend Mac’s battery life

  • In the Battery tab, check the box next to Put hard disks to sleep when possible and Slightly dim display while on battery power. You can also enable Power Nap.
  • In the Power Adapter tab, choose Put hard disks to sleep when possible and Wake for Wi-Fi network access and enable Power Nap.

How to extend Mac’s battery life

Switch off or delete power-draining apps

Some apps may use a lot of Mac’s CPU, therefore, slowing down your machine and consuming a lot of power. You can either identify them manually or use a dedicated tool for that. CleanMyMac X has a special Optimization feature that is meant to increase your Mac’s output. Its Heavy Consumers tab analyzes your machine’s performance and identifies the apps that use a lot of battery. Here’s how to switch off power-draining apps with CleanMyMac X: Download CleanMyMac X.

Install and launch the app.

  • Then choose Optimization and click View All 55 items.
  • Finally, select Heavy Consumers and check the boxes next to apps you want to stop.

How to extend Mac’s battery life

  • Alternatively, you can remove those heavy consumers from your Mac completely.
  • Just go to the Uninstaller module of CleanMyMac X.
  • View the list of all apps you have, and remove those that consume lots of power.

How to extend Mac’s battery life

Now, your battery charge should last longer.

Reduce screen brightness

Brighter screens use too much power. To lower the brightness, go to System Preferences and click on Displays. Use the Brightness slider to adjust the current screen brightness. You can also check Automatically adjust the brightness if you want your Mac to fine-tune brightness. Then it will adjust the brightness according to the light level nearby.

How to extend Mac’s battery life

Update your macOS

Once you update to the latest version of macOS software, the new versions often include the latest in battery-saving technology. Every time an update happens, upgrade your Mac to the latest version and experience improved efficiencies and faster processing power. So, if you still haven't upgraded to the latest OS, I recommend you do it now.

But make sure to back up everything first.

  • To update, click the Apple icon in the top toolbar.
  • Select About This Mac.
  • Here click Software Update.
  • It will always show you if a new version is available.

How to extend Mac’s battery life

Close background apps

Launch Agents are small background applications that are usually hidden. Still, they can be primary battery-drainers on your Mac. It can be equally useful to keep the number of Launch Agents and Login Items to a minimum, which CleanMyMac X can quickly and easily tidy up.

  • While you are in CleanMyMac X, click Optimization and then choose Launch Agents.
  • Disable everything to the bare minimum.
Getting the most out of your Mac’s battery keeps it going for longer.

How to extend Mac’s battery life

You can do a lot more with a Mac with a healthy battery. Using the tips described in this article you will keep your battery in good condition and ensure your Mac is running as efficiently as it can.

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