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30 Best Free Music Apps for iPhone & Android

Music can change your mood. It can lower your stress and also decreases anxiety and pain. You can listen to music in your sad and also happy moments. You can listen to music while traveling, making food, celebrating your joy, and spending your free time. So if you are looking for apps to listen to music, we have made a list of the 30 best free music apps for iPhone and Android devices.

These apps are great for anyone who loves music and want to listen to new songs or just find a song that fits their mood. These apps offer many different categories of music including Popular, New Releases, Classical, Jazz, and more. You can also find the lyrics to the song, read about the artist, and share the song with your friends.

Some of these are offline music apps so you can download songs and listen to them without being connected to the internet. We've tested all of these apps on both android and iPhone. So, whether you have iOS or Android, these apps should work perfectly fine for you.

30 Best Free Music Apps for iPhone & Android

1. Stingray Music

30 Best Free Music Apps for iPhone & Android

Stingray music offers a very modern and easy-to-follow interface. To access the music library sign-up is required. It offers filters where you can customize all the types of music that you want to listen to from genres to mood to the theme. In the theme, you can select any theme you want whether you want to listen to like Latino music, hip-hop, or anything within these genres.

On the home screen, it features most of the popular songs at the moment, the holiday section, and then their new releases. You can also browse all genres pretty neat and very easy to follow. Also, it offers a sleep timer feature that you can enable if you don't want to drain your battery and you want to stop the music after you fall asleep. You can set a timer for like 20 minutes to 25 minutes depending on how long it takes for you to go to sleep and then it automatically stops the music.

Also, you can upgrade to the ad-free paid version which will cost you $3.99 a month. It will give you access to a web player. The free version gets the job done but feel free to upgrade to the paid version. It lets you listen to music and you can log out, you can turn off your device and still keeps playing.

2. Soundcloud

30 Best Free Music Apps for iPhone & Android

The Soundcloud Music app is the perfect way to discover new music, and share your favorite tracks with friends. SoundCloud is the world's largest music and audio downloading site that hosts 300 million tracks and has 76+ million monthly users. It is one of the unique music streaming apps on this list. Listen to music from all your favorite artists, explore the newest tracks, or start a station from a particular song.

It offers a wide range of catalogs including rock, hip hop, electronic, classical, jazz, audiobooks, podcasts, sports, and much more. You can also like or share tracks with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. As it is a community of musicians, bands, podcasters, and more. Any user can upload their own music on SoundCloud and you can also follow any artist you love so that you never miss their latest music.

Besides that, the music player of SoundCloud looks amazing and comes with a like and comment section. Also, you can subscribe to SoundCloud go for an ad-free experience for just $4.99/month*

3. Bandcamp (individual purchases)

30 Best Free Music Apps for iPhone & Android

The internet has been the place for indie musicians to distribute their music for a long time. Bandcamp is one of the best sites for that, and it's a lot easier to use than other sites. Bandcamp is an online record store and music community for artists to share their music and merch with their fans. It is free to use and easy to use. Bandcamp offers 15.1 million digital albums, 7.2 million tracks, 2.0 million vinyl records, 900,000 CDs, 500,000 cassettes, and 350,000 t-shirts.

Artists can create their own page to share their music and merch with their fans, sell their music or merchandise, and make it easy for them to purchase their items. Bandcamp also has a simple way to share your music with others. The best part about Bandcamp is that you can get a record label involved if you want to, or you can do it all on your own.  The artist makes their releases available under Free Download or Pay What You Want, including the low price of $0.

This app offers a large amount of free content under Free download or Creative commons tags. Fans can also purchase items directly from the artist's page, or they can browse the app to find new artists. Bandcamp is a free app that is available on both iOS and Android.

4. Spinrilla

30 Best Free Music Apps for iPhone & Android

In today's society, the music industry is at an all-time high. Rap and hip-hop are becoming the norm for the younger generation. Spinrilla is a music website that is dedicated to providing its users with the latest and greatest rap and hip-hop songs. It offers over a million songs from 75,000+ mixtapes and has 20 million active users. Spinrilla is a music app that has a variety of music from many different genres as well as lyrics exclusive music videos, interviews, & documentaries from your favorite artists.

The app is free to download and it is easy to use. The app has the newest music from popular artists as well as music from up-and-coming artists. The app allows you to search for music by artist, album, or song. At Spinrilla, you can find a variety of music, including rap, hip-hop, R&B, and rock.It offers a great built-in equalizer to boost bass and increase treble. Spinrilla is the greatest and hottest site for rap and hip-hop music.

You can also find new music by browsing through the recommended playlists or by following artists. Once you find a song, you can listen to it, share it, or download it for offline listening. Spinrilla is available for download on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

5. DatPiff

30 Best Free Music Apps for iPhone & Android

The Datpiff music app is a completely free platform that was created in 2005. It dominates the internet as the largest repository of mixtapes. It is a unique and innovative way to find new music and explore new genres. Datpiff offers a very clean very simple user interface. To save your favorite playlist you do have to log in for free. You can also sign in with apple which is really neat. You can search and play any song in the background with the lock screen.

DatPiff has been involved in the promotion and release of thousands of successful mixtapes including Wiz Khalifa, Young Jeezy, Meek Mill, Chance The Rapper, The Weeknd, Mac Miller, Logic, Puff Daddy, Lil Uzi Vert & many more. The app has an intuitive interface that is user-friendly and easy to navigate. It offers a vast selection of music from independent artists and allows you to preview tracks before downloading them.

The app also has a function that will help you find new music based on your listening habits and browse the top mixtapes of all time. The app is free to download and use.

6. YouTube Music

30 Best Free Music Apps for iPhone & Android

YouTube Music is a music streaming service with over 60 million songs to stream and 50 million users subscribed for YouTube free and premium music. YouTube Music is the perfect app for music lovers. With youtube music not only you can listen to free songs but also video songs. You will find all your favorite artists on youtube music. And the app also shows a personalized playlist according to your context tastes and what's trending around you.

You can search for artists, albums, and songs and then either listen to them or watch them on YouTube. In addition, the interface of the app is clean but comes with ads. But ads are not the only thing that might annoy you, the song or video you are playing stops when you are using any other app or you lock the phone screen. It is free to use, but you can also get a YouTube subscription for $9.99 per month depending on your individual or family plans.

So you will have to subscribe to youtube music premium which offers unlimited ad-free music, and songs, running in the background, and playing offline songs. The app is also available on Android and iOS devices.

7. Spotify

30 Best Free Music Apps for iPhone & Android

Spotify is one of the most popular and best music streaming apps for android and iPhone. Spotify is a music streaming service that offers its users the ability to stream music on-demand. The service offers a wide variety of music, with over 82 million tracks and songs available. The interface of the app is clean and the music player also looks amazing which also shows the lyrics of the song you are playing. Spotify also has curated playlists and albums.

It has a radio feature that allows users to listen to a variety of music stations. You can also stream radio stations and play podcasts from all over the world. Apart from that, the app comes with a well-organized playlist and it keeps updating the playlist based on your taste and trending near you. While you will be listening to music for free but it comes with ads and limited features so you have to subscribe to their premium plan that features ad-free music.

The service offers premium features for $9.99 per month, which includes offline listening, extreme audio quality, and no ads. It is available for a variety of devices, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

8. Pandora

30 Best Free Music Apps for iPhone & Android

Pandora is a music app that allows you to listen to music from hundreds of different radio stations based on your favorite artist, song, or genre. You can also create your own stations by entering an artist, song, or genre. Also, discover your favorite music and listen to personalized recommendations. Also, you to create a custom station by entering the name of your favorite song or favorite artist.

It offers over 1,400 on-demand podcasts, including SiriusXM shows, whether you're on Pandora Premium, Plus, or Radio. The app has more than 40 million songs and over 10 billion stations created by users and moderators. It had 58 million users and 6.3 million paid subscribers. The app is free to download and there are no ads if you pay a subscription fee.

You can buy an ad-free subscription for $4.99 a month and access more than 250 stations, podcasts, albums, and playlists on-demand with higher quality audio. With the paid version, you can download the music you want for offline listening.


30 Best Free Music Apps for iPhone & Android

Apple Music is one of the most popular music streaming service and It is developed by Apple Inc. You can listen to your favorite artists or discover new ones. You can explore over 90 million ad-free songs, and new stations sorted according to the genre, artist, and mood. Also, you can also download your favorite tracks to stream offline without being connected to the internet. It offers millions of tracks, curated playlists, and original content from popular artists.

It is a subscription-based service that allows you to listen to any song, album, or playlist on-demand but you can take advantage of one month's free trial to listen to free music. Apple Music offers 4 subscription plans - 1. A family plan for $14.99/month for up to six people. 2. A student plan for $4.99/mo. 3. Voice for $4.99/mo. 4. An Individual plan for $9.99/mo.

After the trial period ends, you have to upgrade to a premium plan if you want to continue using and listening to music offline with this app. You can also create playlists and listen to them on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC, or Apple TV.

10. Amazon Music

30 Best Free Music Apps for iPhone & Android

Amazon Music is a streaming service that allows users to stream music on demand. Amazon Music provides a variety of music from artists such as Beyoncé, the Beatles, and Kanye West. If you are an Amazon Prime member then Amazon Music is the best music app for your Android or iPhone device. In this, you will get many features for free.

First, you'll get access to millions of songs without annoying ads. Second, you can download music for free and then listen to it offline, and finally, listen to high-quality songs. Apart from this, the UI of the app is clean and modern-looking. The design of the music player is quite basic and does not look attractive, however, it is not a big problem.

Just like many free music apps, you'll find tons of playlists that are personalized based on your context and location. Alexa is also integrated through which you can give commands like play and pause music and play the next song within the Amazon Music app. The service is available for use on all devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

11. TuneIn Radio

30 Best Free Music Apps for iPhone & Android

The TuneIn Radio app is a free music app with more than 75 million monthly active users. It allows users to listen to more than 100,000 + AM radio stations, live news, sports, music, and podcasts from around the world. Also, you can watch 24/7 news from local, national, and global sources, including BBC, CNN, MSNBC, FOX News Radio, NPR, plus local stations like WNYC-FM, KQED-FM, WHYY, KCRW,  WTMJ, and WAMU.

Exclusive music channels to find tunes for any mood including today's hits, soul groove, hot hip hop, and r&b, adult hits, 80's hits, vintage country, latin hits, 90's classic rock hits, and country roads. Listeners can also search for their favorite music, artists, and genres, and tune in to their favorite radio stations. Also, you can upgrade to the premium plan for $9.99/month after a 7-day trial.

With the premium version, you can access commercial music with fever ads. Apart from mobile and desktop apps, the TuneIn app is available for CarPlay, Google Home, Apple Watch, Amazon Echo, Alexa, Roku, Chromecast, Sonos, Bose, and more.

12. Tidal

30 Best Free Music Apps for iPhone & Android

Tidal is a music streaming service that was created in 2014 by the Norwegian company Aspiro. It's a free music streaming service that offers lossless audio quality and high-definition music videos. It is a music app that offers more than 80 million audio tracks and in 2016, it had 3 million subscribers. Tidal offers music videos, concerts, and other content from popular artists. Tidal's app allows users to browse music by mood, artist, genre, or song.

The app also allows users to download music for offline listening with HiFi Plus. Tidal offers standard TIDAL HiFi membership costs $9.99/month. The HiFi Plus subscription offers ad-free music, 350K+ music videos, including exclusive content, and download songs for offline listening. Also offers premium music with immersive audio formats like MQA, Dolby Atmos, 360 Reality Audio, and better sound quality and higher definition music videos.

Tidal offers a 30-day free trial of the HiFi Plus premium subscription and cancel any time, which gives users the opportunity to try out the app and see if it is worth the cost. It is available for Android, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

13. Deezer

30 Best Free Music Apps for iPhone & Android

Deezer is a music app that allows users to listen to music, create playlists, discover new music, and listen to it offline. The app is free to download any of the tens of millions of songs in the Deezer library and offers a variety of music that is always updated. You can also search for artists, albums, and songs as well as create your own playlists. It offers a sleep timer option to choose a time to stop your music when you fall asleep.

It allows users to access 90 million tracks, playlists, and podcasts currently available in 185+ countries, including all the newest hits. Also, you can share playlists, and connect with friends to see what they're listening to. Deezer features personalized playlists and artist radio stations.

With free version comes with ads but you have the option to subscribe to Deezer Premium for $4.99 a month for an ad-free experience. The app is available on all platforms, including Android, iOS, and Apple TV.

14. Resso

30 Best Free Music Apps for iPhone & Android

Resso is another best music app for iphone and android that provides access to an unlimited number of songs. The UI of the app looks amazing. In fact, it even looks better than most of the music apps on this list. With a simple interface, Resso is a completely ad-free music streaming service that offers personalized music recommendations every day.

It has a library of sounds and songs, as well as pre-made beats with excellent audio quality. Choose from a variety of music genres, or create your own playlist, and enjoy. Also, you can discover trending music and podcasts channels. And just like Spotify, this app also features a variety of playlists that are customized for you. You can download unlimited songs for offline streaming.

Other than that, the app offers a 14 days free premium in which you can enjoy unlimited music downloads, ad-free music, and listen to high-quality songs. So until the trial period expires, you can listen to all your favorite artist's songs, and later if you want you can join resso premium if you love their premium services.

15. Audiomack

30 Best Free Music Apps for iPhone & Android

Audiomack is a great music player app that allows you to listen to music offline. It offers a variety of music including rap, hip hop, EDM, Latin, R&B, Afrobeats, Reggae, Amapiano, and more. Also, you can search for new playlists, podcasts, and songs from your favorite artists. For an ad-free experience, you can subscribe to their premium service for $4.99 per month and access higher-definition streaming.

But the only downside of Audiomack is that it is limited to a certain amount of songs. Once you enter the app, you have to sign in if you like. The interface is clean and easy to understand so you can easily find any music that you want. On the top, you can hit search, and download it by tapping the download icon. In order to download, you do have to log in with any of your google accounts, Facebook, or even apple id.

Once download the song, you will see the icon turns into this checkmark. You can find downloaded songs in your library. You can turn off the wi-fi and turn on the airplay mode and you will see it still playing. You can also lock your device and it still keeps playing which is pretty neat.

16. eSound

30 Best Free Music Apps for iPhone & Android

eSound music streaming service offers more than 150 million songs without any limitations. To access its music library you need to sign up or log in. This app reminds you of Spotify because the user interface is really similar to Spotify but it is free. There is a premium version. You don't have to get it because the free version gets the job done. The free version lets you listen to any music that is available in the eSound.

But the only downside is you're not going to be able to download these songs to your phone in order to listen in your offline mode. One of the best features of this app is that you can go to your library and you can import any songs that you have from google drive, dropbox, or any other options that are available here. But if you do not want to import it that is completely fine as well.

You can search for any songs you want or you can go to different sections that are available to you. You can play any song by searching its name and lock your device and you will see it still keeps playing. You can add songs to your favorites. Just click on favorites and it will automatically add it and it should show in the favorite section.

17. Musixmatch Lyrics

30 Best Free Music Apps for iPhone & Android

Musixmatch is the world’s largest lyrics catalog that offers synchronized song lyrics with multilingual translations for all your music. The app is designed to automatically match your favorite songs with lyrics, and display them in the app. It also has a "match lyrics" button that will match the song with the lyrics you provide. Musixmatch also has a music player and song library, so you can play any song that you have on your phone.

You can search for songs by genre, title, or artist. The app also allows you to rate songs, and share them with friends. It allows you to play, pause, and skip tracks from your lock screen and instantly notifies you when new lyrics from your favorite artists are available. With premium features, you can sing along to any song with word-by-word syncing and beautiful themes. Lyrics can be viewed without a connection and ads. 

The app is free to download and the music is available for downloading to stream without the need for the internet. It's available for Android and iOS devices.

18. Musi

30 Best Free Music Apps for iPhone & Android
According to Use's experience, it is a really great app that allows you to stream any music that you want. But if you want an offline music app then this is not the right app for you. But if you're someone who likes to stream music just like on Spotify and apple music then you're gonna love this app. It has a great user interface and is easy to follow to find any music that you want.

Musi was designed to offer a way for users to create their own playlists with the music they love and share playlists with their friends. This is done by following their favorite artists and seeing what songs they like. If you want copyright-free music, just type in the search bar and you can listen to any music that you want. You lock your device and you will see it still keeps playing which is really neat.

You cannot download music to your phone which means that you can't listen to music in offline mode that's the only downside. But other than that, it's a really good app. It is available in the app store but for android, you have to download APK from a third-party site.

19. Tubizu

30 Best Free Music Apps for iPhone & Android

Tubizu lets you discover and listen to millions of free songs in high quality.
To download tubizu on an iPhone, you need iOS 9 or above and need at least 14 MB of available storage space. With the user-friendly interface, it features trending songs, and using the discovery feature you can search for any song. You can create your favorite song's playlist and save songs for offline listening.

Also, you can discover music festival events and concerts nearby your location.It allows you to search and share videos, channels, and playlists. You can browse the most popular videos and play music videos on full screen. You can find free music with many predefined genres including hip hop, rock, classical, R&B, jazz, disco, country, popular music, and more.

It allows you to download high-quality songs to offline streaming.
Tubizu is available on the app store for iOS devices but this application is officially not available on the google play store. For Android devices, you can download APK from other third-party sites.

20. Trebel

30 Best Free Music Apps for iPhone & Android

It is a free music app that allows you to listen to on-demand music offline anytime anywhere. It has a clean and easy-to-use interface that will help you to find songs and tracks. To access the music library, you do have to sign in with your email or any other social media accounts. You will see the option to choose your interest-based category. If you customize the app then it's going to give you a better suggestion.

It offers new releases or all-time favorites music for your every mood including Rap, Pop, Hip Hop,  EDM, Country, Latin, R&B, Reggaeton, and more. Using the search box, you can search for any song that you want. You download any song and listen to it without being connected to the internet for free. There's going to be some ads but you can skip them. You can listen to downloaded songs in the playlist.

Also, you can lock your device or multitask while listening and it still keeps playing. The music library that they have is limited just like Audiomack. So, that's the only downside. Treble is available on both the google play store and the app store.

21. Pewpee

30 Best Free Music Apps for iPhone & Android
Pewpee allows you to download songs and listen to them in the background mode. You can also import your own music, create & share playlists, etc. The user interface looks really modern. On the home screen, it hosts top charts, new releases, popular playlists, and artists. You can find music by genre and listen in shuffle mode. It has a unique sleep timer feature that stops music automatically after you fall asleep.

To access its music library, you need to sign up or log in. As soon as you sign up, it asks you to sign up for their premium membership. But you can just swipe down and you can use the free version. After signing up all you need to do is add songs to listen to them. The free version comes with ads and you can't download songs for offline listening and that's the only downside.

With the premium, you can access music without ads and you can download any songs for offline listening. You can search music using the search bar or you can use all of the global top hundred. You can just shuffle it and you can listen to any of the songs that are available. Also, you can play any song on the lock screen. Pewpee is available for both Android and iOS devices.

22. Offline Music Player

30 Best Free Music Apps for iPhone & Android

The offline music player doesn't have any branding literally but it's the easiest way to play music offline on your android and ios devices.The user interface is very easy and allows you to transfer tracks to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch easily. It offers amazing features including composition, headphone control, create and manage playlists, equalizer, playlist shuffle, repeat mode, and lock screen control support.

The only downside is that it doesn't have any good music in its library. But you can import your favorite music when you go to the import page. You can import it and then you can import it by google drive, one drive, box drive, and dropbox. There are a lot of different options that's how I recommend you to use it by importing your music with your laptop. It supports all popular formats including Mp3, Flac, caf, wav, aac, etc.

For example, you can import all of the music that you have to your google drive. You can download it online and then you can just dump it in your google drive and then you can easily import it by going into your google drive and then you're gonna log in with your Google account and all of your music will show in the app.

23. iHeartRadio

30 Best Free Music Apps for iPhone & Android

The iHeartRadio is a free music app that offers unlimited music, thousands of live radio stations, and podcasts for free. The app provides an on-demand experience with the latest music and artists. The app has a sleek design that makes it easy to use. It offers thousands of pre-curated playlists organized by genre, mood, decade, activity, and genre to make it easy to find something that's the perfect soundtrack for any moment.

The app offers sports radio stations like ESPN Radio, Fox Sports Radio, FNTSY Sports, and live and local AM & FM radio stations near you and from cities around the world. You can listen to top radio stations, music, sports, news, talk, and comedy. sports personalities discussion and the latest news around the NFL, NHL, MLB, NCAA, NBA, Soccer, Golf, and Tennis. Also, you can upgrade to iHeartRadio Plus which costs $4.99 for Web, Amazon, and Android and $5.99 a month for iOS.

The premium feature offers commercials music absolutely free. You can play on-demand songs, albums, and playlists. Also, you can create unlimited playlists and download music to your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch for offline listening. The app is available for free for Android and iOS devices.

24. LiveOne

LiveOne is formerly LiveXLive powered by Slacker. It's a revolutionary new music streaming app that offers music, tune in to podcasts, videos, and live streaming performances for free. You can search for your favorite artists and songs and then create a playlist for your mood. It’s the perfect app for all your music needs. You can use LiveOne to listen to music, create your own stations and playlists, and share your playlist with friends.

With the LiveOne app, you can create a playlist for any mood you're in. The app is free to download and has an intuitive interface. It also includes a ton of great features like "auto-updates" so you never have to worry about missing out on new music, and "smart search" so you can find the perfect song for any mood. Users can also browse through the most popular videos and live video streams of festivals and concerts from around the world.

It offers a LiveOne Plus membership for $3.99 USD. With that, you can access Ad-free music, and maximum audio quality, play millions of songs, and on-demand albums, and download songs for offline listening.

25. Vox Music Player

30 Best Free Music Apps for iPhone & Android

The Vox Music Player app has been a favorite of music lovers since its release in 2007. They offer online radio with 30,000+ radio stations from around the world. This app is perfect for casual music listener who likes to be able to enjoy and manage their favorite music.
The app supports all popular formats including Hi-Res ones.
Lossless: FLAC, WAV, APE ALAC, etc.
Lossy: WMA, MP3, OGG, etc. All Hi-Res audio formats support crisp and clear sound.

The app features a beautifully designed interface with a modern user interface that is intuitive and easy to use. The app has a built-in music player that allows you to shuffle songs, create a radio station based on a specific artist, or select your favorite songs and listen to them on shuffle. For more features, you can upgrade to VOX Premium for $4.99 per month.

With VOX Premium, you will get a gesture-based interface, force touch support, unlimited cloud storage for your music collections, carplay support, Sonos support, and much more. It also offers the ability to create playlists that can be shared with friends or posted on social media.

26. Sirius XM

30 Best Free Music Apps for iPhone & Android

This app is a collection of over 400+ channels of music, including ad-free music, original talk shows, live sports, howard stern, exclusive comedy, and news from every side. It is free to download and offers a free trial of SiriusXM's Platinum Plan. It offers decades of hits, styles, and genres. With the Serious XM trial subscription, you can enjoy all your favorite ad-free music, as well as the best music in sports, conversation, news, and comedy, whether in your vehicle at home or online.

You can explore channels browse by genre, search for your favorite artists and make your own customized channel guide delivered right to your email. You can also enjoy customized ad-free pandora stations and thousands of hours of podcasts videos and more.

No matter what you love or where you go, there's always a world of entertainment available with your SiriusXM trial subscription. This app is great for any music lover and can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices.

27. Gaana Music

30 Best Free Music Apps for iPhone & Android

Gaana is a free music streaming service for the Indian audience. The app allows listeners to stream music for free and with ads. Gaana is also an internet radio station, with an extensive library of Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, and more. It offers more than 45 million high-quality MP3 songs and has over 200 million monthly users. Gaana offers thousands of expertly created playlists.

It offers unlimited online access to all your favorite Bollywood Music, Hindi Songs, Regional Music, and Radio & Video songs for free. You can use the discover section to Explore new & old songs based on your mood with the lyrics of your favorite songs. The app also has a vast collection of popular songs and albums, including many songs that are in English.

Also, you can subscribe to Gaana Plus for an Ad-free music experience and download high-definition audio quality songs. You can download unlimited mp3 songs for offline listening and sync downloads on 5 devices. The app is available for Android and iOS.

28. Wynk Music

30 Best Free Music Apps for iPhone & Android

The Wynk Music app is the newest addition to the Wynk family. It is a music streaming service that is available for free. It offers over 2.8 million Indian and International music and has 72.5 million monthly active users. This app will allow you to download songs and playlists, create playlists, share your favorite songs with friends, and listen to curated music. You can also create an account to get personalized recommendations and connect with friends.

Wynk offers unlimited buffer music streaming at low internet speed. You can also choose from a variety of different languages for the interface. It offers a wide range of genres with high-quality music streaming including Bollywood, Rock, Pop, Party, Chill, Bhangra, Devotional, Bhajans, Happy, Sad, Romantic, Love & Old retro. You can access 1000s of curated playlists by artists, genres, moods, devotional, classics, and many more.

They also offer premium service where you can access unlimited Ad-Free music and download songs for offline listening. The Wynk Music app is available to download from the Google Play Store, App Store and also supports Chromecast.

29. JioSaavn

30 Best Free Music Apps for iPhone & Android

The JioSaavn music app is a free and ad-supported app that allows you to stream over 50 million songs from independent artists, and Indian regional languages. You can search for songs by song title, artist, album, genre, or lyrics, and create playlists. You can also choose to download the music to your phone so you can listen to it offline. You can listen to exclusive content, original shows, and podcasts on Airplay, Alexa, Chromecast, Google Home, and more.

The app also includes a “live radio” feature that lets you listen to your favorite songs and artists live. Jiosaavn offers well-organized curated playlists and radio stations. With JioSaavn Pro, you can download songs for offline listening to save your data, ad-free music, and high-quality audio tracks.

You can download the JioSaavn music from the app store and google play store and start listening to your favorite songs and artists for free!

30. Hungama Music

30 Best Free Music Apps for iPhone & Android

Hungama Music streaming service offers both Bollywood and international music. Hungama allows you to create a playlist with unlimited songs and download your favorite tracks. Users can search for songs, artists, albums, and genres, and enjoy unlimited hassle-free listening. It offers a huge library of your favorite artists, songs, & music videos in one place.

They offer music including Classical, Ghazals, Hip-Hop, Rock, Pop, Rap, Jazz, Trance, Devotional, Dance, EDM, Disco, and Jazz. It also features live and on-demand curated channels. It works well with down WiFi and a sketchy network. There is a digital library of 10 mn songs and they are constantly adding new songs. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

So these are the 30 best free music apps that are available on the app store and google play store. Hopefully, you have found the best music apps for your Android and iPhone. Which one is the best fit for you let me know in the comment section below.


Q. How to get free music on iPhone and android?

A. For premium music, you have to pay for subscription costs but you can alternatively try different music apps that I have listed above to get the same level of premium content for free.

Q. Benefits of Using Free Music Apps

A. There are many benefits of using free music apps and not paying for a premium service:

1. The Free Music Apps is the perfect option for people who love to listen to music but do not want to pay for it. 
2. A lot of free music apps offer the almost same level of premium content as paid apps.
3. Free music apps offer a wide range of songs with lyrics than live radio stations with customizable playlists.
4. A lot of free music apps allow you to download songs for offline listening that will help you to save data.

Q. Are Free Music Apps Legal?

A. All the apps that I have listed above are completely legal and safe that you can use to download and stream music. The use of the apps is legal as long as the user is downloading copyright-free music. However, if the user is downloading the copyrighted music for profit, then it is illegal. 

Q. What's the completely free music app for iPhone & Android?

A. There are many free music apps for Android and iOS but the following top picks are completely free music streaming apps that offer premium-level content as compared to other music streaming apps.

1. Spotify
2. Stingray Music
3. Amazon Music
4. Deezer
5. DatPiff
6. Bandcamp
7. YouTube Music
8. TuneIn Radio
9. SoundCloud
10. Tidal
11. Resso
12. eSound

Q. How to get Spotify Premium for free?

A. You can't get Spotify Premium forever, but you can create multiple Spotify accounts using different email addresses or Facebook accounts and take advantage of the free trial.

Q. How to get Apple Music for free?

A. This method works for both iOS & Android.

1. Home page > Settings > Battery and Turn off low power mode.
2. Settings > General > Turn on background app refresh > Click on it it's either on wi-fi or wi-fi and cellular data.
3. Settings > Open the App Store > Turn on automatic downloads.
4. Home page > open Safari.
5. Go to injectog.com > in the search bar Type in Apple Music > hit Done.
6. Click on inject apple music mod to unlock all premium features.
7. Wait for a moment > open up your apple music and you have unlimited access.

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