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How to Put an iPhone in DFU Mode

How to put your iPhone into DFU mode and then do a DFU restore.

How to Put an iPhone in DFU Mode

A DFU restore is the deepest type of restore that you can do with an iPhone, and it's sort of the last resort for any Apple tech when there's some software problem that they can't solve. If there is a hardware problem with your iPhone then you should consider DFU restore it first.

Others reading this article are probably trying to jailbreak their phone, which is perfectly fine. No judgment, or maybe they just want to put a different version of iOS on. but, I'm' going to cover everything for a DFU Restore.

Back up your iPhone first

So, I have an iPhone 7 right now and it's blank. There's nothing on it, but I have an iCloud backup that I'm going to put on a little bit later. the DFU restores is that the process is a little bit different for iPhone 6s & older and iPhone 7 & newer.

1. For iPhone 6s & older

On 6s and Below, we're going to go over the power button & home button.

2. For iPhone 7 & newer

Use the power button and the volume down button. That's only because, with the iPhone 7, they created a new home button that is not a physical button. So they needed something that they could click on and put the phone off.

iPhone 7 DFU restore

1. Plug in your iPhone to a computer
2. You can't do DFU mode without plugged into iTunes
3. Plug it into Mac

So iTunes is now open on this Mac and I'm going to put this into DFU mode. The good thing about DFU mode is that you can basically put an iPhone into DFU mode and ignore everything else that's going on. So even if your eye is off of the screens off or maybe the screens broken, you don't know if it's broken and sometimes you can put it iPhone into DFU mode even if it seems like it's completely dead. Definitely something worth trying before you go to the Apple Store for repair because the tech will just do it there.

How to put an iPhone into DFU mode?

There's 8 seconds we have to worry about. If you're an Apple tech, what they tell you is for the first 5 seconds, hold the power button and the volume down button together then let go of the power button & keep holding the volume down button.

Similarly, iPhone 6s below the first 5 seconds hold the power button and the home button down together, and then let go of the power button and keep holding the home button.

1. Power button, volume down button on iPhone 7.

2. Hold them down together until the screen goes black for about 5 seconds and then just let go of the power button and keep holding this volume down button until on your Mac, something shows up on the screen that says iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode.

3. You must restore the iPhone before it can be used with iTunes, you have to restore the iPhone first. success. done.

Now if you see anything on your iPhone screen, if you see connect to iTunes icon, you're not in DFU mode. So the only way you're in DFU mode is if it shows up in iTunes, it says it detects an iPhone and your screen is completely black. There are no exceptions to this rule. So, click Ok.

How to Put an iPhone in DFU Mode

Now all you can really do here is eject the phone if we don't want to do or restore the iPhone, which is exactly what we want to do so there's a couple of things to be aware of here.

The first one is if you just click the restore iPhone option and this is probably what everybody's going to want to do or most people let's say having a problem with your iPhone just click restore iPhone button what's going to happen is iTunes will ask you are you sure you want to restore this phone to its factory settings. Everything will be erased & then the newest version of the iPhone software will be installed.

How to Put an iPhone in DFU Mode

iTunes. So what iTunes does is it goes to Apple servers and it downloads the most recent version of the iPhone operating system for you. it will take 10/20 minutes depending on your internet connection. If you restore your phone for another 10-15 minutes, depending on your phone, there's another option here.

So most people should just click restore and update it now my case is a little bit different and if you're jailbreaking your phone or doing something nefarious or if you're like me and I'm running a beta of iOS 11 at this point. We have to do it a little bit differently.

So instead of having iTunes, go ahead and download the restore file only from Apple's servers. We are going to choose a file that we have already downloaded to restore.

And so, the way to do that and there's a little trick for Mac a little trick for PC on a Mac you hold the option key on a PC you hold the Shift key, and while you're doing that, click on "Restore iPhone..." And instead of popping up with the iTunes little box that asks if you want to restore it their way, you're going to get a little pop-up and just choose the software.

So I've downloaded this iPhone 7 beta of iOS 11, which I'm going to put on my iPhone. I'm just going to open it now. Now iTunes is going to say OK. Here's what we're going to do. We're gonna do it. Hit restore. Bang!

How to Put an iPhone in DFU Mode

If something went wrong. let's put it back into DFU mode. So even though it's not fully turned on yet, I can just do this. This is a good teachable moment. Wait until the screen turns off... 3 seconds. The screen has to be all the way off. hold the home button.

Let's do an iPhone 7

The screen's off 3 seconds: Let go of the power button. Keep holding the volume down button. iPhone goes into DFU mode. Alright. Restore iPhone.
Hold the option key & click on that to select the file and hit restore. And now we play the waiting game.

How to Put an iPhone in DFU Mode

So after iTunes does its thing for a little while and it starts the restore process, what you're going to see is the Apple logo appear on the screen with a little status bar progress bar in the bottom that's going to very, very slowly working its way across the screen.

Now, don't get your hopes up when this finishes because you got another status bar coming. Another one is right behind it, but it's a lot faster than the first status bar.

Got the Apple logo on the screen. Excellent. It's gonna turn back and you're done, but you're not done. There's another progress bar. Be patient. You're almost there! Almost there. 25th mile of the marathon. Welcome to your new iPhone it says!

So our DFU restores process is finished

Now, a lot of people ask, you know, I want to restore it from my iCloud backup or I have activation lock turned on. Do I have to use my computer to do any of that stuff? And the answer is no! At the Apple Store, when people would have their phones DFU restored, our goal one of our goals was to get people out the door as fast as possible.

So in addition to providing great customer service at every turn, we did hand people their phones back, and pull them right out of the computers that we used to restore iPhones.

So it's done, computer out of the way and this is also especially helpful if you used your friend's computer to DFU restore your iPhone because your computer stinks. This is helpful to do. So iTunes is just a tool here. It has nothing to do with the music library.

We're just using it as a tool. So the DFU restore is complete! DFU, done! So he's going to set his iPhone up. If you have any other questions don't hesitate to comment below. We know the DFU restore process can be a bit complicated and errors do happen along the way. Stick with it! You can get into DFU mode. You can do it!

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