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How To Identify Toxic iPhone Apps And Widgets

How To Identify Toxic iPhone Apps And Widgets

In this article, we're going to explain how to identify toxic apps or widgets on your iPhone. You probably know how to identify the toxic people in your life. They're draining. You don't want to be around them right? They make you hot because he gets so angry. So those people you cut out of your life apps can be toxic to your iPhone.

Some of the symptoms of toxic apps

  • iPhone is getting really hot.
  • The batteries training faster than normal orders.
  • A third thing is software crashes.

Your apps are crashing. Your throne is crashing. Having software. We're going right back to the home screen. Maybe you're saying that maybe your screen is freezing over and over. Those are all symptoms that may be toxic apps or widgets.

How to identify toxic apps and widgets?

1. Check out analytics data

Let's go to the Settings app and then scroll down to Privacy and then Scroll down to analytics and improvements and tap on analytics data. You don't have to understand everything that's in this list to make sense of it and to figure out what apps or services or widgets are causing a problem on your phone or toxic.

So I'm just gonna Scroll through. And what I noticed was this Cal access D which D is Damon is something that runs in the background whenever you see the little D at the end. Cpu resource.

How To Identify Toxic iPhone Apps And Widgets

So if you see anything that says CPU resource if I tap on that Apple sets limits for developers about how much an app can use the phone CPU or how much it could do in the background. And if the phone tries to do more than it's allowed to do it shuts right down and then it gets logged in here. So in this case my calendar app used too much CPU that exceeded the limit of 50 % CPU over seconds.

How To Identify Toxic iPhone Apps And Widgets

It means there's something wrong with the calendar wrap itself or with the account. So what you can just tap back to settings Scroll down to passwords and accounts and just make sure that the calendars that you have turned on in this list are calendars that you actually want to have on. If you don't need a specific calendar to beyond just tap on that account and then turn off the switch next to the calendar.

I actually found a problem with my analytics data too so I just open up the analytics here. Settings Privacy analytics and improvements. That analytics data. I noticed that the ESPN Widget was showing up in my analytics log and last week this was actually showing up multiple here. It's just once. It was a ton last week. And it was funny because I was having issues with the widget. And then I came to analytics data.

I'm like Hey maybe there's actually a problem here. So you want if you see a widget or an app that's in here over and over and over again you might want to just remove that widget or app or find an alternative if it's an app and a better option in the app store. Cool. Because you knew that there was something wrong with this app right? Because why I was tapping wouldn't load. Stuff wasn't updating.

How To Identify Toxic iPhone Apps And Widgets

So, if you see something in here the widget I'm going to remove this widget now because I don't really even use it that much. Baseball things over baseball season's over. So I'm just going to go back to the home screen here by sloping up from the bottom of the screen and then swipe left to right to access your widgets. You can see the ESPN widget tap edit down there and tap the red minus tap remove. Now it's gone to delete an app pretty simple.

How To Identify Toxic iPhone Apps And Widgets

I actually updated the most recent version of iOS so my interface might look a little bit different than yours because there's some new stuff when it comes to Deleting app. So I'll just delete the ESPN app for example press and hold. And you will see there's a new Delete app option which is pretty cool. You said to tap the X and then tap delete much easier now than it used to be. You can still press and hold and just keep holding forever and they all start to wiggle. And then you can tap the X but this is a lot faster to do this way.

How To Identify Toxic iPhone Apps And Widgets

2. Check battery settings

So another way to identify toxic apps specifically not Widgets is to go to Settings battery and see if there's anything unusual with your battery usage. I'm going to open the Settings app. I'm still an analytics day through so head back settings and I'll tap battery. And here you can see the last 24 hours of usage last 10 days of usage. It's been a longer-term problem. You might want to tap the 10 last days as opposed to the last 24 hours. It's a new problem last 24 hours. And what would we be looking for here? Any app that seems to be taking up a disproportionately high amount of battery.

Let's Scroll down here. I don't really have anything that's too out of the depression where it's pretty normal to me. Recently deleted apps as ESPN because I just deleted the ESPN app in this article. One thing I noticed here is that I saw that this Tuesday a lot of background stuff going on right. But that's because I was connected to music for 2.18 minutes in the background.

How To Identify Toxic iPhone Apps And Widgets

So if you see an app here that's using a disproportion about a battery, delete the app find an alternative. Or just try to delete the app and reinstall it. Sometimes when you do a fresh install that can fix minor problems.

3. Check for an ios update

We're running out of date software that can cause problems under iPhone so I'll go back to Settings tap General tap software update checking for update. I'm up to date. I actually updated it on Monday. I believe I highly recommend this update. I love the new Delete app thing. It's great.

4. Reset all settings

Maybe an app setting got fiddled with the wrong way and now it's causing problems in your iPhone. Before doing resell settings just now you have to re-enter your WiFi passwords reconnect your Bluetooth devices. This resets all settings doesn't fix every single problem. If you go to the Apple Store over the problem a lot of times people would come in and some of the texts would just reset all settings and send them on their way.

And then two days later they'd come back and they were pissed because it was a deeper issue. But if you're at home try to reset all settings before you try our next step. So before we do that Let's do the resettle settings real quick. Oh Let's go back to General. Scroll down to reset tap reset all settings. Tap reset again. iPhone will turn off reset turn back on.

If the problem persists after the reset of all settings then we can do the DFU restore.

5. DFU restore your iPhone

DFU stands for the device for more updates. It's the deepest type of restore you can do on an iPhone. If you go to the Apple Store with a software problem they're not going to give you a new phone. They're going to say it's a software problem and we're going to DFU restore your phone and then if you say well no I already did all this stuff and they're going to say well you have to set it up from scratch but they're not going to give you a new phone.

6. Hardware issue

If the problem keeps persisting after DFU restore Maybe there's a hardware issue but it's very very rare. Like if it's a problem with the camera app if you think your camera app is toxic because the camera doesn't work it could be a hardware problem. Right camera most of the time though it's 99% of the time. It's an ESPN app.

That's not gonna be a hardware problem. But if it does involve the hardware I suppose it could be absolutely. So that is how to identify toxic apps or widgets on your iPhone. Leave me a comment down below with any other questions.

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