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8 Must have iPhone Accessories

8 Must have iPhone Accessories

8 must-have accessories for your iPhone. Now, these might not be 8 things that you absolutely need to have for every single person there's definitely going to be some things that might not be useful. You didn't know existed beforehand so most of these things are gonna work on pretty much any iPhone. I'll mention if they don't I have the 11pro max, but these accessories work with the iPhone 10r and of course, with most iPhones that they're going to work otherwise I'll mention it as I discuss them.

8 Must-have iPhone accessories all the time

1. DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Gimbal

8 Must have iPhone Accessories

If you like to take videos or maybe do time-lapses and stuff like that. Utilizing your iPhone you know that over the years the iPhone has gotten really good at making stabilized footage and just the quality has improved so much. It doesn't knock out everything in those instances where you want to not have to worry so much about how you're holding your phone but just be able to walk or run and follow some sort of an action a device like the Osmo mobile 3 is definitely something that you need to check out now.

This little device is designed to help stabilize your phone in those instances where you want to get better quality footage out of your phone. So you just simply snap your phone right into the device even with the case on you can do this some thicker cases might be a little problematic though. You have to balance it. Just power this device on and you can take selfie mode. So you can rotate it and put it in selfie mode and you'll notice that twist the grip, the phone kind of follows it and when you move this around it holds the phone really stable.

So you can get cool like kind of side to side shots or get these really neat like parallaxing shots with your phone without having to hold your phone in your hand which will add a lot of movement to make the image look a bit strange, so this is really nice. And of course, if you off-kilter a little bit a double tap will square that shot back up you can go into a portrait mode and shoot in a portrait mode. It can be a very good option for you if you go live like Instagram and Facebook live.

You can also do the front-facing camera which keeps it really stable. It gives you a nice grip to hold on to the phone. And then there's a joystick on here also which allows you to adjust the angle of the device up and down and around. So that's also a really neat feature so this device is actually not too expensive. For what it doe, it has a really long battery life, and if you utilize it with the app that DJI provides. It's the Nemo app or something similar that.

Using the little sidebar and you will be able to zoom in and zoom out, on the side and there's some additional functionality that the app also provides. It is a very fantastic device. It comes in a small package. So that you can stow it away really easily and you will love that. It just takes some practice and getting used to stowing it away. So tiny little package that you could put in your bag or whatever and keep it with you all the time to get the best-stabilized footage possible.

2. Fujifilm Instax Mini Printer

8 Must have iPhone Accessories

Fujifilm is a different one this is their newest model and this printer is loads of fun. Now early on the prints were not that great the quality wasn't there they were okay it was a novelty to print off your photos but now the photo quality has gotten to be a lot better. The price of the printer has dropped and it's more affordable to have something like Fujifilm Instax mini printer that you can take with you. This little tiny printer will accept the Instax film that you just put in there and you get ten prints out of that.

You could buy packs of that film but what's really cool about this printer is the fact that you can print out a little photo. Picking up a photo print, and looking at that photo, there is no other feeling better than this. And just I mean you can't swipe it's just that photo so you spend more time looking at it and just appreciating it for what it is. Fujifilm Instax mini printer has other interesting functions it has a standard mode.

If you stand it up it goes into a fun mode and interacts with the app that you install on your phone you know I'm not that fun so I just set the printer down and print a photo but it prints photos. They, of course, come out kind of white like a polaroid and then with a little bit of time. To better image quality just brightens up it and you will get great image quality. You will definitely be impressed with Fujifilm Instax mini printer. It will be a very different experience that can actually print an image and give it to someone.

3. Bose Soundlink Micro Speaker

8 Must have iPhone Accessories

Bose micro link speaker. This thing is tiny and it packs a punch. If you go with the speaker you should go to loud enough for everyone to hear. But when it comes to small speakers a lot of times many of them are missing out on the lows are the highs or just the overall clarity of the sound just isn't that good but the bose Soundlink micro is actually really nice I love the fact that it has a strap which I didn't think was gonna be as useful as it is.

8 Must have iPhone Accessories

I mean I could really put some pressure on this and this is meant to mount to a pole or like your bicycle handlebar or something like that you can put this on a backpack strap there are so many different things that you can do with this little strap. Making this a really versatile device so not only does it have decent audio quality for how small it is. It has good battery life and it's also a very utility-packed little device for taking sound with you anywhere.

4. Blackrapid Wander Strap

8 Must have iPhone Accessories

How many times did you drop the phone? Especially, if you're a little bit more active maybe you are walking or running or you use your phone while you're on the treadmill. This accessory is going to change your life. It is the Blackrapid wonder strap and it is a little device that you put in between your phone and your case and then you can strap a little handle so that you won't drop your phone. You can adjust it and put your wrist through it and then tighten it back up and then it is at that perfect length. Where you can use your phone and then if you drop it.

It's not a big deal this is super strong pulling on this really hard and it is not tearing or even showing any signs of failure. This is absolutely great being able to utilize your phone. Have sort some sort of a strap to protect in case I accidentally drop it which we can have all the cases we want on our phones sometimes it's not going to protect it. Especially when your phone drops and has that facedown contact with the ground so something like this is absolutely awesome.

5. Mini Tripod

8 Must have iPhone Accessories

Now it's often that you want to set your phone up to get some sort of a shot maybe it's a group photo or you want to do a time-lapse or something like that. This mini tripod little setup allows you to do that. Manfrotto pixie tripod which is a tiny little tripod with a ball head so that you could adjust it at any angle. It has a phone mount on top of it. You can slide your phone in and just tighten it down, a little bit and now your phone is nice and secure in this grip.

You can set your phone down pretty much anywhere on any tabletop on almost any surface. Because it's a tripod and you can set it on kind of an angled surface and then rotate the phone up and set it at whatever angle you would like and get all of those really neat shots. It is very good to use for shooting more static video, time-lamps, and group photos.

If you taking a group shot you can still use the good cameras on the back of the phone just set it up and then trigger your phone from your apple watch. It's just been game-changing for getting good quality group photos that you are in utilizing this setup right here and then of course utilizing your apple watch to trigger it.

6. Pocket LED Light

8 Must have iPhone Accessories

So in those lower light situations, you also add this light on the top of it which is the pocket light f7. This light is a high-power led light that allows you to light the situation so that when it's in a darker room. You could get a better-looking image with your phone because of its light focus. It is super bright and you can take it down to like 10 to 100 you can adjust its brightness level. It also does colors you can set the color temperature there are all sorts of cool things that you can do with this little pocket light f7. 

7. AirPods

8 Must have iPhone Accessories

Air pods pro comes with wireless charging. The air pods pro is a very good and great device. It provides a lot of utility. With air pods pro you will get better audio quality. But air pods aren't the only thing that's out there right now I am also testing the vistas from jaybirds they put out a really nice sound and they hold in your ear really well. So if you're looking for something that has a little bit better of a price and still has great performance and is really good for those of you that workout and are higher on the activity of the day the jaybirds vistas are a great option as well. 

8. Kartice 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Pad

8 Must have iPhone Accessories

Kartice 3 in 1 wireless charging pad it's one of the must-have accessories on my list which allows you to charge your apple watch. It also has two charging pads. Apple said that they would produce multiple charging pads for all of our devices, but after some time apple said that they will not produce that. So a lot of other companies came out with something this one has two pads. So you could put your air pods on one and your iPhone on another and then it has a spot for your apple watch as well.

So whether or not you have an apple watch there are other versions of charging pads like this they don't have the apple watch connector, but with the two charging pads and the apple watch you can connect all your ios devices that have wireless charging and it's absolutely great. I also use this sometimes to charge my other phone which is an android phone. It's not only iPhone-specific. It has the charging socket for your apple watches.

Otherwise, I think this is great. It has a USB type-c connector on the back and it comes with its own power brick so you just plug it in. Put it on your nightstand, put it on your desk and you're able to top off all of your devices really easily. So as you can see there are so many fun things that you can do with your iPhone whether you have the newer iPhone or your iPhones a couple years old. You have to have a phone that works with wireless charging but accessories definitely make the experience of utilizing an iPhone much more opportunity to capture photos and enjoy your life.

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