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What Uses Data on iPhone & How to Save it?

What Uses Data on iPhone & How to Save it?

We're going to show you what uses data on an iPhone then recommend some tips to help you save on your data plan. So the most important thing to keep in mind when we talk about how to save data on your iPhone is to use WiFi instead of cellular data whenever you can. Now make sure your iPhone is connected to WiFi wherever it's available most importantly at home because that's where you are the most often.

But also if you're at Starbucks the local library at McDonald's these places now have free WiFi. And whenever you're connected to WiFi your iPhone is not using cellular data. Your iPhone will always prefer to use a WiFi connection if it's available over cellular data.

How to set up WiFi

1. Go to settings.

2. Then just tap on WiFi and then make sure you're connected to a WiFi network.

Now a lot of people have WiFi at home but maybe the password changed or maybe they didn't connect to it in the first place. But a lot of people just need to reconnect their phones to WiFi. Right. And that will solve the problem.

1. Limiting streaming a video of music

So only when you're using Wi-Fi and not doing that over cellular data. Right. So streaming video and YouTube services like Pandora and YouTube and Spotify use a lot more data than just Loading a website and a bunch of text or your email or sending text messages. So video is just the biggest file that you'll see on your iPhone.

Use the most data if you're streaming them sort of music is second photos are a second and then everything else. So don't stream YouTube videos at high quality. If you're not on a WiFi network or you're just going to burn through your data.

2. Close out of some of your apps

So when you close an app on your iPhone when you tap the Home button it goes off the screen and it doesn't necessarily close. Close the app completely.

So we're just going to show you how to do that.
Double-click the home button with your finger and then swipe your apps off the top of this crazy. So I moon of they're not there. That means they're close.

So sometimes there are problems with apps and closing them can stop an app from using data in the background of your iPhone without your knowledge.

3. Background App refresh

So Background App Refreshes a feature on your iPhone that lets specific apps download new content in the background of your iPhone or refresh themselves so that you're always seeing the latest things. So when you open the ESPN app you can see the way to score. They're already there. It doesn't happen. But the thing about background app refresh is that it uses your data in the background of your iPhone maybe even without your knowledge.

How to turn that off

1. Let's see Settings and then we're going to go to General.

2. And then tap background app refresh. There it is.

And so we don't recommend turning off background app refresh entirely although you can. So what I recommend is going through this list and choosing which apps you want to allow to download content in the background of your iPhone even when you're not using that. So we're just sort of taking control of this piece. So I'm just going to turn a few off here and turn all these little downloads that of add up over time. Turning them off can really save a lot in the long run.

4. Find out which app are using the most data

We can definitely check that out. So a lot of times its just one problem app that's sort of a big offender. And we can find out what that is.

1. Let's go to Settings and then go to the cellular right at the top there. And then you can turn off cellular data here entirely. Like, say you've gone 2 gigabytes over your data plan for the month as your dad is mad at you. Like mine is right now. So you can turn off cellular data and just stop the Bedding right now that's we turn to the top.

2. Next cellar data. Turn it off. Problem.

So especially if you're traveling internationally it can cost a lot of money. It also underset our data down here. You're going to get a list of apps and how much data they be used over the last period. Now people would ask how long is the current period? The current period is since you've gone to the bottom of this list and tapped reset statistics.

So if you're trying to figure out when is yours my last reset was. So if you're trying to figure out which apps have been using the most data you might want to do this reset statistics because it's going to help you track everything right now.
You can check back a couple of days and see Oh my God. This one app was using way more data than the rest of my apps. That was your problem app.

So at the bottom of the list of apps that are using cellular data on your iPhone, there's a couple of things I want you to pay attention to.
  • The first is System Services which is a folder that you can open to see which of the things like find my iPhone or location-based alerts or any of these other things that are built into the iPhone. How much data those are using?
  • The one that really confuses people is uninstalled apps. You're going to see uninstalled apps and then a certain amount of data that they've been using. So it's not that the apps that are gone from your iPhone are now using data in the background to your knowledge. It's that they did before you deleted them.

This is how much those apps used not that they're sort of zombies or ghosts and try back to haunt you. If your iPhone is still using too much data on their homework place you can check and Mets the mail app. And this is Super commonplace to have the problem.

5. Make sure that your iPhone is connected to your mail servers

So if there's a problem between your iPhone in the mail server there's a problem with that connection. When you send someone an email it can get stuck in your iPhone's outbox. And just as it stuck in the outbox your iPhone's trying to send it over and over and over again. And that Burns through your data really fast. So what we need to do is make sure that your iPhone is connected to your mail servers the right way.

A lot of the times you'll see some sort of pop-up that says enter your username and password and settings for mail and people just ignore it. But that can cause your iPhone to just burn through your data.

1. Let's go to settings.

2. Go down to accounts and passwords.

3. Then we're going to tap on each individual mail account. You may see Gmail or Outlook or anything else and just tap on each one as it opens. Your iPhone will try to connect to that. And then if there's a problem you're going to get a pop-up you'll be able to enter your password again.

And you'll know if there's a problem if you're entering your password and you don't know what it is find out what it is and then fix it. And then this problem will solve. And just one more thing about the mail app. If you do find something stuck in your Outbox the other reason that happens is because people mistype the person's email address so they're sending it to and some mail servers don't know what to do with that?

So if you're sending me an email and you want to send it to Swapee at webtspot.dom it's not going to work because it's .dom or people would put in Swapee@Gmail.Com or Gmail. Even the slightest typo can throw everything off.

Just got to make sure that you're double-checking the people's email addresses. Who you're sending emails who would have thought a small typo could destroy your data? Destroy your data plan. So those are our tips to help you save data on your iPhone. I hope you found this article helpful. Give it a share. If you have any other tips like to share with us leave a comment down below.

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