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How To Make Money As A Programmer?

How To Make Money As A Programmer?

5 ways of you making extra money as a programmer. So why not make extra money? If you have a job then why not earn a bit of income and have fun. Just to pay for example your bills or your phone bill or go on holidays or treat yourself. Why not? So there are 4 ways I'm going to teach you. And hopefully, you'll see that they can be really powerful and anyone can do it, To be honest.

1. Freelancing work

So this is when you have some skills that you want to sell to other people. So you see there are a lot of people that need software to be built. And I'm pretty sure that you have so many skills that you can apply for jobs where people need you to build software. So you have platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr. So this is where you go and you see a list of projects and you can pretty much just bid for those projects. Now the cool thing here is that there is no boss. So you are your own boss.

And also you can freelance while you have your job. So you can do some extra cash on the side while having a steady income from your job. And I would say also you have the opportunity here to work with really big companies such as Microsoft, Google, Airbnb, and others. So, sometimes they need stuff to be done by freelancers and you can get a chance to work on those projects. So the thing here with freelancing is there is a lot of competition.

Trust me there is a lot of competition especially for people from India. Sometimes they cut down on prices. And so for example, if you charge for example 1,000 pounds for a website they might charge 100 pounds. So you can see the 90% drop down there which is quite annoying. Also, you need to have discipline. And you need to know that for you to be a freelancer you need to have the discipline. You need to have the mindset to go full-on. So this is something to bear in mind.

And also as I said if you work for Google or Microsoft sometimes can be really difficult to grab those clients, not just Google Microsoft but other high pain clients sometimes can be very difficult to grab those.

2. Coding contests and Agathon

Attending coding contests and Agathon. So this is where you can gain real prices. So we've got companies such as Topcoder and even Google. So Google they have these coding challenges where they offer prices. The thing with these coding contests and actions is not something that should be your top priority because it's not 100% reliable and the income doesn't come as steady as the other ones that I'm about to show you also the really benefit of you attending these contest and book campuses that you get to socialize with other people.

The same with freelancing. You get to network and socialize with other people. And this opens the doors to many opportunities. If you're young you got the time. Definitely do it.

3. Selling online courses

Yes. Now you might be saying look sending online courses. I don't know much. What should I sell? Look you are clever. Let me just tell you that if you don't know you are clever. And if someone says that you don't know enough then get back strong and just realize that you know a lot. And there is something in you that you can teach others. There is something in you that you can teach others.

You can look there are so many ideas. Just imagine for example in your own language. You might learn from my courses. And you know people, for example, might not have the understanding of the means of learning programming and programming languages. Then why not just teach in your own little area in your society? Why not just say you know what? I'm going to charge something peanuts where people come in the morning and learn to program for example.

It's one way of making money. There are many ideas or you can learn from my courses or any of the courses. And then you can recall the exact same course with a different flavor. But in your only language right. Or stuff that you do at work that you think it's interesting and you've never seen it you can teach online.

And also with teaching and selling online courses it doesn't have to be programming. It could be anything that you want.

4. Blogging or content provider

You see there are huge platforms where they have these little tutorials. And on the side, you see that they have these little ads. So there are companies are making tons of money just by doing that. So why not do the same? I would love to have someone that could write blogs for all of my courses. Maybe if you don't work with me drop me a message. And who knows? We can work together and you can make some extra cash.

So blogging is encouraged. I do encourage you to do it again in your own language or English. It doesn't matter. Just brain some ideas and see how you can find a gap and you can feel it. There are many gaps that can be filled. So I'm pretty sure that you are clever and you will find a way.

5. YouTube

It's an amazing platform for you to make money online. you can make your own best programming and tech youtube channel. So there are ways you might think the mainstream of revenue is ad revenue which for YouTube it is. But YouTube opens opportunities indoors for other works because now if you're a content creator you've got companies paying you to promote their product or their brand.

You become a new Fluence and people can pay you money. Let's say companies pay you 2,00 pounds for seconds. Just intro saying check this brand using my code. Just imagine if you do like five of those a month that's 1,000 pounds. Charging 2,00 then 4,00, 5,00 you can charge. You can have a long-term deal. It goes crazy.

Last words

So these are the 5 ways you making money online. Think about it. And I feel like everyone deserves the opportunity. And we need content creators. We need content creators. But I feel like these are some of the ways that you should start as a programmer. So let me know what you thought about this article. If you have any ideas let me know because I'll be curious to know your ideas.

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