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What Are the Bad Programming Habits?

What Are the Bad Programming Habits?


1. Lack of experience

You don't practice enough. You don't practice enough. So you see here on my website I've been teaching people how to write code for some time now and I always beg that you practice as I teach because that's the best way for you to learn. So there is no point of view taking my courses or any other courses on YouTube or the platforms and just sit down there and just watch without actually practicing. So it is bad. You're just wasting your time.

So for that make sure that you have a GitHub account and basically all the projects that you have make sure you put it there. Because that way when you apply for jobs then you can showcase your portfolio. So that's how you build a portfolio. So there is proof that guy or that girl person is actually motivated and they actually want to learn how to code. And you've got something to show basically.

2. You don't grasp the fundamentals

So in order for you to become a really good developer you need to know the foundations well enough. That's the only way that you're going to move forward. I don't jump between learning advanced features. If you haven't grasped the fundamentals it is really really crucial that you grasp the fundamentals. So for example, if you've learned Python make sure that you know how classes work, methods, objects.

If you learn Java abstract, classes, interfaces, oop basically just have the fun fundamentals grasped. So you need the fundamentals. And a lot of people they miss on that and they jump across you know learning you know the advanced features where they're actually missing the fundamentals well enough. When Should You Learn Python?

3. You don't ask for help

Now you see sometimes you might be embarrassed about your code. Or you might think that people will laugh about your code because you might be shy. And someone more experienced might look at your code and you might think that they will judge you. No no that's not the case. So make sure to ask questions even if there are silly questions. Assuming that you really don't know it.

Because if you're a junior developer then obviously these kinds of things are quite common, to be honest. So don't be afraid of asking questions. Trust me. Like it's just gonna hurt you. So there are times where I used to be embarrassed and I used to just try and fix it. But then I was really stuck and I was like Should I ask a question or should I not? Will they think I'm a dumb guy? Trust me just ask questions.

4. You give up too soon

So what I mean is when you are faced with a problem you kind of just freeze. You didn't even think or try to solve the problem. And you already frozen right? You're already frozen. So take your time. If you are faced with a programming challenge or a group project or a feature that you have to implement.

Take your time to think about the actual problem that you were trying to solve. Right. Just make sure that you don't give up even if things are hard. Don't give up. And if you are really stuck. So if you've tried everything then that's the best time for you to actually ask someone for help. 

5. You overcomplicate simple problems

You see for example if you've grasped the fundamentals of Python or Java or C++. You know when you start, you might think that Oh I know this feature. So let me use this feature. I know this pattern. Let me use this pattern. And then when you realize your code is so complex for something very simple.

Now let me ask a question. If I was to give you my code right. And I'm using all of these patterns and I'm trying to prove a point here. And I'm trying to write the most complex code which only I understand right. Would you be happy about it? Would you learn anything from it?

No. You just pretty much say What the heck is this? And when you write code especially professionally we try to keep things simple right? Keep it simple. The Pros and Cons of Python.

6. Don't plan beforehand

So most of us when we're faced with problems you might just dive into code. And try and implement it in creating lots of things and things might not work properly so on and so forth. So what I would say there is don't do that. So what you need is to actually plan what you are going to solve. When I mean plan. I mean for example using a Lucid chart for creating your diagram.

So you know what entities do talk to each other make sure that you design the database correctly because once you have all of that then you actually are simply solving a puzzle.

And you know that when solving a puzzle you need to have a strategy. And this is the exact same thing. So now you can fix this part of the puzzle first and then you can move on to that one this and then you just connect them together and things will flow much easier for you.

7. You copy code from stack overflow

Now there is nothing wrong with copying code. But if you are starting out then what people tend to do is actually copy code and then change it around. Or if you are doing an assignment or a group project you might steal other people's code and then change it according to your needs and your classes names variables so on and so forth. Don't do that.

So we are professional software engineers. We don't copy code. So there are times it is fine for you to base your idea based off someone else. But this is one you actually know what you are doing if you don't know what you're doing and you want to learn. Because that way if you just copy code you're not learning you are just wasting your time.

8. You don't accept critics

So this is when for example you have written some code. Let's say that you spent one day writing a piece of code right. And you've struggled a lot and you're really proud. But then comes along someone with more experience and says You know what? We can do something better or we can improve your code soon is with half. So often people try to prove a point. It had to argue.

But you know always listen for advice. So the cool thing about software engineering is that you have people with different ways of thinking. And this is what makes good software right? When you listen for their advice you don't have to take their advice 100% on board.

But listen. And you might learn something new. And also don't be upset if what you've written today someone changed it tomorrow right? I can guarantee you 100% the code that you write today will not be the same next week, next month, a year down the line because requirements do change.

9. You are not involved in coding communities

You are not part of any coding community. So you know I've got my private Facebook group where people are there to learn you know even myself I've been learning like literally quite a lot because you know people with different skills and different experiences and different knowledge and sometimes I'm like wow you know this group is actually helping me to learn something new.

So when you join a community, you actually are learning, you build your network, you meet people. . It's not just you know Facebook groups but you make sure that you are part of any coding community.

10. Stuck with one language

You are stuck with one language and you don't accept new technologies. so don't be someone that that just says you know I'm a Java software engineer or I only do Python or I only do C++. don't be that guy or girl. Make sure that you can solve any problem using whatever language needed just be a software engineer and that way you will go much much further because after all, a programming language is simply a tool that allows you to solve the problem.

So Java is not a language for every single project. Python is not the language for every single project, javascript neither. So make sure that you adapt to new languages and start experimenting order other languages because you will realize that all these languages are pretty much kind of the same but they do different things better than others.
but you know the main concept across all of these languages are same.


This is pretty much the 10 bad habits of a programmer. So the reason why I'm sharing this with you is that when you are facing or when you are going through these bad habits you can stop and realize that hold on. hold on. Swapee told me about these bad habits so let me stop reset and improve on what I'm doing bad or wrong. So that's the goal. I'm actually here to give you advice or you can become a better software engineer you can you know progress through your career you can you know apply for jobs so on and so forth. let me know what you thought about this article is there a point or a bad habit that I've missed comment down below.


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