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When Should You Learn Python?

When Should You Learn Python?

Python. When should you start learning Python? I get this question all the time. And Here's the answer right now whatever you're doing in it or about to do it if you're just getting started. becoming a hacker, assist admin, cloud engineer, python is something you need to know or at least should know. And I can tell you this if you start learning Python right now it will make you very very valuable.

Now, this is something you probably already know right? Like knowing Python and any job role in it. Hacker, network engineer, whatever makes you awesome.

Now the question isn't that should you learn Python? Because the answer is always Yes. The question is when should you learn Python? And that's kind of a more difficult question right? Because many of you are just getting started in IT. Maybe going for your CCNA certification maybe you're becoming a hacker and getting your Pen test plus certification.

And I get this question all the time. Should I start learning Python now? Should I wait until after my certification? Should I do it before? When do I learn it?

Well, see the beginning of the article right now. Learning Python right now with whatever you're studying will make you better. If you're studying for your Cisco CCNA right now to become a network engineer it's gonna help you like part of the CCNA. They want you to know network automation. Knowing Python will only make you better. And then you look at hacking cybersecurity cloud. Everything is pretty much in it.

Now there is at least some element of scripting or Python in those certification trucks. You're gonna have to learn it anyway so you might as well start now. Now I know this probably feels overwhelming but Here's what I suggest. It's not too crazy 10 to 15 minutes every single day 10 to 15 minutes, you're devoting to learning Python. Yes, I know. You're currently studying for your CCNA.

You're currently studying for your Linux plus or your Pen test plus. You've got a lot on your plate, 10 to 15 minutes. I think most of you can spare that. And Here's why this is important. You want to make sure right now that learning Python becomes part of your daily habits because you'll never just know Python. No one ever. Just like okay I know Python now. No, it's a daily journey. You never stop learning Python.

So I think it's crazy important to right now start developing that habit of daily study. No, you're not gonna change the world. Not gonna learn so many things in one day but you will over a month. Dude, you'll master a ton of stuff over a month with just 10 to 15 minutes a day. Now sure you could do more and that would be awesome.

But I don't want you to derail what you're currently studying on because Hey you got your CCNA exam. Coming up OSCP you got some stuff coming up. So don't let this derail what you're currently doing. But I know for me I can spare 10 to 15 minutes a day just to do a little bit of Python, not world-changing stuff. Just a little step each day.

Now let me take one step back real quick. If you hear this and go crap. I'm so stressed out. Tell me how to learn this now and I'm so still that's you. Then ignore this article. If your plate is already so full that you can't stack anything else on top of it then take a break. Ignore this and keep going with what you're doing.

But if you're like me taking a break from studying your main subject to studying something else is actually kind of helpful. It kind of refreshes your brain a bit. So just 10 to 15 minutes of Python apart from what I'm doing right now with CCNP is actually kind of helpful.

Code Academy

I use Code Academy to learn and you don't have to use Code Academy. But man I freaking love it. I have 7 days right now. Not good for me. I want to light these suckers up and I want your help and I want to see you like these days up too. Let's keep our streaks going. Now. Again it doesn't have to be Codecademy. It can be something else. But it would be cool for you to jump in and use Code Academy with me.

What is it and how much does it cost now?

I'm currently a paying $19 pro member. I freaking love it. You don't have to do this but I do recommend it. However, they do have a basic free plan and there are some limitations. Like I think you do get the Python two course for free. And if you find that you want the pro it's always there. And if you're a student which many of you might be they do have student pricing as well. It's like 35% less than the typical pro membership.

So again when should you start learning Python?

Right now. And when I say right now I don't mean tomorrow. I don't mean January 1st. I mean right now. Today. Get started. Don't miss a day 10to 15 minutes you can spare that right? I mean Code Academy has a mobile app. If you want to do it anywhere else bathroom visits or whatever you can get your 10 to 15 minutes in today developing that habit will change your life.

So anyways let me know below if you want to join me in my journey of staying consistent with learning Python or whatever scripting language you want to learn Let's do it every single day. Keep me accountable. I'll keep you accountable.

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