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Android vs iOS: Which is Really Best?

Android vs iOS: Which is Really Best?

In 2021, If you want to buy a smartphone you have two platforms to choose from. Well, you guessed it. There's Google's Android and Apple iOS. Both Android and iOS are mature platforms that have their share of followers but which is the platform you should be using? And in this article, we'll be comparing and drive and us to see which is the best mobile operating system.

What Makes Android Better Than iOS?

  • First off with the basics Android offers a way better user experience when compared to iOS.
  • The notification Center of Android is way ahead of iOS. Unlike iOS, you can easily swipe to remove notifications and you get actions on all notifications.
  • Then there are bundled notifications that you can expand which makes sure that notifications are in a mess.
  • With the Android O, you can even snooze notifications, on the other hand, iOS 11 makes the lock screen and notification shade one. 
  • The Notification Center on iOS is a mess.
  • Also Android is the platform to go for if you really want to multitask on your phone.
  • you can open apps in split-screen windows and even switch between apps quickly with double taps.
  • What I really hate about multitasking on an iPhone is the fact that there is no option to clear all the app cards at once. It's annoying. Plus you can customize Android completely. If you don't like the way your home screen works or looks. There are launcher apps like the novel launcher that bring you total control.
  • The same goes for the lock screen and other elements.
  • You can easily install a custom Android ROM? So Yeah advantage Android. Moreover, you can sideload apps easily on Android. You can do that on iPhones to but who wants to go through all the complications that come with it?
  • Moreover, the routing community is way more active than the jailbreak community which is something very important.
  • With root access, you basically get total control over the Us and your device. You can remove limitations change the way your device works and looks overclock or underclock processor and do a lot more.
  • On the other hand with jailbreak, after an iOS version is jailbroken months later you can do a little bit of tweaking with custom apps and get a ton of bugs video warranty. Congrats on that.
  • Then there are some great features that you're not going to find the iPhones like user accounts that lets you hand over your phone with ease ability to set default apps so you're not stuck with Safari.
  • Then there's another functionality like a lock or hide apps fingerprint gestures and you don't have to use iTunes. Wait wait. That's not all.
  • Series getting better with iOS but Google Assistant is still the best when it comes to recognizing speech and context-based queries.
  • Also if you choose to go with Android you get tons of choices and the latest innovations on the hardware front. Plus you get the headphone jack.
  • There are some great phones at almost all the price points. At the high end, there's the same gives the iPhones a run for their money in almost every aspect.
  • Then there's the one plus which is amazing. At the mid-high end, there are a ton of great devices like the Redmi Note8 Pro.
  • You get phones with dual same and expandable storage which iPhone users can only dream of.

There are a lot of other things that Android does better than iOS and that will take a long time and I don't want to keep them in the waiting. 

What Makes iOS Better Than Android?

  • Firstly, the iOS interface is way more pleasing to the eyes. I know this is a bit subjective but I'm pretty sure even Android fans love the way iOS looks. 
  • Third-party apps look consistent on iOS, unlike android where apps don't match up to the design language used by makers like Samsung and Xiaomi.
  • Plus it does not feature unnecessary buttons like Android. iOS includes a back gesture that you will get addicted to if you use iOS.
  • Also, I really believe Control Center is something awesome for us all.
  • On Android, if you want to access the Toggles you have to swipe twice from the top and you know how tough it can get to access that top of the display when you have a big phone accompanied by small hands. Almost impossible with one-hand usage.
  • Plus with iOS Control Center is customizable and now features a toggle for screen recorder which is something Android still lags natively.
  • Android might have included app shortcuts, notification thoughts which I agree are handy features but 3D touch functionality on iOS is way more superior.
  • You can 3D touch on almost anything to get more info shortcuts and just two more. Plus it's very very cool with the haptic feedback.
  • Android fans will argue that they can do the same with root access. But the truth is the majority of Android users to truth all devices. There's an argument that Android has more pre apps. That's true but what's also true is that these apps are loaded with ads that make up for a disastrous experience, to say the least. 
  • And another positive of iOS is the best apps and games arrive on iOS first.
  • There are a number of examples such as Instagram, Snapchat, Pokemon code, and the list can go on and on.
  • You just don't have to worry about any malware at all. iOS is super secure and you know it. And maybe android upgrades more features.
  • If you're using an iPhone and a Mac your life will be much more sorted.
  • Firstly, the ability to back up your whole device via iCloud is just amazing. With iCloud or even iTunes, you can back up photos, video, files, your settings, calendar data, reminders, contacts. Basically, you can back up your whole device. There's also air Drop which lets you send files to Apple devices with ease. It's just fast and awesome.
  • Then there's continue wherein you can start a task on an iPhone and continue on your map and then there's FaceTime iMessages etc. 
  • However, when it comes to and write there's no such integration. Then there's the fact that the iPhone just offers superior performance to even the flagship and write devices.
  • Even the battery life is better on iPhones and writes makers might post off numbers like a 4,000 MH battery or 5,000 MH battery but the fact is that the iOS battery optimization is way better.

Lastly, you might get a choice of a ton of devices on Android but chances are you might end up buying a device that's not good enough. At least with iPhones. You know that you are getting a phone that will stale out among the barrage of phones available to them. Moreover, with every new iPhone release, the older iPhones get a decent price cut which makes them a good buy. Plus this still remains a premium phone.

iOS vs Android: Which One You Should Go For?

Let's be honest a lot of people buy iPhones for the status symbol it's carried and no Android phone can do that for you. It may sound harsh but it's the reality.

Well, Android is the platform you should go for.

  1. If you want a better notification Center.
  2. The ability to customize the OS completely.
  3. Total control over each and every element in the OS.
  4. A better voice assistant in Google Assistant.
  5. More choices of devices at different price ranges.
  6. Well, the functionality that Google just keeps on adding.

When it comes to OS. It's the platform to go for if you want great support.

  1. Quick software updates.
  2. A Refined Experience.
  3. Great integration with other Apple devices.
  4. Smooth performance for years.
  5. Premium devices and the best quality of apps.

So that's about Android vs iOS: Which is Really Best? I hope it was helped you to choose your next purchase. What you gonna prefer and let me know your thoughts and suggestion in the comment section below

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