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How To Find Opportunities Everywhere?

How To Find Opportunities Everywhere?

We're talking about 2 mental models that I find helpful for thinking about how to approach opportunities and how to take advantage of them so that we can ultimately live healthier, happier, more productive lives.

1. Door Knockers vs Window Openers

The idea is that there's two sorts of people in the world.

1. Window openers
2. Door knockers

Window openers 

So window openers are the ones who would look through a window they would see something on the other side and then that open the window and kind of reach in and get the thing they want. The important thing is that they can see the result before they open the window and therefore they open the window.

Door knockers

On the other hand, we've got the door knockers and the door knockers. When it comes to exploring opportunities are the ones who are open to kind of knocking on doors and then opening the door and seeing what's behind it without knowing what's behind it in advance. So that's kind of the key difference. Like if you're a window opener now you see the outcome before you see it. If you're a doorknocker you're all right with opening the door even though you don't know what the outcome is.

And this is sort of like the two different sorts of ways that we approach opportunities. Increasingly in the world that we live in today, there are far more opportunities for success. However, we want to define that to the people who door knock rather than the people who window open for something stupid like this starting a YouTube channel. That's very much a door-knocking kind of thing. You really cannot see where it's gonna lead you but you just have to kind of go for it.

There's all sorts of kind of random luck events that can happen to us where we don't know what's on the other side. But if we approach it from an I'm a doorknocker mentality rather than I'm a window opener mentality then life gets better. And I think that for people like me in medicine which is a very traditional field we're all very much the window openers.

So for example when I started my YouTube channel the first question my mom would have asking is like What's the point of this? Where is it gonna lead? Equal often if I'm giving a talk somewhere and I say that everyone should have a personal website for various reasons the question in everyone's mind is But how long would it take me to get to success? What the success look like? They want the path to be charted out in front of them and only then will they do.

But stuff like this creating content on the internet starting a business. It's all inherently uncertain things that the door knocker mentality is more suitable to.

2. Return On Luck

The second one is a concept called Return on Luck. And this is from a book called Great by Choice by a guy called Jim Collins. And in this book, they looked at what is the difference? Like what makes companies good or great? And they found that if you looked at all those sorts of representative companies the difference between Apple and a company that you've never heard of is not that Apple got lucky breaks.

It's that Apple was able to take advantage of those lucky breaks a lot better than the competitor could. And so they found all these industries and they look at all these examples and they found that the number of luck events the number of opportunities that came their way it was basically exactly the same. But certain companies certain individuals were able to capitalize on that luck a little bit more.

To an extent, we can't really control when a lucky break hits us. We can buy the sort of increasing a random surface area for randomness optionality and stuff. But we can't really control luck events to happen to us but we can control how we respond to them. And we can control our return on Luck. And the more that we sort of taking advantage of these lucky breaks the better off will be.

So 2 important mental models Door knockers vs Window Openers and Return on Luck. And I'd love to hear from you in the comments. If you've got any thoughts about how this relates to your own life or any kind of ways examples in which you've found this to be true for yourself and for other people.

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