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Best Programming & Tech YouTube Channels

Best Programming & Tech YouTube Channels

So in this article, I'm going to be sharing with you my 15 favorite software engineering/programming YouTube channels. Now I want to be really clear here before I show you any of these channels, that if I do not show a specific channel or I don't mention it, that doesn't mean that I don't like it. It doesn't mean that I hate the creator or whoever owns the channel or anything like that.

It just means that it's not one of my favorite channels. And there's a lot of really massive software engineering channels that you guys probably love in that. I just don't watch that much. And just didn't want to mention it in this article, because they also have a ton of subscribers will way more than me and, you know, they don't need to shout out for me. They're doing just fine.

So anyway, I want to be really clear here. I'm not trying to, you know, throw shade on any creators or any channels or something by not showing them here. These are just the ones that I think are the most educational in nature and provide the most value to their viewers. And so that's what I'm going to be showing here.

15 Best Programming, Tesh & SWE YouTube Channels

1. The New Boston

Best Programming & Tech YouTube Channels

This was the very first channel that I found when I was learning programming when I was about 12, 13 years old. And this is the new Boston. Now I have to give this guy a massive credit as well for a lot of the stuff that I know and kind of even getting me into programming.

If you guys don't know the story I started to learn to program when I was about 11 or 12 when I was just finishing up an elementary school, and this guy, the new Boston, I believe his name is Bucky, just had a ton of tutorials before doing YouTube tutorials was like a normal or cool thing on HTML, JavaScript, CSS, you know, every other language you could even imagine, this guy has like four or 5,000 videos, anything you want, you're going to have to find on this channel.

And while it's just an awesome channel and recently it's kind of come back to life. He was Mia for probably about a year or so, four years. More than one year. What am I saying? Four years. And then all of a sudden he started posting some more stuff. So definitely a channel to check out and, big, thank you to Bucky into the new Boston, because honestly, without this channel, I don't think I would be sitting here today.

2. Kimberly Brehm

Best Programming & Tech YouTube Channels

Now, this is not really like programming or like tech YouTube channel. This is actually just math. And the reason I'm showing you this is because without this woman right here, I would not have passed my discrete mathematics class, my discrete structures class in my calculus classes.

She just has videos on literally every single possible math lesson that you would need. And they're explained extremely well. They're really short too. I mean, these ones look long, but a lot of the ones that I watch, like 10, 15 minutes long, and she just has so many amazing videos.

If I go to the playlist, you can see there's like Excel in statistics, calculus, two discrete math, right? Discrete math, new unit, discrete math, and she's still posting. And she's been doing this for like years and only has 16 or 17,000 subscribers.

So, show her some love and seriously, this will help you out if you're in computer science or software engineering. So I just wanted to show it to you because I owe this person, you know, a big thank you. And a shout-out is the least that I can do anyways.

3. Kalle Hallden

Best Programming & Tech YouTube Channels

This guy does a lot of tech videos that are really entertaining as well as informative. But I really appreciate the cinematography from this guy. When I watched this guy's videos, I'm like, how the heck do I make my camera look like that? Cause he uses the same camera that I do. And I literally have no idea how he makes just like such beautifully visually appealing videos.

But for example, he, as I practice touch typing for 30 days, I tried living like the rock for a week. I coded a trading bot and gave it a thousand dollars to trade. So less like technical tutorials, but there is a lot of information in these videos, for example, five projects, every programmer should try.

And I just really appreciate the quality of the video. It's honestly unmatched by a lot of the other software engineering channels, especially mine. So that's why I wanted to mention them here. I know a lot of people that follow my channel also really like this channel as well. So give this guy some love kalle.

4. Traversy Media

Best Programming & Tech YouTube Channels

Now I believe the brand is the guy who runs this. I actually had the opportunity to talk to him a while ago and he actually featured me on his channel. And right now this channel has been turned into something where like all kinds of different developers and, and YouTube and all that are posting videos on this channel.

So it's not just going to be Brad teaching you web development and programming. you have all of these new creators or smaller creators coming on here. and definitely, just a great place to go. Especially if you're looking to find other YouTube channels, like the ones that I'm mentioning here that maybe aren't as well known, but that have a ton of high-quality content.

So this channel is mostly just web development. There is some other programming stuff on here and a lot of this is technical tutorials. Then there's also some advice, videos, for example, you know, 10 ways to make money as a developer, but definitely one of my favorite channels.

5. Sentdex

Best Programming & Tech YouTube Channels

This is really the guy who got me into programming. As soon as I kind of learned the basics of HTML and web dev. And I wanted to kind of move off into other languages. I found Python and I found Sendax's and this guy is really where I have to credit a lot of my knowledge from because he just has so many videos like over a thousand videos on his channel, super easy to understand does a ton of machine learning and AI stuff.

And also just really a great dude. This guy reached out to me when I had maybe like 10,000 subscribers on YouTube and he was like, you're doing an awesome job, keep it up. Like, let me know if you ever want to talk. And honestly just massive. Thank you to him. One of the biggest inspirations I've had to start my YouTube channel and you know, subtle flex here.

So really just want to give him a huge, thank you, love his channel. And I hope he posts more videos because he's been a little bit quiet recently, but he's got a lot of cool stuff that he does.

6. Engineer Man

Best Programming & Tech YouTube Channels

Now, this channel has been around for a really long time. One of my inspirations is our YouTube actually watching some of the videos that this guy has made. I and this dude is just like an expert at programming expert at Linux. And a lot of his content is super-advanced, super technical at Eamon beyond some of the stuff that I know

And I just wanted to show it to you guys, because it's really different than a lot of the other content out, out there on YouTube. For example, a lot of my videos are like introductory, like beginner tutorials. This guy does like deep dives into Linux, deep dives into Python talks about really low-level things. And I just wanted to show you this channel because it's super interesting and yeah, pretty unique on YouTube.

Now, one of his favorite videos are one of the videos of his, that is my favorite is obviously his most popular one showing a Craiglist scammer, whose boss using Python, creating a snake game with Python in under five minutes and all that kind of stuff.

7. Clement Mihailescu

Best Programming & Tech YouTube Channels

Clement is actually my boss. I work with him at algoexpert. And while he has an awesome YouTube channel where he talks about software engineering and entrepreneurship. So this channel is pretty unique compared to a lot of the other kinds of like, you know, tack the bloggy channels out there.

There's a lot of advice and tips. And most of his videos, I find a lot of value from watching his videos. And there's also a ton of videos talking about how you can take your kind of programming skills and apply that into generating income or starting a business or what it's like to be, you know, the CEO of a company and stuff like that.

8. Programming with Eric

Best Programming & Tech YouTube Channels

Now, Erik is someone that I actually did a podcast with before really great guy. I believe he is a software engineer or used to be a software engineer. At least I don't know if he works there full time or not. and he has an awesome YouTube channel where he talks a ton about web development. So I know he uses view. He uses, um, what's the other one, angular, you know, HTML, CSS, and a ton of stuff that I don't show on my channel and that you could definitely learn from him.

So a bunch of great stuff. He has getting a job as a web developer for advice, visual studio code, and just so much web development and a ton of awesome stuff on this channel.

9. Florin Pop

Best Programming & Tech YouTube Channels

Florin is someone that I met probably about a year ago. I was in some group with like a bunch of tech YouTubers and got to meet a ton of them, which was awesome. And this guy just works super hard. He's a pretty young guy too, and he's like 25 or 26. He does a ton of live coding, which I know you guys really enjoy.

And just so much web development as well. I think these 10 JavaScript projects in under 10 hours, right? Like stuff like that, he's all over the free code camp, YouTube channel, and just has a ton of valuable content.

I wanted to give him a shout-out and mentioned them to you guys, because I think you can learn a lot from his channel. And he has a lot of like entertaining content too, where you can watch this guy just go, you know, practice JavaScript projects or tests or whatever they are.

10. Nick White

Best Programming & Tech YouTube Channels

Nick white is actually one of my coworkers at algoexpert. He is also an algorithms instructor. And recently he's kind of turned his channel more into like comedy videos and I'm like programming, satire, and whatnot, but he also has a ton of videos on algorithms and data structures, and just really good explanations on how to solve coding interview problems.

For example, you can see he has a Facebook coding interview. He has an Amazon coding interview question, Google coding, interview question. So on and so forth. A ton of just like algorithm-style videos. He's really good at them. And you can see here he is just look how many lead code videos he has on here. So anyway, there you go.

11. Ben Awad

Best Programming & Tech YouTube Channels

To be honest, this guy is just hilarious. His sarcasm is just super fun to listen to, but he also posts a lot of really educational videos. He has a ton of programming tutorials and he's been on YouTube for a really long time. I remember scrolling through his channel a while ago and seeing just how many tutorials he has.

And he has like over a thousand videos on here. but this guy does a ton of web development-related stuff. He just has some interesting, you know, coding project videos, for example, he made this vs code clubhouse thing.

He made vs code stories, and just a lot of like entertaining, but also super informative and really interesting tack in programming content. So that's why I wanted to mention him on here.

12. Mayuko

Best Programming & Tech YouTube Channels

She is a software engineer. She does more of like lifestyle and like blog-type videos. But these are actually really interesting. A lot of the stuff she talks about is super relatable and it's really geared towards like giving people advice, providing value to the audience. and yeah, that's why like a lot of her content.

So you can see like I realized that hustle culture isn't for me, it's okay to be unproductive best keyboards for programming 20, 21. And yeah, I just enjoy a lot of her content. She has stuff like a day in the life of a software engineer, my computer science degree in 19 minutes, and definitely a channel worth following.

13. Web Dev Simplified

Best Programming & Tech YouTube Channels

Now I believe the guy that runs this, his name is Kyle really cool guy. I actually had the opportunity to meet him as well during this like YouTube meeting kind of thing that we had, but just all kinds of web development tutorials on here. 

As it says in his little banner from no stack to full-stack, super digestible, super high quality, well-edited, and just great videos. There's really not much more for me to say, other than you should give this guy a follow, because if you want to learn web dev is a great place to do it.

14. Coding Train

Best Programming & Tech YouTube Channels

Now, this channel is another one that I watched a ton when I was younger, when I was like 14 or 15, not even to follow along with the kind of tutorials he does, but just to see the awesome stuff, this guy codes outlive. So I'm sure many of you know, this channel, in fact, you probably all know this channel, but he does a ton of just live stream coding as a ton of project videos.

And he posts all the time too. Like this guy has been doing this for years nonstop and just a ton of high-quality content, really entertaining as well as informative, and massive shout out to him.

15. freeCodeCamp

Best Programming & Tech YouTube Channels

This is the largest tutorial channel on earth, from what I know, and this is a free code camp now free code camp is just honestly a leader in the community. They have helped me grow my channel tremendously. They're helping a ton of other small creators, um, Quincy and Bo, who are the two guys that run these really great guys again, I know them pretty well, and I've been able to work with them on a ton of different projects.

And just, this is an amazing channel has projects on literally everything has courses on everything. If you can't find it on free code camp, the chance you're going to find it anywhere else is pretty slim. They have thousands of videos, 3.17 million subscribers. And I don't think I need to talk much more about it. It just really is an awesome channel.

Last words

So with that said, that's going to conclude my 15 favorite software engineering/programming channels. Now, if you're a content creator at there and I didn't mention your channel, please leave a comment down below, prove me wrong. Tell me why you should have been on this list and maybe you'll make a new article and update my favorite channels in the future.

Again, please don't take it seriously, or please don't take any offense. If I didn't mention a specific channel, these are just the ones that I think provide the most value to the audience. At least the ones that I watch and my favorite channels. So if you guys enjoyed it, make sure to leave a comment below and share it with your friends.

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