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7 Best Camera Apps for iPhone!

To fast take, it's been a while but I'm finally happy to be back making a fresh article for you. In this article, I'm gonna be sharing with you guys some of the best camera apps on the iPhone. Specifically, I'm gonna be sharing with top 7 of the best camera apps that are available to you in the app store in 2021. These apps that I'm about to share with you are gonna help you take your photo editing, video editing, as well as photo taking abilities to the next level. These best iOS apps will help you take better Instagram stories, as well as record better videos. Hopefully, you will enjoy this article.

1. Darkroom

Open this up and import your photo. The user interface is super clean and very easy to follow. It says to try the darkroom plus which is the premium version of this app you absolutely don't have to you know buy the premium one. The free version will get the job done the only thing that you'll get on the premium version is the curve editor but I'm going to show you guys another app that has that curve editor which is this one you absolutely don't have to get the premium one. The first menu, at the bottom, will help you crop your photos.

You can rotate it stuff like that you guys get the idea you can change the aspect ratio. You can put a grid and crop it in a better way. A more efficient way pretty straightforward stuff the only thing that I like to use this for is the tilting. I can tilt it, on the y-axis, or on the x-axis. You can also rotate it which is pretty useful. Once you've done that you have multiple different filters. These are all of the free filters that are available to you. If you want to decrease the intensity you can also decrease it by double-tapping on the filter.

Once you're done with that the third menu option has multiple different options that are available to you. You can change the basic stuff like brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks. I mentioned the premium versions which you do not have to get because I'm going to show another better app that will help you adjust the curve. The curve is a super powerful tool, unfortunately, it's not available in this app but I'm going to show the next app which has the curve for free.

And my favorite feature of all and the reason why I use darkroom is because of this feature. You can select a different background color and then you can crop. You can change the aspect ratio to whatever you want. Especially, if I am editing an Instagram story, I like to choose the 9x16 and then change my background color to anything that I like. You have a lot of different colors, adjusting pictures. A lot of different aspect ratios that you can change to and play around with this. But the primary feature that I like to use is this specific feature on this app. So that is pretty much it for the first up.

2. Lightroom

7 Best Camera Apps for iPhone!

Probably most of you are familiar with this app. The primary reason why I use this app is for two things.

1. The curve tool
2. Changing the colors

Open up the lightroom and import your picture. You have the basic stuff such as crop you can rotate it. You can flip it stuff like that very basic stuff. And then you have the light feature. In the exposure contrast, you can obviously pull up the curve for every single feature. You can increase the brightness and decrease it, contrast. But as I mentioned earlier primary reason why I like to use lightroom is because of the color options. You have a lot of different options when it comes to changing your colors.

I can specifically change any color that I like. I can increase the saturation, decrease the luminance. My favorite feature of lightroom you can also do a black and white. You can do color grading. Another feature that I like to use is the curve tool super powerful you use this to increase and decrease the contrast and brightness. The curve tool is much more advanced and it will be much more effective when it comes to restoring some of that light.

Restoring some of the color and the brightness of your photo. I've been using this ever since I've got into photography. Definitely, a really helpful app that you guys can take advantage of when it comes to color grading your photos.

3. Focus

7 Best Camera Apps for iPhone!

One of my favorite apps by far. It is a very simple app. I like to use this app for one thing and one thing only and that's the aperture. Once you upload and go to the aperture menu and then click on focus. You can focus anywhere on the screen to any part of your photo and then once you've done that you can play around with the aperture. You can increase it. Decrease it.

Keep anywhere below 3.5 usually 3.0 or all the way down to 1.8 but be careful with overdoing this because if you overdo it obviously since this is being done in post-production it might not look as good as it was shot on a professional camera. So make sure you keep it anywhere from 3.5 to 2 nothing less than 2 but this is the sweet spot from my experience. It has a lot of different other features which you guys can use you can change the focus color. You can try different effects.

You can try different filters and play around with it but my favorite feature of this app is the aperture. The fact that I can blur out the background, especially, if there's a lot of people in the background.

4. Raw+

7 Best Camera Apps for iPhone!

This is another photo app that helps you take higher better-quality photos. It has a lot of the manual functions of your iPhone which allows you to take better photos because you can really go in-depth and change the shutter speed. You can change the iso. You can change a lot of the different functionalities that are not available in your default camera app. If you want to change the color temperature you guys would go all the way up there you can change to daylight, home, cloudy day, anything like that.

You can also do it manually by going to the bottom of the histogram. You have the focal length change to 26 millimeters 52 millimeters as well as 13 millimeters. You can change the iso if it is too bright you can lower down the iso and if it is too dark you can bump up that iso and really get a better overall photo. You can also change the shutter speed. You can also add a lot of different other settings by going to the settings and add different functionalities.

So overall, really powerful app that really helps you get better photos by changing up the settings manually which is really powerful. It allows you to shoot in raw which is a plus I believe this is one of the best apps on the app store when it comes to shooting raw photos with the manual settings for completely free. Other apps that I tested out, most of them were paid apps. This is the best free app in my opinion so definitely go ahead download it and check it out for yourself.

5. Spark

7 Best Camera Apps for iPhone!

We already talked about four different photo apps. Now this one is a video app that allows you to take better videos. Spark camera is known for being the best vlogging app basically how this app works is super easy. You can take different segments of the video. Let's say you're traveling and you want to capture a lot of the different parts of your travel and then edit it into one video this app really simplifies that. If you want to record something you just hold on to it you can zoom in on stuff.

You can also flip the camera by double-clicking it and once you're done with this you can edit the brightness of your videos. You can add a lot of different text messages and different effects by going down. The only downside is that the effects will require you to have the premium version. You can trim the clips by going to the scissor icon and you can specifically trim down the clips which is really really helpful. And besides that, you can also increase and decrease the volume as well as add voiceover.

If you are a vlogger and you want to add a background voiceover then you can do this by clicking on the microphone icon. Also, you can select any music that you have in your files to add to the background music. So a very straightforward app that allows you to take different segments of video and combine all of them into one video and create your own vlogs for Instagram stories or anything that you might want to do.

So once you're done you can just click save and it will save it in either 720 or 1080p hdr. You can export it without a watermark and it will export it within seconds. So overall really cool app I highly recommend you guys to check it out for those of you who like to record a lot of videos.

6. Unfold

7 Best Camera Apps for iPhone!

This is by far the best Instagram story app. Now Instagram is no longer a photosharing app so creators lean toward video content. Anyways, so If you guys like to use a lot of different templates for your Instagram stories this is the go-to app that I like to use. It has a really clean user interface. Scroll down and check out a bunch of the different templates that you have. Select the template and either take a picture or import it. You can easily create really cool-looking Instagram stories with the collage effect.

You can also change up the text effect. Very easy straightforward app self-explanatory. Definitely take advantage of it if you're someone who likes to take a lot of Instagram stories and customize the aesthetics then this is the go-to app definitely check it out.

7. 1998 cam

7 Best Camera Apps for iPhone!

We have the 1998 cam. Open that up the primary function of this app is being able to use different vintage filters in your photos. My favorite feature is you go to vintage and you can change up the vintage filters. You can add any filter that you would like as well as change the contrast. You can change the bokeh. You can also add lights that give you that retro vintage vibes. This is a really cool vintage retro app that you can use to edit your photos. So overall this app is really good for photos. It's only limited to photos but if you want to edit videos then you can use the retro vintage videos app.


This is the bonus app. You only have three different options when it comes to the filters and you can record videos with retro vintage-looking vibes. Once you're done with recording it, you can also save it. You can change the look even in the post-production as well and once you're done with that you can save it and it will automatically save it to your camera roll. But nonetheless, these are the best top 7 camera apps in 2021 for iPhone devices. Hopefully, you found this article helpful definitely check out some of these apps, and let me know in the comments down below what you guys think.

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