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Top 5 Amazing Photo Editing Apps for iOS

Top 5 Amazing Photo Editing Apps for iOS

So I don't know about you guys but I am definitely one of those guys who like to manually edit their photos. I definitely spent a lot of time post-processing my images. Now if you are someone like me or you're just looking for a photo editing apps for your basic cropping, trimming, and applying for you all that stuff then this article is for you. Today we have a list of the top 5 best photo editing apps for your iOS device that offers tons of features like tuning, adding filters, making collages, and whatnot. I love to share photo editing apps and camera apps that I like to use on my iPhone and my iPad when I'm asking about taking pictures and editing them.

Top 5 Must-have iPhone Photo Editing Apps

1. Lightroom

Top 5 Amazing Photo Editing Apps for iOS

Honestly, when it comes down to editing on your iPhone or iPad, Lightroom is probably the best app that you can get. You know, being able to control exposure highlights, contrast. It's just so well. Honestly, lightroom is probably the best app when it comes down to photo editing on your phone. Being able to control the different colors situations, and being able to bring the picture out to life, enhancing the different blues in the sky. Enhancing the different colors is just honestly super cool. I love Lightroom, and I use it all the time.

So just recently I went on holiday. I took closing those pictures on my camera. I wanted to post them on my Instagram. So I took all the pictures from the camera straight onto my phone on I looked at them and obviously, I knew they could be much better. So I took all the pictures, took them into the lightroom on my phone, enhanced all of the pictures. I was able to post all of those pictures onto Instagram whilst I was on holiday.

Now, if you don't have good editing apps like Lightroom, then it's really difficult to actually take your pictures and edit them on the spot on post. So this is one thing I love about lightroom. Honestly, the features are, I would say, 95% exactly the same as they are on the lightroom app on your computer. So the lightroom is a number one must-have app.

2. Photoshop

Top 5 Amazing Photo Editing Apps for iOS

The number two must-have app for me on the iPhone is photoshop. Obviously, the iPhone photoshop app is nowhere near what photoshop is on a laptop. However, for me personally, when I'm out and about, I love to use photoshop to edit my pictures. So the different filters that photoshop offers, different black and white filters, the different map filters. I love all of them. I use them all the time. Just being able to control different filters Myself and being able to adjust properly. It really helps me edit my pictures, so my taste, my style.

another reason why I use photoshop is being able to add text onto a picture on control it, controls of pasty. Honestly, amazing. And this is me when I'm out and about editing on the go. So I love photoshop.  Obviously, it's nowhere near what it is on the laptop. However, when you're out and about, honestly, the functions that it offers to me. I love all of them. So that's my number two must-have app.

The photoshop app actually allows you to resize your pictures. So let's say you know you need a picture that's only 720 by something. You could do that. If you need a picture that to 1920 by 1080 you can also do that. If you wanna upscale your picture, you can do that on. So if you're editing a picture for a youtube thumbnail or youtube banner and you kind of need different lengths and widths and different sizes, in photoshop, you can. When you're rendering the final image, you can actually change that. And actually, I think you could render you could change the size. I think before you do it as well. Overly playing. So that's the point that I wanted to add.

3. Snapseed

Top 5 Amazing Photo Editing Apps for iOS

Another app that I use all the time is actually called Snapseed. So lightroom and photoshop on their own on the iPhone are actually amazing. I'll take a Snapseed kind of combined some of the features of lightroom in photoshop. However, it does offer a few tiny extra futures that are offered on the other 2 apps. And that's why I use it. So I don't really use the Snapseed for the filters that offer but more so for the tools that offer. So being able to adjust the perspective properly, being able to adjust things like tonal contrast. I think, is absolutely amazing.

If you've taken a portrait picture on your phone and you get it on to Snapseed and you press the portrait button to adjust the different picture settings accordingly to make your portrait much much better. So I think some of the features of the Snapseed offers are absolutely amazing. And combining photoshop, lightroom, Snapseed into your app library will honestly make a fantastic combination of apps that you can use on the go whilst you're editing pictures.


Top 5 Amazing Photo Editing Apps for iOS

Next up we have the VSCO that combines a great photo editing app along with a great camera and a good community. This one is more like filtering-wise. The main reason why this up is on our list is for the amazing collection filters that combine it. Of course, the standard editing tools like adjustments, cropping, borders that said VSCO provides a ton of stunning filters. So if you go and click allow you'll be able to find your own photos and stuff. So within the editing function, you can add a bunch of filters. VSCO does have a lot of cool features.

This is really what this app is known for. You can add whichever one you want filters and levels and stuff. These are soft and settle filters that add a touch of class to your photos compared to many heavy filtered Instagram presets. I like I said the community is there a tool. So if you want to show you great snaps and shots I think you will find VSCO's community much more engaging as compare to Instagram.

5. Layout by Instagram

Top 5 Amazing Photo Editing Apps for iOS

Another app that I use all the time is actually called layout by Instagram. So this app I don't use that much because now Instagram is no longer a photosharing app. However, when I do, it works absolutely fantastic. So what it does is you can take a collection of pictures and put them into one picture and turned into a collage. If you are into making collages and things, I think it's an absolutely great app to have in your collection. You should definitely download it. Me personally. I don't make that many collages, but in case I do, whether it's for me or whether or making it for someone else, I think making a collages layout is probably one of the best apps you can get.

Photoshop Mix

Lastly, I want to add in for you a bonus app which is called photoshop mix. Now, this app essentially lets you do is have some of the features that you can get on the main photoshop application on your laptop.  You have another backdrop and until you take a picture of someone else in a house on you want to change the background from that house to this other backdrop that you've had on this out what you can do is you can cut out that person and place them onto another backdrop or let's say you want to change the background you just want to remove the background. You could do that because you could just cut the person out to get rid of the background.

So it's a really cool, fun app to have. However, it is kind of difficult to actually be able to cut around a picture accurately to make it look as good. It's a bonus app. It's something I don't use that often, but it's something I have used. It's fun to use. I think it's a fun little opt to have and If you guys want to check it out, go and check it out. It's called photoshop mix. It's fun to use. Mess around with it, see if you like it.

So that's about the top 5 amazing photo editing apps for iOS. Tell me down in the comment Whether you like it or not - Whether you would recommend it to someone else.

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