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Instagram No Longer a Photo Sharing App- Try This

Instagram No Longer a Photo Sharing App- Try This

So it looks like Instagram is finally giving up on photos. This was basically inevitable and I saw it coming to a couple of years ago, but it looks like now Instagram is done with photos and it starting to focus on video. If you didn't hear the news the other day, the Head of Instagram basically came out and talked about a lot of the changes that are coming to Instagram. And one of the largest ones coming up is the fact that Instagram is gonna be focusing more on video.

Basically, Instagram is a little hard and kind of behind the times with TikTok and YouTube and everyone else taking all of the video insight, and just growing huge while Instagram is just photos and the Reels and all that stuff aren't doing as well. And obviously, as a photographer myself and seeing the photography community in general, especially wedding photographers, everyone is pretty much overly distraught about Instagram switching to mainly video.

But I wanna let you know personally, the switch to video is actually not so bad. And I think you can leverage it in your photo businesses for the better.  I go through how video helped save my photo business in 2021. And now switching to mainly doing video, I actually am taking less weddings and the weddings I do take, I feel like I get so much more content that I can use for either YouTube and, or Instagram. There's so much you can learn and gain from video. So for photographers, I do not want you all to be scared of it.

So let's talk about a couple of things you all can do to transition to doing a little bit more video content, to go along with their main bread and butter photo content.

1. Embracing video

Just be okay with the fact that you'll be shooting a video, keep in mind for the most part you already have the gear to do it. Most of our cameras nowadays are pretty decent hybrid cameras. I myself shoot with the Fujifilm system. And even since the X-T2, it's been shooting really great videos. And the X-T4 at this point is a perfect hybrid video photo camera. There's also cheaper options like the X-T30 is great for social media video because it's small and then I can just sync all this stuff to my iPad or my phone extremely easily.

So again, be okay with video, be okay with taking short clips. Be okay we're taking little clips that you can use for Reels or B-roll, or have someone use your iPhone to record you doing your work. Just something, be okay with video it's okay. I know the photo is your bread and butter but you will be okay.

2. Have the gear for video

This is obvious, but make sure you have the gear for video. Now again, like I was just saying most photographers at this point, have a camera that can shoot great video.

The reason I lean on Fujifilm so heavily is because the color science is great. No need for color grading at all. I record, go into the final cut, edit it, and boom. So, find a camera that you love the color science and that can shoot pretty decent video. And you're pretty much good to go. Outside of that, get yourself a decent mic.

3. Microphones

Most of all, the road microphones are good to start with, so you don't need anything crazy. And that's it, that's it a good camera, which if you're a photographer you already have and some audio gear, and then you're all good to go.

Now, keep in mind when it comes to audio in my opinion, audio is more important than video.

So you can have a pretty bad-looking video as long as it's not like 360P or something crazy like that. But seven 20 up to 1080P video is great, but the audio has to be on point. If your audio is not on point, people aren't gonna wanna listen and they will move off your video very quickly. So make sure you get a decent mic.

And if y'all wanna see more gear recommendations for video specifically, especially for things like Instagram and YouTube just let me know below in the comments.

4. Sure you show yourself working

I said it earlier, but hand your phone to your second photographer and tell him to take some B-roll of you shooting, the iPhone takes great B-roll footage. I've used it before. You can definitely get what you need to, especially if you're up on like the iPhone 11 or 12, this stuff is looking absolutely amazing out of the iPhone. So there's no reason to not have a B-roll of you working.

If you want something that looks a little better, get a small camera like the X-T30 and have your second photographer take clips of you working. This is something you can do easily. And honestly, I started doing it more often at all of my weddings. Basically, I'll give my second photographer my X-T4, she takes the shoot with one camera so now she has two, and I tell her throughout the day when you have a moment just take some short clips of me doing stuff.

Perfectly, beautiful, usable B-roll that I can use either in videos or promotion on Instagram. And that's the kind of stuff you're gonna wanna get, especially with Instagram switching over to video mainly. 

5. Shoot vertically

Now, when you're shooting your video for Instagram make sure to shoot vertically. Again, Instagram has been on this for a hot minute, and I think I've talked about it before. But basically, Instagram wants you to stay on your phone in the phone, normal orientation. And because of this, you're gonna wanna shoot vertically.

Make sure that you have a tripod that can turn your camera vertically and shoot everything that way.

You can still edit everything the way you normally would and maybe final cut or even on your iPad or iPhone. But make sure you shoot everything vertically so it fits in with Instagram and you know exactly what you're shooting. So you're not cropping and have weird crops in your video. Also, if you to, you can shoot normally and then just crop your stuff into a square that also will work for Instagram as well.

But basically, get used to not being in a 16 by 9 orientation for Instagram.

6. Be genuine

Now, I know it's hard with social media to not just be yourself. But one thing I found in my business over all of this time is being yourself is gonna be the best thing that sells. You may feel like the weird one or the one that sticks out or the one that no one wants to talk to, but just be yourself, it will pay off in the long run. People will notice it and they will love you for you. Don't try too hard to be like, a YouTuber or an Instagram celebrity or any of that sought. Just do you.

You know, like I see so many YouTube videos they're starting they're like, what's up, welcome to the channel and it's like, bro! Just, just be you, you know, like we don't have to yell at the screen to get more views and likes. Do you, show what you like to do, be yourself and your people will find you.

7. Practice makes perfect

Keep in mind that being able to speak in front of the camera takes a long, long time to get used to. It is really weird sitting in a room by yourself with a microphone and a random camera and look at it like, hi, friend, you're my camera and I love talking to you, like just who does that? Nobody does that, and when you first sit down to do it, it will be awkward and weird. And don't use that as an excuse you're like, I'm not good on camera, I'm never gonna do video. It takes practice, it takes time.

And one thing that I've really excelled at over the years is even if it's bad release what you can, nothing will ever be 100% exactly how you like it. Like in all honesty I don't really like my own work, I don't. I'm like 80% cool with my own work. But other than that, there's like 20% that I'm like, uh, my photos should, I just don't like them. There's something about my photos I don't like. And that's just what it is to be creative. So practice makes perfect.

Don't be afraid to try and try and to have it not your best work. Release it, I have come such a long way from old stuff. So don't be afraid to be in front of the camera to be awkward and to work through it over time. So those were a couple of tips to help you out with adjusting to Instagram switching to video mainly. If you'd love to hear more on this topic, please let me know in the comments below and we can get more specific about content like, how to shoot your video, how to edit your videos, how to get more comfortable on camera, all that type of stuff.

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