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Best Free Video Editors for Windows 10

Best Free Video Editors for Windows 10

Video editing has become a very common thing. Many of you want to edit videos for maybe youtube, reels, or short traveling videos, vlogs, and for different reasons. So this will bring to you free softwares for windows 10 which are completely free to use. You can do some basic tasks. And like I'm not talking about some u2 level, but some basic tasks. So I thought that a lot of you guys might also want to know about those radiators that you can use on your Windows machine without paying. So, well, that's what we're going to talk about in this article. And just not for the basics while we're talking about some of the advanced-level video editing apps as well.

So let's start with the very basic and I guess that's most of you would want simple video editing. I mean there's this video meeting that you recorded, you want to edit or there's this online class that you want to send it to your colleagues, friends, or students.

1. Windows 10 built-in video editor

So in that case the best and the safest to use would be the built-in Windows 10 video editor. Yes. Windows 10 has a built-in video editor. But then not many people know about it because it's not a dedicated app like Imovie on Mac, but then it's not at all. Like you can't use it or it's not as good as Imovie. Yes, this particular app is very good and you can use it to edit some basic videos or even photos in your animation, your text, your transitions, everything can be taken care of here and where to use it. You need to go to the Windows photo app and then simply click on the new video option that you see on the top, right inside corner from here, you can start creating a video of your own.

It's not a bad option and honestly, it works just as good as I movie does on mac Os. You can add your own videos, create 3D effects at filters, and whatnot. Now as for exporting, you get three options to choose from in terms of quality. But I guess that would suffice for most of the users out there. Now, this app is very simple to use. It's a built-in video editor. You don't need to download any additional app and I guess for 60% of the users out there, this would do it now. It's very simple to learn. And there are some online tutorials that will teach you about it. You can google.

2. WonderShare Filmora

Best Free Video Editors for Windows 10

This is another free software that you can try is WonderShare Filmora. Now the app is available for android and iOS but the Windows software is the one that has the most features. The interface is simple to use cause its intuitive nature and makes it easy for anyone to make videos. In fact, it's one of the rear Softwares that offers a multi-layered timeline view without making it complicated. You get support for 40 resolutions, the ability to advance keyframing, and even create green-screen effects.

Now, the only drawback here for this particular app is that for the free version you get a watermark when you export your videos. I mean that particular watermark will be there until you pay for the premium version. But then if it's something for your personal use, then you can really use this video with that motor mark as well. But now if you don't want that watermark, the next best option to go would be to put an open-source app.

3. Openshot

Best Free Video Editors for Windows 10

Openshot is another video editor that you can look into. It's actually quite popular and if you haven't given it a shot, make sure that you do. The software offers pretty much what you'd expect from a good and capable video editor without charging you any money for it. The software supports all major audio and video formats have support for Drag and Drop allows you to make 3D titles and effects and similar to WonderShare Filmora. Also offers a multi-track timeline view. Now the interface can feel slightly outdated, but to be honest, that's a trade-off I'm willing to make.

Now before we get to the cream of the article, the last software that you can use, I mean the last software has to be the best. Right. But then the second last that I would really recommend for everybody out here would be kdenlive and it is one of I mean you can think about it as a stepping stone towards the finale.

4. kdenlive

Best Free Video Editors for Windows 10

Now talking about the app, the interface is lackluster, I agree. But apart from that, the future here are absolutely stellar. You get a full-fledged multi-track interface, support for color scopes, proxy maker for fast editing, the ability to keyframe objects, and much more. And before I forget it comes preloaded with Ff MPEG libraries, allowing it to not only read all the formats out there but even render it in the formats and configuration of your liking. And lastly, the app is open source and this is something that I can really recommend for a person like me.

I mean I want things to be free. Open source is really the best bet out there. And for me, the interface can be a little bit tricky. But then if the features are there, it's good to go. And now the best application which you can use for video rating, which is actually free without any issues is Darwin's the result.

5. DaVinci Resolve

Best Free Video Editors for Windows 10

I'm not sure you've heard about it, but it is the best video editor out there. If you're looking for something free. I mean if you don't want to pay a penny, but still want the best out there. Now you can think of resolve as the premiere pro alternative, but for free, I know it sounds crazy, but it is true this software offers everything that you would expect from Premier for absolutely free. It offers the same professional interface with all the advanced editing features. Now, the standard point for the DaVinci's Resolve basically is what made its name. It's the color correction tools on offer here.

They are literally the best in the business and by no means is that an overstatement? In fact, a lot of creators are actually shifting from Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro to DaVinci Resolve. See for another reason, which is that it resolves actually make the best use of all the multi calls and thread of your system, thus resulting in pretty much the best performance. Now, while this application is free, it's loaded with features, but then it's something that not everybody would want.

6. Shotcut

Best Free Video Editors for Windows 10

Shotcut is another good video editing software that offers you different types of features. It's an open-source video editor. Once you go to the dashboard you may feel its interface is a bit old. It supports 4k resolution editing and timeline features. Shotcut is one of the more advanced free editors that you can use to edit your basic to advanced level videos. another good feature of this software is you don't need to import your video into the editor. Also, a great feature is you can export to lossless formats. So in case you are just looking for some basic video editing, I would suggest you to stick to the top three names that I have discussed in this article.

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