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How to Know who Unfollowed you on Instagram

How to Know who Unfollowed you on Instagram

The trend of social media has increased very rapidly in the last few years among people. In which Instagram has emerged the fastest. Today people are using Instagram more than Facebook and Twitter. You can get updates from almost everyone you want on Instagram. Since every actor-actress and sportsman is on Instagram today. You can also popularize yourself on Instagram. The Instagram player wants to have more and more followers and more likes and comments.

Once you get followers, the most important thing is to maintain your followers. So in such a situation, you will definitely want to check that who has unfollowed you. So today I will show you the easiest way of finding out who unfollowed you on Instagram. Because we are not trying to follow anybody that are not trying to follow us back right. So let's go ahead and open up the app.

1. Open the Instagram app and go to the id page

1. Go ahead and go to your Instagram id page as you can see
I have about 35 people that are not following me back but that's okay because we are about to clean the house.

2. Go ahead and click on your following so if you click on any of your following person's id and then click on their following list.

3. And if that person is following you back then your name comes up first or you can search manually in the search bar. If your name does not come up first then that means that they're not following you back so keep that in mind.

How to Know who Unfollowed you on Instagram

4. So with that being said, let's head back to your following and what you're going to do is you're going to scroll all the way down to the very bottom.

Now, most people may not know this but the people at the bottom of your following are the ones who are not following you back. This is why you see people with the blue checkmark at the bottom of your list so I follow like cars pages, group pages celebrity, fan pages. And you know some don't have the blue check and so they're not going to follow me back which I'm fine with that but the regular people who think they famous but are not they about to get unfollowed since they don't want to follow back.

How to Know who Unfollowed you on Instagram

If you are following more people than followers then just unfollow to everyone at the bottom. I don't suggest doing that for two reasons one is because you may go up too far and unfollow the people who are following you back. So you want to click on every page. another reason is, if you won't follow too many people at once Instagram is going to hit you with this.

How to Know who Unfollowed you on Instagram

They're not going to show you who you're following because I guess they think you're a bot or because you're doing spam behavior so I would suggest doing this for about 30 people then take a break and then doing it again.

  • Why do we lose followers on Instagram?

  • Some people are on Instagram for just to gain followers because they think more followers means they are getting famous. first, they will follow you and get follow back from you and one day they will unfollow you to increase their followers not following.
  • Even if you post a controversial post. it is possible that people may unfollow you.
  • You do not interact with people in the comment section.
  • If you do not post quality content then definitely people can unfollow you.
  • You either post too much or too few. 
  • Try to post a post that pleases everyone's heart.

2. Use Third-Party Apps

There are thousands of app developers who make Third-Party Apps. They do not need to connect with the main app. They provide information using your own history and data. Like you can find out your unfollowers through these third-party apps. But these apps are not always secure.

Some apps can steal your data and sell it to any company. Instagram also forbids the use of such apps. but apart from this, there are some secure apps about which I'm going to tell you. By using them, you will be able to find your unfollowers easily.

  • Download the followers-unfollowers application.

How to Know who Unfollowed you on Instagram

This is the best and secure application to track your unfollowers, mutual, follow back, and your all following list.

1. Once you download the application open it up.
2. You need to log in with your Instagram id and password or Facebook account which is connected to Instagram.

It will take some time to load your data and then you can easily track your data. so this was my best for you. How it was and if this app and trick worked for you then share your thoughts in the comment section.

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