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How to Recover deleted WhatsApp messages including media files

How to Recover deleted WhatsApp messages including media files

How it works? we cannot say that it is a bug of Whatsa
pp which allows users to read even the deleted messages. instead, we can call it a feature of the Android system to record notifications. so what you can do is you can install an app that records the notification that your Android device receives. so whenever someone sends you a message on Whatsapp you are going to get a notification on your Android device along with the message that they send.

So when this notification appears on your Android device the app which you have installed is recording everything, every notification, including the notification that you received from WhatsApp. and that notification contains the message that some person has sent you. so later if the same person who sent you that message, deletes that message, you will still be able to read that message because your app which is running in the background is capturing or it's saving that message.

It has already saved that message with itself. so whenever you open that app you will still be able to see the deleted message. so this is how it works so guys and the app doesn't work for you then it has a reason. if this method doesn't work for you then it is probably because your Android device is not allowing that application to record notifications or it is killing that application and it's not allowing that application to run in the background.

So if you're the administrator for your Android device you will still be able to change the settings and you can allow permissions for that app to record the notifications and to run in the background, whenever the Android device is turned on. so if you do these two things then that method is going to work for you for sure unless the Android system removes the feature to record notifications.

I'm going to show you the app which I've found on the Play Store. This app has a nice user interface and it also claims that it can also record or restore the deleted WhatsApp images, videos, voice, notes, and audio files.

Things to consider before installing this app

  • You can only recover the messages that are deleted after installing this app. So if you want to recover some messages that were deleted before installing this app on your android device then it won't work.
  • Make sure to grant permission to the app in the setting.

1. Download Whatsremoved+

1. First of all, open your Play Store and search for an app named Whatsremoved+ and install the app. Once it is installed open it up. On this first screen, you can see how the app looks in the google play store.

2. When you first-time open the app it will ask for you to grant the permissions.

3. You have two options here one is to close the app and the second is to accept so click on the accept option. Once you click on yes it will again ask for permission so again click on ok.

How to Recover deleted WhatsApp messages including media files

3. Now you have options to select the app I just want to recover WhatsApp messages then I only select WhatsApp and then click ok.

4. Now you are on the home screen where you can see this is empty now because you just added WhatsApp here. So if you have any other phone then send message to this number. Once the message is received then delete that message from both phones and then go back to this app and check the chats and messages.

How to Recover deleted WhatsApp messages including media files

2. Use local backup and google drive

You can also recover your deleted messages and other data from your local backup.

1. On your android phone go to the My Files App or option. If you are using an SD memory card then you have to go to the SD memory option. But you don't use sd memory card then you need to go to your internal storage.

2. Scroll down and find the WhatsApp option. Here you can get your weekly data. After one week WhatsApp automatically erases it because WhatsApp creates a backup on your phone on weekly basis.

3. Create your backup on WhatsApp

You can also create your weekly backup using google drive. 

How to Recover deleted WhatsApp messages including media files

  1. Just go to the app and click on the three dots in the upper right corner.
  2. Click on the setting option.
  3. Then click on chats the scroll down and click on chat backup. You will see the google drive setting option.
  4. So click on backup to google drive you have options like daily, weekly, monthly, and never. Select any option according to your need and tap on it.

So that's about how to recover WhatsApp messages including your media files. If you have any questions or difficulties with this then let me know in the comment section and share your thoughts.

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