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How To Book Train ticket using Paytm on mobile

Booking a railway ticket from your mobile phone has become easy. But some of you don't know to book a railway ticket on your mobile phone. Some of you go to the agent and pay extra money to book the train ticket and also you go to the railway station and stand in long rows. If you book a ticket from the station you have to collect information about the train like seat availability, train time and its time-consuming thing. In such a situation, it becomes very difficult to get information about the train. So, collecting information in detail and booking railway tickets on mobile is an easy option for you to save valuable time.

But very few people know about it. There are many apps and websites to book train tickets that you can use to book an online Confirm Ticket on your phone. You can book train tickets through the IRCTC website, IRCTC rail connects mobile application, google pay, PhonePe, and Paytm. So we are going to book a train ticket through the Paytm app.

The use of Paytm mobile wallets has increased rapidly since the demonetization. Paytm itself has confirmed that the use of Paytm has increased more than 400 percent since Notebandi and the company had completed its target 4 months ago.

Now Paytm is also giving you the facility to book train tickets. Although this facility was already started, most people are using this facility due to cashless payment after Notebandi. So, in this article, we are going to learn how to book train tickets through Paytm and what is the procedure for its payment.

How To Book Train ticket using Paytm on mobile

1. Find travel booking and train option

1. First of all, open the Paytm application.

2. On the home page scroll down a little bit and click on the travel bookings option.

3. So click on the train option. It will take you to another page where you can see options in the upper bar flights, buses, and trains so click on the train option.

4. Here, you can check PNR, and train status. And then click on book tickets.

How To Book Train ticket using Paytm on mobile

2. Search trains, book the class, and provide IRCTC id

Once you click on the book trains. now you have to choose your destination.

1. So click on by station and select your traveling city and then select your destination. Like I want to travel from Delhi to Patna Jn.

2. Once you select your destination click on dates and select your traveling date and then click on search trains.

On the second page, you can see the train list, time, and schedule.

3. Choose train according to your need and then select your class like ac, sleeper and click on it. Once you click on the class, you can see available dates.

4. Choose your convenient traveling date and click on the book option.

5. Once you click on the book option you have to provide your IRCTC id and click on proceed and if you don't have an ID, click on don't have IRCTC user ID to make a new one. 

How To Book Train ticket using Paytm on mobile

3.  Add passengers and fill in their details carefully

Here, you have to choose your gender, full name, age, and berth
preference. if one of your family members or friends who are going to travel with you then you can also add them.

1. Scroll down, you can add passengers. Options are available for both adults and children. If you have a GST number then you can add it.

2. Scroll down, and then provide your mobile number and email id.

3. Provide your destination address where you are visiting.

How To Book Train ticket using Paytm on mobile

4. Book and proceed to pay

1. On the same page, scroll down and if you want to take IRCTC accident insurance click on it then click on I agree to the cancellation and refund policy.

2. Once check all information carefully that you just provided above and click on proceed to book.

3. Click on I remember my IRCTC password if you remember your password. If not remember then click > on I don't remember my IRCTC password.

4. Once you ok with this click on continue booking. It will take to you another page.

Here you can see your train details. Traveler information, name, and age. Your traveling fare.

5. Once check all details if it's correct then click on proceed to pay.

How To Book Train ticket using Paytm on mobile

5. Select a payment method and submit the OTP

1. Once you click on proceed to pay select your convenient payment method. like I select a debit card.

2. Enter CVV and then click on pay. Then you will receive an OTP to your mobile number just enter the opt and click on the submit option.

Congrats! You have booked your ticket successfully.

How To Book Train ticket using Paytm on mobile


It is very easy to book train tickets through Paytm as compared to other booking websites or applications. Once you book the train ticket you will receive a confirmation message with all details on your mobile number and email id. You can use this message or email while traveling. Also, remember to keep one of these documents with you while traveling like Adhar card, voter id, driving license, passport, nationalize bank passbook with a photo, or student identity card with a photo. So that's about how to book train tickets using Paytm on mobile. I hope you understood all the processes. If you have any difficulties or questions let me know in the comment section below.

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