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How to Book Railway Ticket Online on Mobile

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India has one of the world's largest railway networks carrying millions of passengers every day. Except for the general class, you need a reservation for all classes to travel on the Indian railway.

Two ways to reserve a train ticket.

1. e-ticket is the online booking option where you can make online advance reservations through the IRCTC website or application.

2. You can book a ticket physically through the Indian railways booking counter at the railway station or through the travel agency.

3. Visit the nearest railway station and get the reservation form.

4. Fill in all the details including name, age, gender, etc. Check all details carefully, if done return it to the booking counter and pay ticket money. You will receive your ticket with the PNR number. Done.

So, we are going to learn how to book a ticket through the IRCTC rail connect app which is launched by the Indian railway catering and tourism corporation that lets you book train tickets online through their mobile application. This application mostly supports GPRS/browser-based mobile phones.

How to Create IRCTC New Account and Book Train Ticket Online on Mobile anytime, anywhere.

1. Download and install the application.

1. First of all, go to the google play store and search for IRCTC rail connect app > download it and install.

2. Now you will see an alert page just > click on ok.

3. Now you will see the app interface and home page > click on the plan my journey.

How to Book Railway Ticket Online on Mobile

2. Select your destination

You have two options here,  ''FROM'' is for where you start your journey, and ''TO'' is for where you end.

1. So click on 1 From and select your city by typing your city name in the search bar it will show you destinations like I select Lucknow.

2. After that click on ''TO''  And select the city where you want to go like new Delhi select it.

3. You have an option for the calendar to select your journey date also you have an option for ''Divyaang concession''  for the handicap.

4. Once you choose the city, date, and Divyaang concession option if you are handicap > click on search trains.

How to Book Railway Ticket Online on Mobile

3. Select tarin and class

You can see the three columns train list, their running schedule, and reaching time.

1. Click on any train according to your destination.

2. Once you click you will see a pop-up where you have to select your class like first ac, second ac, third ac, or sleeper class. I selected the sleeper class (SPL).

How to Book Railway Ticket Online on Mobile

4. Check availability and select date

Now you can see available dates here.

1. So click on available dates and then click on login and book now. you can see your ticket charge and breakup here.

How to Book Railway Ticket Online on Mobile

5. Give the user id and password or create a new one.

If you have a user id and password, just enter, and log in. but if you don't have one to create a new one.

1. Click on register user.

How to Book Railway Ticket Online on Mobile

2. Give your mobile number, email id and create your unique user name.

3. Create a password using upper case letters like ''SANDY'' and lowercase letters like ''sandy'' And also use numbers. for example ''SANdy1234''.

4. Enter the same password again to confirm.

5. Then your name, father name, and surname. Select date of birth, gender, nationality India.

6. Security question if you forgot the password in the future select any question and give a security answer.

7. Your occupation, business, job, and your marital status married or unmarried, and then click on next.

8. Fill in your permanent resident address, street, area, select county India, pin code, select your city, state, post office, and phone number.

9. Click ok on the ''copy residence address to office address'' option and click on next.

6. Fill in the captcha and log in.

How to Book Railway Ticket Online on Mobile

Now you will get a confirmation message with your user-id.

1. Note the user id and click on ok.

2. Now fill in that user id and password and fill the captcha like ''9HLn'' click on the login option.

3. Now will get an OTP on your mobile number and email id just enter and click on verify the user.

Congrats! user verification is successful click on ok.

7. Create a pin, select train, and book now.

Now you have to create a pin to log in to this app again.

1. Just create your favorite and rememberable pin and click on submit then click on ok.

2. Select the train, for example, sleeper class (SL) > select date > and click on book now > then click I agree and then click on ok.

How to Book Railway Ticket Online on Mobile

8. Add members.

Now you can add other family members or friends who want to travel with you.

1. Click on add new and type your member's name, age, gender, birth preference, and nationality. Click on add passenger. Now you can see one passenger is added. you can add more members like this.

2. Just again click on the add new option fill in their info like name, age, and click on add passenger.

How to Book Railway Ticket Online on Mobile

9. Submit the passenger's address

We have added a total of two members. 

1. Now fill in the passenger's address, scroll down, and select payment method, and click on review journey detail.

2. Read and fill the captcha and then click on proceed to pay.

How to Book Railway Ticket Online on Mobile

10. Make payment

Click on ok and select payment method. You can select a wallet or select multiple payment options. You have a lot of options for making the payment like google pay, Phonepe, Paytm, credit card, debit card.

1. Just select your convenient method and click on pay now.

How to Book Railway Ticket Online on Mobile

11. Save your ticket information.

How to Book Railway Ticket Online on Mobile

1. Now enter your debit card details.

2. Fill the OTP and click on submit.

Once you have done this, you will get your transaction id, PNR number, your class, seat number. You can also verify your ticket through a QR code.

3. Click on save ticket and save it to your mobile phone. you can also capture screenshots.

Now you have booked your train ticket successfully.

Once you book the ticket, you will get a reservation message on your mobile number and email id with complete details of the ticket like;

  1. Train number
  2. PNR
  3. Date of travel
  4. Class, etc...

This message is enough. You do not need to print out the ticket. you can show this message while you traveling.

While traveling, also remember to keep with you any of these id cards and documents for safety.

  1. Adhar card
  2. Voter Photo identity card
  3. Pan card
  4. Passport
  5. Driving license
  6. Student identity card with photographs
  7. A credit card with a laminated photograph
  8. Nationalized bank passbook with photographs
  9. Photo identity cards having a serial number
  10. Central/state government-issued Photo Identity cards.
I hope it helped you to understand all processes on how to book train tickets online on mobile. If you have any difficulties or questions let me know in the comment section below. I'll try my best.

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