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How to Buy Used or Refurbished iPhone?

How to Buy Used or Refurbished iPhone?

iPhone is a great device and many of us want one but they are not pocket-friendly and that's why buying a refurbished or used iPhone can be a great deal. But wait a minute. I have one question is refurbished or used iPhone reliable?

10 Things Must Check Before Buying a Used iPhone

1. Check for the iPhone Activation Lock

Every iPhone comes with an activation lock which is a tab protection system to prevent wiping your iPhone. When buying a used iPhone it's very important to make sure that the activation lock is disabled.

1. Navigate to Settings General.

2. Scroll down and select Reset.

3. Now Select it is all content and settings.

If you are asked for the previous owner's Apple ID and password it's still a link to their account in this situation as the seller to unlink it or simply don't buy that device.

2. Check for a device warranty

By checking this you will get to know the iPhone's valid purchase date and registration date. And if the device is under warranty or not.

1. To check that you need to copy the iPhone serial number.

2. Navigate to Settings.

3. General > select about and right from here.

4. Tap and hold the serial number to copy it.

5. Now open a website check coverage on Apple.com paste the serial number to check the details.

3. Checking for the stolen iPhone list

1. To check that you will require to copy the IMEI number of the iPhone.

2. you can find it under Settings > General > About.
3. Scroll down a little bit and tap and hold to copy the IMEI number. 4. Now open website Stolenphonechecker org.

5. Enter the IMEI number to check for the stolen device.

If everything is good then please don't buy the iPhone quickly. I know you are excited to use iPhone but buddy let me tell you a few more texts can be your money saver.

4. Check for the carrier lock

I received so many messages on my Instagram account asking how to unlock the iPhone carrier log just because they bought an iPhone without checking all this stuff and wasted their money. But you don't have.

To check that,
1. Insert an active SIM card in iPhone and try to make a call. If the call connects then that device is not a carrier log and it passes one more check from our list. Yes, it passes one more check and a few more to go.

5. Check for the clone device

Today in the market especially in the Chinese market is flooded within a clone of the iPhones. They look like the original one has the same theme as iOS and one can be fooled with such a finely decorated Android device. Yes, you heard that right. They are Android devices.

1. To find if the device is original or cloned simply open the App Store on that device.

2. If it's open up Google Play Store or some other app then it's not a genuine iPhone and you should not buy it.

Now you have made sure that the device is not the Android one and runs on iOS. If that's so then I would like to share one piece of advice over here. Advice for not to buy iPhone 6 or S series iPhone model because iPhone 6 models do not support iOS14 and iPhone 6S series will not support upcoming versions of iOS like 15 or later. And in that case, this is not a good option to buy such devices. Right?

So these were all the software stuff to check but what about hardware? What to check? The first in the hardware Department like stretches on the iPhone or some other stuff.

Okay here is some serious stuff to check:-

6. Water damage

Fortunately, Apple has a built-in liquid contact indicator on all iPhones which makes it easy to check for liquid damage for iPhone 5 And above. This is located inside the same card slot. Remove the same card tray and if you see a red sport or a stripe inside this indicates water damage. Apple does not count such water damage iPhone under warranty and it's always a wise decision not to buy such devices.

7. Face ID or Touch ID

Many iPhone users complain that Touch ID or Face ID is not working on iPhone after getting their device repaired or buying a used one. This is a very common issue I found in a used iPhone so make sure to check it thoroughly. Set up your Face ID or Touch ID on that iPhone and try to unlock it. If it works then the device has passed one more check from our list.

8. Check for battery life

We usually found this issue on the used iPhone that battery health is not up to the Mark and as a result, it has less battery life. And you may require to charge that device twice or thrice a day. And in that case, you will use your wireless smartphone as a wired telephone. You don't want to use it like that right?

So if you don't want to then make sure iPhone battery health is a minimum of 70 % for a 3-year-old iPhone 80 % minimum battery health on 2 years old iPhone and 90 % minimum battery health on a one-year-old iPhone. And if iPhone battery health is less than 60 % then my advice is not to buy the device at any cost. Just like a battery.

9. Storage capacity

Buying an iPhone with less than 64GB will not be a great pick. As I mentioned earlier the iOS updates on the iPhone are one of the important factors to check and future iOS updates will require more space on the device. So make sure you buy an iPhone minimum of 64 GB storage. And that's my personal recommendation.

10. Check the box content

We all know this day. Apple does not include a charger break in the box and selling it separately. And that too at Apple's luxurious price. So while buying a used iPhone at an affordable rate and that too without box content like Lightning cable, charging adapter, and earphone will not be a nice pick. This will require spending a few Bucks extra to buy those box content. So check the box content before you buy it.

And with this last piece of advice, we have reached the end of this article. I hope you found all my advice is useful and help you to check the stuff thoroughly while buying a used device. If you have any advice to share then do share them in the comments down below. I also request you to share this article with your family and friends if they are in plan to buy a used iPhone.

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