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iMessage Waiting For Activation? Here's The Fix!

iMessage Waiting For Activation? Here's The Fix!

We're going to explain what to do when your iPhone says iMessage is waiting for activation. Before we dive into a couple of things you should know iMessage can take up to 24 hours to activate according to Apple. Sometimes to deal with a bit of a patient here and just waited it out.

You have to be connected to cellular data or WiFi before you can activate iMessage. So make sure those are turned on. That's actually one of our first steps. But before we do that I think to do is check Apple's system status page and make sure there's a green dot next to iMessage. If there's not a green dot next iMessage there's probably an issue on Apple's end and that's why iMessage is waiting for activation. You just check Apple servers. Everything is fine.

1. Turns iMessage off and back on

The first thing you should do now turns iMessage off and back on to the title that switches to see if that makes a difference. 

1. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone and then scroll down to Messages.

2. And right now I have iMessage off on my iPhone so I'll tap the switch to the right of that to turn it on. It says waiting for activation. You're probably stuck here.

And even though iMessage is working properly on my iPhone you can see that it does not activate immediately.

Usually, iMessage will activate after just a few minutes. It won't take the full hours although that can be the case. So you kind of have to wait it out. But if this isn't activating immediately or after at least minutes there might be a problem. So keep going through these troubleshooting steps because waiting might not be enough to fix it.

2. Connect to WiFi or cellular data

Make sure you're connected to WiFi or cellular data you need one to activate iMessage.

1. So Let's go into the Settings app and check WiFi. Check cellular data.

2. Tap back in the upper left-hand corner to Settings in the Settings app and I'll scroll up to the top two WiFi tap on that and then I'm going to tap the green switch on the right side of Wi-Fi to turn off WiFi.

And that's going to force my iPhone to connect to sell your data. If you're having a problem with this go back to the Messages app turn off iMessage and then turn it back on again. Wait several minutes. See if that fixes the problem. It only needs to activate one time. So even if it was spotty or it wasn't working on WiFi at home this might fix the problem permanently.

So I'm gonna turn the WiFi back on. And if you weren't on WiFi and you're having this problem go to McDonald's or Starbucks or anywhere where there's free WiFi. Go somewhere where there's WiFi and connected the WiFi network and then try to activate iMessage. And that could also fix the problem.

3. Turn Airplane mode on and back off again

To toggle the switch real quick when you turn Airplane mode on your iPhone disconnects from cellular networks and this could just give it a chance to fresh connection to your cellular network when you turn Airplane mode back off. This is akin to the old unplug it and plug it back in Trick.

Tap back to settings in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. Tap the green switch next to Airplane mode enabling the airplane model and your phone call.

4. Time and date setting

It's making sure that your date and time zone or set up correctly if they're not set up correctly iMessage might not activate. Indeed. So to check your date and time.

1. So settings come on down to general and then go down to date and time and tap on that.

2. And right now I have set automatically turned on just toggle set automatically off and back on again and make sure that your correct time zone is listed underneath. Set automatically and try to turn it on iMessage again and hopefully, it activates.

5. Restart your iPhone

Maybe there's a wider software problem on your iPhone that's preventing iMessage from activating. Restarting it can fix minor software bugs and hopefully fix the problem you're experiencing on your iPhone.

1. Tap back in the upper left-hand corner to go back to the main General menu.

2. Go all the way to the bottom and tap shut down.

3. That's going to turn off your iPhone then press and hold the Power button on the side from the top.

It's an older phone until the Apple logo appears on the screen. You know how to turn your phone. Turn it back on again. sure it works. You turn it back on. IMessage still won't activate.

6. Check for an iOS update

Apple regularly releases these to patch up any bugs. Maybe they fix the problem with iMessage and now you need to update your phone and is to activate it.

1. Scroll to the top of General.

2. Tap on software update. And if a software update is available like it is on my phone you can tap download and install your iPhone will reboot. Hopefully, iMessage will activate that'll fix the problem.

7. Sign out and back into your Apple ID

iMessage is linked to your Apple ID on your iPhone so signing out and signing back in can fix a minor account issue.

1. To sign out of your Apple ID and sign back in just tap back in the upper left-hand corner of the screen to go to the Main Settings menu and Scroll all the way to the top to where it says your name and tap on your name.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap sign out.

You'll sign out of your account. Then it'll ask you to sign back in. Just enter your Apple ID and password which hopefully now and hopefully that'll fix the problem with iMessage.

8. Check for a Carrier Settings Update

These are released by your carrier to improve your phone's connection to their cellular network. Usually when it's Carrier Settings Update is available you go pop-up on your screen saying your Settings Update but you can manually check for one in the Settings app by going to General about right. And most people have a lot of people that I know. Anyway, when they see that little pop up they don't know what it is they just hit, No. there's nothing to be afraid of with these updates ever.

1. So tap back in the upper left-hand corner to go back to the Main Settings menu and then scroll down to General.

2. Tap on General then tap about at the top and wait here. 

Unfortunately, there's no check for Carrier Settings Update button given about 10 seconds, and it pop-ups ones available. Nothing pops up. It's not available. That's it.

9. Reset Network settings

This is the final software troubleshooting step. This resets all of your WiFi, cellular, VPN, and Bluetooth settings back to factory default. So write down your WiFi passwords. You'll have to reconnect your Bluetooth devices which is kind of a pain but it can fix a deeper software problem.

1. So I'm going to tap back to General.

2. Scroll all the way to the bottom tap on reset.

3. Tap Reset Network Settings.

4. Ask you for your passcode. You want that your iphone will reboot and then you'll have to reenter your WiFi password. But this can get things unstuck at a deeper level.

10. Contact Apple or your wireless carrier

If that doesn't work well I guess it's time to contact Apple or your wireless carrier. If iMessage was working fine before in the Apple system servers say that message is working fine. Try contacting your carrier. Maybe there is a disruption in your cell phone plan. Otherwise, you can reach out to Apple support and you've got great chat support, phone support, Super easy to get help from Apple.

And this problem occurs right when I was working at the Apple Store. This was a frustrating problem because it wasn't something that we can solve in the store immediately all the time. Apple stores themselves don't have a reset or hook-up iMessage button. It's much deeper than that to corporate so I highly recommend using Apple's chat or phone support to try to fix this problem.

Because if you go to the store and spend all that time really all that's going to happen is they're going to file a report and then they will escalate it to tier two or whatever it was called. And then they will have to fix the problem and then you have to go home.

And if you don't have a resolution so just call use the chat. Don't go into the store for this one. They can't fix it. That's what to do when iMessage is waiting for activation on your iPhone. Leave us a comment down below if any other questions. 

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