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WhatsApp vs Signal App - Which One to Use?

WhatsApp vs Signal App - Which One to Use?

Elon Musk tweeted use signals. But why? Just because they use the tagline say Hello to Privacy do they really mean it? Why the Signal app is more secure and getting more popularity and why we are comparing it with WhatsApp?

Privacy policy

This day is WhatsApp Privacy policy is in the news stating that it will use our personal data and sharing it with Facebook and other third-party promoters. This is insane and why they want to do it. I guess this is purely business. So read out the lines from the Signals messaging app Privacy policy. The Signal does not sell, rent, or monetize your personal data or content in any way ever. It means this is the most secure app and not using and sharing your personal information. This is great.

And being an Apple fan I love Privacy. They say share without insecurity. It offers end-to-end encryption powered by the open-source signal protocol that keeps your conversation secure. Signal can't read your messages or listen to your calls and no one else can either. In this app Privacy isn't an optional mode is just the way that it works. Every message, every call, and every time your conversation is 100% secure.

No ads & No trackers

They have no ads, no trackers, and of course no kidding policy. There are no ads, and no affiliate, market deals, and no creepy tracking in the Signal messaging app so you can focus on sharing the moments that matter with the people who matter to you.

Let's dig in more about the Privacy this app offers.

Just like WhatsApp, it offers to enable or disable read receipts. But what attracts me the most is typing indicator. We can simply toggle off this and the recipient will not know how many times I have to type I love you, I like you, or I love to ask you for a date and can you be my Valentine and erased all these messages and ended up with how are you?

Okay, don't get personal as we are talking about Privacy. I like the calling Privacy as we can allow or disallow the signal server not to reveal our IP address. Again Let's don't get personal as we are talking about the Privacy high like the calling Privacy as we can allow or disallow the signal server not to reveal our IP address. Also whenever I make calls on WhatsApp it appears in my recent call logs but with Signal now I can hide my call history by simply toggling the feature.

Screen security feature

Definitely. I wanted to have this feature as I do have a few private calls sometimes. Another great feature that will not only help me to keep my personal information secure but will also help me to hide what I'm exactly doing with the Signal app. Yes, I'm talking about the screen security feature of this app. Usually, whenever we open this app switcher it displays the last screen we left while using the app. But turning on this feature will hide the screen in the app's feature.

One more feature which is disabling message requests from an unknown person simply toggle this on an app will make sure not to disturb by unwanted messages.

Disappearing messages

One more feature that I love the most and is disappearing messages. When enabled messages sent and received in a chat will disappear after it's seen. I know, WhatsApp is also offering this feature but let me tell you it has recently added this feature and according to my knowledge Signal has this feature for a very long time.

What's common between these two apps that will love the most?

From WhatsApp and can't live without end to an encryption conversation, Voice and video calls, group chat, group calls, and location which is again encrypted in the Signal app. Voice messages, stare files, and disappearing messages that I have just talk about.

What will you miss if you switch to the Signal app?

1. First of all, not all your contexts are using a Signal app so you will find some difficulties getting into the comfort zone.

2. Another favorite or star message but again you can search within the chat.

3. Fewer sticker options compared to the huge sticker library in WhatsApp and the payment system like WhatsApp pay.

Why you should switch to signals?

The signal isn't an independent non-profit app and they are not tied to any major tech companies and they can never be acquired by one either. Which adds relief that companies like Facebook cannot buy it and our Privacy. Amazing right? I know we are addicted to WhatsApp and many of our contexts are not using the Signal app.

But Hey this is the best time to switch and secure our personal information and we don't know how many of my or your context have started using it. So if you are not addicted to all these features then you can simply switch to Signal and don't let someone dig into your Privacy again.

I know we are addicted to WhatsApp but we have to rehabilitate ourselves from this addiction right? So tell me have you find the Signal Messaging app better and the perfect fit for your messaging needs? Do share with me in the comments down below. I love to read and reply to them all.

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