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Why You Should Not Become a Graphic Designer?

Why You Should Not Become a Graphic Designer?

I'm a professional graphic designer. And prior to that, I got my bachelor's and my Masters's degree in graphic design. And I saw some characteristics instance some students and also some people who are not in the industry in general. And I just wanted to let you know some of the opposite things that they're doing to indicate that you should not be a graphic designer.

Are you allergic to hard work?

That is the main question. This is not a career where you get a set of simple skills and that's all you need to know for the rest of your career. I am learning every single day. The great designers in the industry are learning every single day. New skills, new design styles, new techniques, new ways of working with clients. They're bettering themselves each and every day. Since graduating I've picked up Cody.

I've learned how to do WordPress web design. I've learned about Adobe's after-effects of Adobe some pro. I've leveled up my skills with an InDesign illustrator and Photoshop and that is just in the past couple of years since graduated. So this is an industry that if you like to learn if you like to be a forever student you're in the right spot.

Are you impatient?

You must be a master of patients when it comes to graphic design. There's going to be times when ideas are hard to come by and you have to press through those difficult times. Just be patient. As you're sketching, as you're researching, as you're asking questions to your client. you're really trying to drum up what your client really wants in their design piece? What they're really looking for within that logo or that brochure or that website?

You need to have a strong level of patients not only with your clients but also with the progress. As you're learning to develop new skills you're going to have to have the patience to learn the programs. I've seen some of my friends get Super angry at the most simple things. The design that I just understand takes time. So you need to maximize our patients. If you don't have patience graphic design may not be for you.

If you're thinking I love to grow I love to learn anything on the patient. Then maybe graphic design is in fact right for you.

Are you good with technology?

Are you resourceful? Do you know how to fix and problem solve that's one of the biggest things that I've come to in the graphic designer is you're constantly called upon to be a problem solver. Some simple things like how to activate your Adobe Trader Cloud subscription or how to learning new skills in Photoshop. A lot of people will come to me and they'll say Hey I'm trying to do this within Photoshop. How do I do it?

And a lot of times I say I don't know but what I do is I get on the Internet, I start Googling things, I start researching, I start problem-solving. Before I know it I can teach them a new skill that I literally learned right in front of them. My point in saying that is you need to be a problem solver not only in the creative aspect but also in the technology and applications aspects. You need to not be lazy in learning how to do new things. Learning how to resolve issues.

Creative to Push your Own Agenda

If you struggle with this and that is you're here as a creative to push your own agenda. You don't care what the client is interested in. You don't care what they're saying or what kind of look they're going for. You know what's best. You got to look you're the creative and you're going to tell them exactly how it needs to be. That is a wrong approach. If you're interested in being a graphic designer.

If you have a creative agenda to push become an artist that is perfectly acceptable to push your art and to grow as an artist and to do your thing. But if you're going to be a designer your lead role is to help clients solve their problems.

The best designer in the world knows how to take the idea of another and bring it to life. That's why you're hired. They have an idea, they have a vision, and they don't know how to bring its pass onto a digital website or print format. So as a graphic designer you need to be able to pull ideas out of people and bring them to life. That's going to be the number one skill. That's where you're going to find the most success.

Michael Baro talks about this. He says I'm not a great graphic designer because I have all these amazing ideas. He says When I show up to a client meeting I have realistic expectations. In fact, I am praying that they give me some sort of idea. So I have a stepping-off point for this design piece and that is the key to being a great graphic designer.

Show up with no expectations listen to the client and deliver what they are looking for. If you can bring the vision from their head out into the world. We've been extremely successful. Well, there you go.

There's 4 reasons to not become a graphic designer. The positive spins, some negative spins. And I hope this has helped you start to understand more and more industry. And if it's a right fit for you.

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