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Why Does My Cell Phone Have Bad Service?

Why Does My Cell Phone Have Bad Service?

We're going to explain why your cell phone has bad service. And there are a lot of reasons why this can happen.

7 Reasons Your Cell Phone Have Bad Service

1. Network congestion

This is especially common in urban areas. Maybe you are in rush hour traffic maybe you're at a sporting event nerds tens of thousands of people all trying to connect to the same cell tower at the same time. And it can really slow you down because everyone's trying to get to that same cell tower and there's just not enough room for everyone.

And that's why you see cell phone towers so closely together in urban areas because each tower has a pretty limited capacity compared to the number of devices that are coming out. And that's part of the reason for the push behind 5G is that 5G devices. The towers can connect to a whole lot more devices than 4G towers can. Usually, the 4G towers are limited by the number of devices that connect them not by the range that they can transmit a signal across.

2. Metal or concrete roofs or walls can also interfere with your cell phone coverage

Certainly, building materials interfere with cell signals metal roofs thick concrete walls. This is more common in office buildings than maybe your home. But just be wary of that. If you just remodeled your house put a metal roof on the top your cell signal might not be so great. Especially sometimes these new EMF paints certain paints. People are concerned about getting fried by 5G signals. Well if that's going to cut down your service but that's probably not why you're having the problem.

3. People who live in rural areas

Carriers just simply haven't invested a lot in infrastructure in these rural areas because there are fewer people there. And unfortunately, they're kind of leaving these rural areas behind on  4G to push for 5G. You're kind of out of luck now. And it's unfortunate. It's not like 5Gs going to fix their coverage issues but there's kind of thing it will just keep ignoring those people.

4. Mountains and forks

The natural landscape can actually interfere with your cell signal. For instance, I live in the Adirondacks. There are a ton of mountains around me. I actually had to leave Sprint because my service was so bad. I switched to Verizon. My service is better now. And our friends at SureCall actually sent me one of these signal boosters. And I was surprised that my signal actually improved after I set this up.

And I mean it is because there are so many mountains around. There's also a lot of forests and tall trees. And if you live in a mountain range large for sometimes that signal just simply can't get past the natural objects in its way. It does not go through mountains. Unfortunately not yet. Not yet.

Finally, your phone case might be interfering with your signal. Thick cases and metal cases. I don't know how common metal cases are these days but that can interfere with your signal. You can see some weird stuff on Amazon. They won't sell cases that will interfere with your signal in the Apple store. But on Amazon and I'll express some of these cell phone cases that even people would design in the US with a metal case. It's really beautiful.

I might actually cut down on your service before you decide that you need a new phone or need to move. Definitely take your phone another case and try to make a phone call because that could solve any number of problems.

5. Software problem

Another common reason for Port service or no service is just a software problem with your cell phone. There are a variety of different fixes for this. We can't really pin down your exact problem right now. A lot of times it's just a matter of resetting network settings. Same process on an Android. You have an Android phone. You can reset the network settings there.

6. Hardware problem

Did you just drop your iPhone in a Lake that would cut down the signal? Drop it on the concrete sidewalk. If that antenna is damaged and it can't send or receive these cell signals you mean you're not going to have a good signal.

7. Cell phone plan

Maybe you have a cell phone plan. The high-speed data cap. We have the prepaid plan Verizon 6 gigabytes. After that 6 gigabytes, our service gets slowed down. Our data speeds are like 2G Super slow. So maybe you just want to double-check your cell phone plan to make sure that you don't get throttled or you didn't forget to pay a bill or something and something went funky with that carrier sometimes can just reset those types of things. Billing Issues fix all sorts of problems with cell phones. 

And if you have bad service right now and you want to try to get improved you might benefit from a cell phone Signal Booster. So those are the common reasons why your cell phone might have bad service. Leave us a comment down below with any other questions.

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