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Is a Graphic Design Degree Useless or Worth it?

Is a Graphic Design Degree Useless or Worth it?

Today specifically talking about graphic design. Besides learning Adobe Creative Cloud Photoshop and design illustrator learning and graphic design fundamentals.

Are there any exterior or ulterior benefits to that degree?

Is it worth the 30 to 40 dollars that you're going to invest in order to become a graphic design or a bachelor's in graphic design?

So really the answer is Yes. Because it helps you see problems from multiple angles. And I say this in the fact that if you're willing to invest yourself if you're willing to go all-in, in your graphic design education.

Now if you're just going to college like party and have a good time and maybe learn a few design schools on the way don't waste your money. Don't go. You're going to learn Photoshop and design an illustrator. And that'll be all fun. But you're not going to get the depth and the brevity of the graphic design degree. If you don't focus on learning those key fundamentals those key principles and then realize that you can apply those to other experiences in other job situations in your life.

So if you're a masterful problem solver you're going to be able to go into business situations and help them develop strategies and plans. You're going to be able to go into marketing into advertising. You're going to have this strong business sense because you understand solving problems.

Now if you want to really dive in and go deeper with that business sense I recommend going in for a minor in marketing and advertising and business management. That way you complement those graphic design problem-solving skills with some strong business understanding because there's a lot of things in business especially in today's world of entrepreneurship that you need to know.

That way you don't make mistakes with your vision. What I mean by that is say you have a really awesome problem-solving idea but it doesn't match some of the fundamentals of business and some of the important concepts then you're going to mess up.

So if you compliment your graphic design degree with a minor in marketing, advertising, business management etcetera you're going to maximize the ability for that degree to give you great opportunities. Yes, there are ulterior benefits to a graphic design degree in College especially if you're somebody who needs structure and means timelines, needs goals to get the degree that you're looking to aim for.

Now if you're somebody who's very self-motivated a lot of the skills can be learned online. A lot of them can be learned through online courses through YouTube videos and things along those lines. If you're really looking to get a deep immersion a graphic design degree is fantastic. I have my bachelor's and my Masters's degree in graphic design and they have been extremely beneficial to me through the years in my graphic design career.

So that's just a little bit of perspective on the benefits of a graphic design degree just outside of the core learning Photoshop illustrator and in design. If you have any questions or you want to invest in this article comment below and give your insights tell me a little bit about what you think about a graphic design degree if there's benefits to it etcetera.

I want to hear people from the field talking back on their experiences and just giving us all some insight and some help especially for those who want to become graphic designers and are interested in a degree in graphic design. 

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