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What Does a Graphic Designer Do?

What Does a Graphic Designer Do?

I mean do we just leave sitting and play with colors all day? Well, you're going to find out in just a moment. I'm going to talk a little bit through my day and a designer and to come in the future I'm going to have a date in the life of a graphic designer. I'm going to take you around from when I wake up to my drive-in and talking about really what a graphic designer does in my daily life here at the office.

What is the graphic designer do?

Graphic designers are people who arrange images, text, illustration, space, lines, put all those things together to create a visual composition. And the reason for the visual compositions for the most part is to solve a problem, communicate an issue, advertise products, or organizations. And people use graphic designers to create visually what they're thinking mentally.

They're taking and using a graphic designer to take an idea or a concept to put it in front of people in an attractive way in a way that communicates effectively and yields the results that they're looking to achieve.

What tools are you going to use as a graphic designer?

Well, you're always going to start out with a pen or a pencil. Now there's a lot of graphic designers who just jump right in to the computer and ignore this part. This is super important because there's limitations to a computer. And what I mean by that is there's things that a computer can't do initially that a pen or a pencil can do very quickly. Now once you have the idea sketched out your mind can then figure the tools either Photoshop, illustrator, or in design, it needs to use in order to accomplish what you did here with a pen or pencil.

From there you snag your computer either take a photo or scan in your sketch and start to go to town start to really flesh out the idea that you have. The way you're going to communicate. This specific problem you're trying to solve or the advertising piece of the product you're trying to sell.

Your goal clear communication.

I find a lot of times new graphic designers get all excited and all creative and they miss the point that our main purpose of graphic designers is to communicate. Now if you want to just get excited to do art become a modern artist, becoming a minimalist, become a contemporary artist whatever it may be.

But if you want to be a graphic designer and you're going to be communicating to people advertising organizations. You're going to use logos to communicate a brand. You're going to solve problems. You're going to innovate. That's what a graphic designer does.

They use the concept of lying space, rhythm, form the type and color, and images to create a composition that communicates clearly the vision of the client.

Another big mistake I see graphic designers making is they think their vision is more important with their clients that it's the case. Your goal as a graphic designer is to communicate their vision. Now if their vision doesn't align with their goals and help them understand how their goals need to align more with their vision. And the communicative piece that we're going to produce aligned with their goals.

So you are there to be a guide to them. You're not there to run them over and tell them I know better. That's totally wrong. I have found that my best design pieces have come when I wholly listened to the client and help them come up with the idea themselves.

From there I took their idea and I put visuals to me. So a lot of times I'm not the hero. What I do is I bring the goal that they have to like through visual communication. So that's one of the biggest things. 

The graphic designer takes the vision of the client brings it to pass their visual communication that's probably the biggest thing that I've learned in the past decade of being a graphic designer is I am not here to push my own creative agenda unless it's my own personal work. It's my own personal work. Great. But if I'm working with a client my goal is to bring their mission to life.

What's gear graphic designer uses?

Like I said you always want to start with a pen and paper or pencil and paper. From there you move on to a computer. Also a camera. You want to have the ability to take your own sources. If you're just always going online and trying to find free stock photos a lot of your design will look like the rest of the design because many people use the stock photos.

So get a cut above as a graphic designer and take your own photos. So these are things that a graphic designer does on a day to day in order to create a better composition.

Now he or she starts to create their own sources. So what projects do the graphic designer?

Well now in these days and ages graphic designers work on social media. They work on magazines, brochures, web design. They do logos, they do letterheads. They're even doing YouTube thumbnails. Getting more into Instagram ads. Creating infographics for videos you see on YouTube and around the web.

So there's so many areas graphic designers are thriving in today because everywhere we look at visual communication I'm going to look at my bookshelf. My bookshelf was created by a graphic designer.

I find a lot of people are asking is this the time to become a graph designer? Just the best time for the worst?

And I will say it's the best time because everybody is in need of a visual and this ever-changing visual world. This has helped you at all and also share this out. Anybody else is wondering.

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