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iPhone Stuck In Headphones Mode? Here's Why & The Fix

What to do when your iPhone is stuck in headphones mode?

So simply to restate the problem: Your iPhone thinks that headphones are plugged in either to the lightning port on your iPhone 7 or newer or headphone jack in the iPhone 6s or older, but they're not plugged in?

1. Software problem

So the first thing that we need to do is eliminate the possibility that this is a software problem. Now 99% of the time it is Hardware related, but that doesn't mean that you can't fix it at home and the fix can be very, very simple. But the first thing to do is eliminate the possibility of a software problem to do that. All you need to do is turn your iPhone off and back on again.

1. So it's a simple as holding the power button down until slide to power off appears on the screen swipe across the screen with your finger then wait 10 to 15 20 seconds for your iPhone to turn all the way off.

2. Hold down the power button until the Apple logo reappears in the screen, then let go. Your iPhone will turn back on. Test to see if the problem is fixed.

2. Control center

So the next thing we need to do is go to the control center. And we're just going to make sure that your iPhone is stuck in headphones mode and not just playing music somewhere else.

1. So grab a pair of headphones just gonna plug it into the lightning port on your iPhone and you should also be able to hit the volume up and down button and it should show headphones right now.

2. Another way to test this is to open the control center by swiping up from the very bottom of the screen then press and hold down firmly on the music and then tap the airplay button in the upper right-hand corner triangle two circles above it. And you will notice that will checkmark next to the headphones.

3. Clear dust

Take a look inside either the light. Can your iPhone 7 or newer or the headphone jack on your iPhone 6s or older to see if there's any Gunk or debris inside that be interfering with this connection and fooling your iPhone into thinking something's plugged in.

So a great way to do that is just to grab a flashlight take a look inside.
Swipe up from the bottom of the screen tap the little flashlight icon.

So a lot of people will be surprised by just how much stuff accumulates and these are the lightning connector or the head leave your iPhone in your pocket all day, you know when your jeans Pockets get stuck up in there and it could get your iPhone second headphone mode. And so let's say there's stuff in there and most likely there is and it can't hurt to brush it out.

So, how do you do it?

Well, what not to don't use something metallic. This is a SIM card eject tool, but any flavor clip thumb that paper scissors knife. You don't want to Those because it can conduct electrical charge and totally screw up the inside of your iPhone and also it can cause damage to the components iPhone that are fragile. I actually was in an Apple Store once and one of the techs I had an issue with after I left the store and she started uh scraping out. I've said give me my phone back she was scraping out the lightning for.

So what's the correct way to clean out your lightning board?

Well, if you have an anti-static brush or you work in the Apple store, that's what you're going to use now an anti-static brush is simply a brush. That doesn't conduct electricity. This brush is not going to cause come out. Don't be afraid to get in there apparently get in there. If you have a soft enough device. So you don't have a flash of lightning or an anti-static brush hanging around because this brush wasn't on the nerd right?

You've got your brand new toothbrush instead great household tool don't use a toothbrush that you just brushed your teeth with this morning cause a whole other host of issues moisture liquid damage again gingivitis. So we've rushed out. Test again to see if headphones stuck and you could run into this issue whether you're using the headphone adapter on real headphones or if you're using the ear pods with lightning connectors.

So either way, so we also have a nice little at-home tip.

If you have the headphone jack. If you have an iPhone 6s or older a different device, this is the coolest thing ever. I learned at an Apple Store from a genius who shall remain nameless because Apple Genius a real genius, let's see.

4. BIC pen trick

Let's open up the iPad. This is called the BIC pen trick. Jack on the top of the Vic pen trick takes a Bic pen. And what we're going to do. I'm going to use scissors tweezers or better pliers is we're gonna grab just the tip of it and we're gonna try to twist it out. So we just get the ink cartridge out which I displayed successfully now with the ink cartridge come on scissors, you will notice that the back end of the ink cartridge is the perfect size for getting junk out of a headphone jack.

So all you need to do is just get in there twist gently and some stuff will come out. So that is the big pen trick, which is an Apple Store a little secret trademark now officially Nobody Does this but they do this so It can cause uh, you know, I can't it's great because it's anti-static. Not going to conduct electricity. It's soft enough to not damage the Jack again people end up sticking things in there and then breaking the headphone bracket itself because the electronic components are very sensitive.

iPhone Stuck In Headphones Mode? Here's Why & The Fix

Also, if something breaks off in there, it is impossibly difficult to get out unbelievable how difficult it is to get some stuff out of headphone Jacks if it's impacted in there. So so we are lightning ports or headphones Jack.

If we're still sucking headphones? You're probably not you've got the gun. That's usually written solid fit also compressed air is a good way to do it tweezers is absolute Last Resort absolutely cotton swabs. Probably not a good idea anything of lint, you know, anything with lint cotton swabs. No bad idea people do try to use all sorts of stuff?

5. DFU

So anyway, we're still stuck in headphone mode we are so at this point I could say do a DFU restore because it could be a software problem. But let's just be honest. It's not a software problem. If you've turned off your you've done all this stuff, you've tried plugging headphones in taking it back out. You're still stuck in headphones mode. It's probably time to repair your device.

So we recommend the Apple Store if your iPhone is under warranty definitely take it in there. It's not necessarily covered especially if there's water damage and this was a very very common problem with iPhone 6s. And before we're a little droplet of water would get inside the bottom of the iPhone and then fry the headphone jack and of the most common you're at the gym, you're sweating the sweat runs down the cable into the headphone jack liquid very common.

And in the iPhone 4S, there used to be a liquid contact indicator rate at the bottom Grill phone jacket would turn red. We just take one little look in there and say give us money. We would say more kindly than that, right? I'm sorry, sir. Unfortunately, you know as whatever's out.

6. Third-party repair service

We're not what if we're not protected by Apple then we are gonna call. Puls a third-party repair service comes to you whether you're at home or the office can fix your iPhone. Within an hour sometimes and lifetime warranty cheaper than Apple. We really like puls it could take hours to go to the Apple Store. Come back could be days before and if you don't live in Apple Store and all the appointments, right? It's gonna be days before you can get your naughty.

Also if you go to an Apple store and you have a headphone jack issue, they're probably going to replace your entire phone, which could mean that you lose stuff that's on your phone right with puls they'll be able to just repair the smaller components most likely can't guarantee that but puls is a good alternative if you're not under warranty and you want to save some money so the mail and repair services.

But that is what to do when your iPhone is stuck in headphones mode. If you have any questions, leave them down below. Let me know if the BIC pen tricked work for you or if you got any other we'd love to hear them.

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