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Why You Should Buy A Cell Phone Plan Online

The 7 reasons why you should buy a cell phone plan online

Why You Should Buy A Cell Phone Plan Online

1. No pushy salespeople

If you go to the store and you don't know what you want they're going to say Hey you need this new phone and you need this in a limited data plan and you need cell phone insurance. You need a phone case and all of a sudden you're paying four times as much as you thought you were going through.

For instance, Verizon is a great carrier. We love Verizon but they do have total mobile protection which is kind of a rip off 30 dollars a month for each smartphone or watch you uncovered.

Let's say you got a family of 5. What's 5 times 65 dollars a month you just add it to your plan. And sometimes people just get talked into this stuff. And that's a lot of money. That's a lot of money to be spending on cellphone insurance that you don't need every single month.

2. No waiting in line at the store

Who wants to go to a cell phone store and wait in line for hours? And people would do this all the time especially people with kids or big families. Get your kids in the car go to the Verizon store stand around for two hours to get help maybe get the help you want home. It's a full-day deal and there's not much you can do and how much you can look at at the Verizon store like there's some cell phone cases. that's stand around. We'll take your name. Thanks.

Well, last time I was to the Verizon store there are two people working there experience. I was there for about 40 minutes. So if there are two people online in front of you you're there for 40/45 minutes before you even get help. It really can be. And Let's say you live too far away from the store. So when I used to work at Apple people would drive from 3 hours away.

Now you probably live closer than three hours from the cell phone store. But it's still it's like a full day thing to go to the store to get a phone. Or you could just go online to a website in seconds.

3. Transfer your data at your convenience

When you sign up for a cell phone plan online you get to transfer your data at your convenience. A lot of people ask what if I want to trade in my phone? Well if you go to the store they're going to take your phone from you and then hopefully you've got all your data. If you do it online they're going to send you a box that after you have your new phone for a little bit you can then put your old phone in the box and send it back.

So you actually have a period of time where you can make sure that you actually got everything you want it off your old phone. There's no pressure to send it back or trade it in right this second. So sometimes you have to wait a couple more days to get the refund for the phone for the trading. But that's kind of hard for the course anyway with a lot of different carriers.

4. Exclusive online offers

Exclusive online offers that carriers provide. You go online. You can only get this plan if you sign up online like the Port to limited Kickstart plan 25 Bucks a month on Sprint for unlimited data until June 2022. Not forever. But there are always these online exclusive deals. The truth is that carriers want you to buy these phones online. They're not going to tell you that but that's what they want you to do.

And more and more people are buying phones online every single year. So the process is getting much smoother than you may think. You do not need to go to the store to binding a phone.

5. No/Low Activation fees

Some carriers offer no activation fees or lower activation fees when you sign up online rather than going into the store. Currently, one carrier that offers me just calls them out. AT&T 40 dollars activation fee per line in the store. Zero dollars per line activation fee online. You can say 40 dollars per line if you sign up for an AT&T plan online that's huge. But it really is you. Let's say you got 5 people 200 Bucks. You like the family to see a movie.

6. Super easy to compare online

It's super easy to compare your cell phone plans online. What are you gonna do? Go to different carriers for every single care. What are you gonna do about go to Verizon? open tabs and I got every carrier and go to side by side or you can just go here compare plan side by side just by click and compare and go to our compare to pages.

Build your own plan. Customize the plan you want. Find the phone you want. Put it all together.

7. One-on-one help setting it up

Personal setup from Apple and from other cell phone manufacturers. But especially Apple. Apple gives you a personal setup just like if you were in the store. So if you need some help getting started you can actually do a video chat with the people at Apple with an Apple Salesforce person. Or I guess is there a specialist? But you could do the personal setup and get help right all in line.

Or to go to the Apple store to get bad though right? And standing around for hours at the Apple store. Trust me people used to do that all the time. You're really it's really just more convenient in every single level to buy yourself and plan online. And even if you don't have Apple you can still get help from your family or from friends or online.

There 7 reasons why you should buy your cell phone plan online. Thank you guys for watching this video. Give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. Leave me a comment down below if you have any thoughts.

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