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iPhone Not Updating? Here's The Real Fix

What to do when your iPhone is not updating?

iPhone Not Updating? Here's The Real Fix

There are a lot of different ways to update an iPhone. Most people reading this article probably just went to the Settings app went to software update and had a problem. You can also use a computer. We're gonna walk you through the gamut of fixes and there are a bunch of different ways to fix this problem for 90 % of the people. What we talk about it's gonna fix the problem right away. The other 10 % are gonna have to do a DFU restore.

1. Make Sure Your iPhone Is Compatible With The New iOS Update

The first one first thing to do is just make sure your iPhone is actually compatible with the new iOS update. Every year. A few phones just don't make the cut. If your iPhone is compatible with the new iOS update, Let's do a hard reset.

Why are we doing a hard reset instead of a normal restart?

Because sometimes little software problems can crop up that cause iPhones to have a difficult time updating.

How do we do it to reset?

Hard reset an iPhone 8 or new or press and release the volume up button. Then press and release the volume down button. Then press and hold that side button. Keep holding. The screener is going to go black Apple logo appear and then you can release the side button. If you have an iPhone 7 it's the side button and the volume down button. Just press and hold those simultaneously until the Apple logo appears.

Sometimes it can take to 25 to 30 seconds for this to actually happen. So be patient and keep holding. Don't give up early. And then you can let go especially if there's a software problem that can take a long time.

Make sure you have enough storage space for the iOS update

These updates can be one and a half/2 gigabytes. The 14.5 iOS update of my phone was 5.7 gigabytes which felt kind of high. They used to be one and a half or two. Now they're getting crazy things.

1. So Let's go to Settings tap General tap > iPhone storage.

2. And here you'll see how much storage space you have left. I have 46.3 gigabytes of used so that's about 18 gigabytes left. That should be enough for an iso update.

2. Delete And Reinstall The iOS Update

So while you're here your iPhone is stuck on update verifying or stuck preparing.

1. Come down here and look for iOS 14.5, 14.6, 15 and just tap on that.

2. Then tap and delete and go back and download and install the update again. That's where a lot of people can get stuck when it's verifying or preparing it just right, start over. It's not like you can get in there and tell it to move on. That's the way to do it.

3. Try A Different Update Method

So maybe you just tried using your computer. Well, now you try it on the iPhone.

1. If you go to Settings and then tap on General select the main page of Settings here.

2. Tap on General tap software update and then tap download and install.

If an iOS update is available and if you've already tried this way it's time to use your computer. It can be any computer. It doesn't have to be yours because iTunes or Finder is just a tool in this scenario. So if you have a Mac that's running Mac OS 10.15 or later you're going to use Finder. If you have a PC or a Mac running or 10.14 before you're going to use iTunes try to update your iPhone that way.

If you're using your computer to update your iPhone try using a different Lightning cable. Sometimes the cables can get frayed and their connection might be some issues there and then it won't update.

If it can make a clean connection make it all the A through the process. It's cool that they built in the over the year software update even though most of the people were reading this article had a problem with the over the year software updates meaning it just happens on the phone because there are so many variables with PCs and Macs like cables like USB ports would be a problem. Try somebody else's computer. Try the phone.

4. Check Apple's Servers

This is really only an issue with the major iOS updates iOS 15 but everyone tries to download the new major update all at once. An Apple server sometimes just can't handle it.

Can you believe that it could happen at any time? Really?
Sometimes they just do it to drive traffic to the Apple Store when they stop selling enough stuff. Just turn off the servers but you can check to see if they're off.

5. Back Up Your iPhone

If you've made it this far and your iPhone still won't update. Back it up. Back it up because we're going to have to get a little bit more invasive with the fixes. You can either back your iPhone up to iCloud which is I think the easiest way or a computer the same deal as before with Finder on the newer Mas or iTunes on the older Macs and the PCs.

6. Reset All the Settings

This restores everything in the Settings app to factory default. Your WiFi passwords are gone. Bluetooth devices they're gone but really it's kind of annoying but this can't fix a lingering software problem.  And if you're really really annoyed by it then you can just restore from the backup afterward which is kind of more annoying but at least you won't have lost anything at all. So reset all settings can get things unstuck. It's kind of a magic bullet for software problems. Like update is not working.

1. So Let's tap back to the general upper left-hand corner of the screen.

2. Scroll all the way down and tap on reset.

3. Tap reset all settings.

4. Enter your passcode. A confirmation pop-up will appear saying Are you sure you want to reset all settings? You tap reset all settings. Reset happens. Your iPhone will turn off and then turn back on. we've done it before.

7. DFU Restore Your iPhone

If reset all settings didn't work it's time to put your iPhone in DFU mode before you do. Here's a quick word of warning right. you have to be careful before you do a DFU restore which takes everything off your phone and puts it back on again. Because if your iPhone is damaged in any way sometimes the DFU restore will fail and then you'll end up with a bricked iPhone so it just won't work.

So be very careful before you do this. There should be absolutely no problem with the DFU restore and it will update your iPhone in the process. but especially if you just drop your iPhone on a lake or drop it on the concrete and with your car. Maybe. Then the DFU restore are kind of scary. Don't do it. Don't do it and blame us. We don't blame us. There's a reason why we added this warning to this article and it's because we didn't have it in another article.

8. Contact Apple

Well and then maybe you're a little bit concerned, Apple Store reaches out, sets up an appointment, or calls or online. Lots of good options there. So different WiFi networks different everything. Just try different stuff until this works, and eventually, your iPhone will update unless. It is not unless compatible it wasn't compatible, to begin with. If you enjoyed it. Leave a comment down below with any other questions.

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