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iPhone Camera Not Working? Here's Why & The Real Fix!

What to do when your iPhone's camera isn't working?

iPhone Camera Not Working? Here's Why & The Real Fix!

Now, if you're a teenage girl, calm down. It's going to be okay and that goes for everybody else was too. So the camera can have software issues or Hardware problems, don't automatically assume that it's broken and you need a new phone?

1. Troubleshooting the software

So the best thing to do is to start by troubleshooting the software. That's what they do at the Apple Store as well.

So let's open up the camera app.

I had a friend in college. She wanted me to take some pictures for I took too. They were completely black and she got mad and she left?
She comes back to me and she says I'm so sorry. I had my case on upside down and that's You know the case was actually blocking her camera.

2. Third-party camera app

So if you're using one of the other apps in the App Store a lot of the time the software isn't as robust or well-coated right as the Apple apps are and we've actually used some third-party camera apps in the past. We've found that the built-in camera app is just significantly better pretty much every single way. So if you're gonna third-party camera after you might as find delete it and just the built-in camera wrap.

And if you have more than one third-party camera app on your phone and you love taking pictures open up each, you know more than one app, if you're having the problem more than one aft than it is, either software or hardware problem and not just an app-specific problem.

3. Close that of all apps

So iPhone 8 and earlier double press the home button app will appear to swipe the app up and off the screen. All those do all of my apps real quick. The iPhone X is a little bit different.

So what you got to do is, swipe up from the very bottom of the screen and hold it there with your finger and then press and hold until you see the red minus sign in the upper left corner of the app and then you can swipe them right off. So you just close that all your apps on the camera app.

4. Restart your iPhone

If it's not why don't we try to restart your iPhone real quick compete for more of an iPhone wide right press and hold the power button slide to power off will appear. slide it your iPhone turn it off and back on, turn it off and back on seriously.

5. Reset all settings

So, reset all settings is a good sort of intermediary intermediate software troubleshooting step because it doesn't delete any of your personal data like your pictures. But it does reset everything in the settings app and a lot of the time software problems can occur when something gets corrupted in there. So this is sort of the first line of defense that if you go to the Apple Store, they probably will say hey, let's reset all settings on your phone.

So we'll know about the settings app scroll down to General tap reset. tap reset all settings to your iPhone passcode really secure. If you have a restrictions passcode setup, you'll probably need to set up. you know the restrictions passcode confirmation pop-up appears in the screen and just tap reset all settings are iPhone turn off the resale be performed and then turn it back on.

Now all settings, you know stuff like your Wi-Fi passwords will just be gone. You got to write those down. You'll have to enter them again afterward.

6. DFU restore

So this is the last line of software defense before we decide it's a hardware problem. So a DFU restore is the deepest type of restore. It's important to do a DFU restore because it addresses firmware issues, which is the F in the DFU. If you perform the DFU restore You open your camera app and it's still not working, still black maybe real quick, just, you know, wipe off the camera lens.

Maybe you rubbed in oil or something. But if your camera lens fine, it's time to get a repair. It is. So a couple different options if your iPhone is under warranty not damaged take it to the Apple Store. They do camera repairs.

7. Third-party repair service

We also recommend Puls, a third-party repair service. They'll send a tech right to you. Repairs your iPhone on the spot. Lifetime warranty on that repair. Cheaper than Apple on that repair. They really are the best option for a lot of people they come to you. You don't have to stand around in line for yeah hours. It takes a mall for a lot of people going to the Apple Stores a day-long event drive to the mall. It's a little bit different for you.

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