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My iPad Won't Update! Here's The Fix

My iPad Won't Update! Here's The Fix

In this article, we're going to explain what to do when your iPad won't update. What a pain this is. You're trying to update it. It won't work. What's the first thing to do?

It's a breeze to download and install the software update in the Settings app but you might still can't update your iPad for some reason.

Sometimes iPad shows it's up-to-date but it's actually not. Sometimes the unknown software update errors prevent you from updating.

Some users also complain that the iPad won't update software because the update is not currently available or the tablet just can't update past iPadOS 14, 13, 12, or older versions.

Thankfully, there are always solutions when software update keeps failing in any iPad model like iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air, or iPad Pro.

11 Ways to fix iPad Won't Update!

1. Check Apple servers

The first thing to do is just check Apple servers because when a new iOS update is released everyone is trying to download it at the same time. And when that happens their servers get overloaded. Maybe you can't update your iPad right away.

Not a Super common thing but it is only really common on the first day of the new iOS release. It's worth a look.

2. Turn your iPad off and back on

The next thing I do is just turn your iPad off and back on.

1. Press it-all the power button on your iPad it will slide the power off appears in the screen and then slide the power off.

2. Wait 20 seconds, press and hold the button again until the Apple logo appears. And then let go.

3. Check if the iPadOS update is compatible with your iPad model

You can't update to the current iPadOS version in old iPad models like iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, or the first-generation iPad Air because it's not supported. you can check it out quickly.

If your iPad supports the latest software version, but it won't show up on the Settings app, or the iPad software update keeps failing or not working, there's an easy trick to fix the iPadOS update problem by using the iOS System Recovery software.

4. iOS System Recovery software

After you connect the iPad to the program, it'll instantly display the latest iOS or iPadOS software package that's compatible with your current iPad model on the screen. You just need to select the version and then it'll start downloading, extracting, and installing the up-to-date software into your iPad on its own.

To download the tool, go to appgeeker.

1. Get the tool on your PC or Mac and install it.

2. Now, launch the tool. From the bottom left of the screen, select More tools.

3. Next, click the iOS System Recovery panel.

4. Here, click the Start button.

5. Use a cable to attach your iPad to the computer.

6. Once connected, highlight Standard Mode and click Confirm button. Then, you’ll see a list of iOS or iPadOS software packages that are supported on your iPad.

7. Just select the latest version and press the Next button to trigger the download process. When the download is complete, click the Fix Now button.

8. Now, it'll start updating your iPad. Once finished, your iPad will restart.

9. Go to the Settings app, General, Software Update and you'll see your iPad is running the most recent software version.

5. Update iPad under recovery mode

If, during installing the latest OS software update, the iPad screen is stuck on the Apple logo and the progress bar can't move, put your device into recovery mode and then do the update again. The next thing to do is clear out some iPad storage space.

6. iPad storage space

In other cases, the iPad not updating problem can be the result of the lack of storage space on your tablet. Normally, at least 5 GBs of free data storage space is required for installing and running the software on your iPad. If it's less than that, delete some unused apps, photos, or other files to free up enough space.

Also, to do an OS update on the iPad, it should have a stable Wi-Fi connection and be fully charged. Otherwise, it's easy to get corrupted during the update process. Actually had this problem today when I was a thing on my iPad. My storage space is full out said you can't download the new update because in a storage space to actually download the updates.

So how do we check to see which apps are taking up the move?

1. Open up the Settings app.

2. Tap on General.

3. Tap iPad storage. And here you will see some recommendations for you. Turn iCloud Photo say.

Gigabytes of data review your large attachments. Sometimes it says delete old iMessages too with clear up some space about as you will see photos using a lot of space.

Books use a lot of space. If you have an old book on your iPad that may be the finished reading go ahead and delete the photos to videos.

My iPad Won't Update! Here's The Fix

You start clearing those out a little bit. Save a lot of space that way.

7. iPad is stuck when updating, force restart the tablet

iPad with a Home button

1. Press and hold down both the Home button and the Power button.

2. When you see the Apple logo, release the buttons and it'll turn on later. 

iPad without a Home button,

1. Quickly press the Volume up button, the Volume down button, and then hold down the Power button until the Apple logo shows and the tablet restarts.

2. Go to the Settings app or use the iOS System Recovery tool to update your iPad again.

When you can't see the update on your iPad or it's unable to check for an update or verify the update, you can connect the Apple tablet to the computer and manually update it with iTunes or Finder.

8. Just try using iTunes on a computer

It can be any computer, not the iPad itself.

1. Plug iPad into Mac.

Even though this isn't the computer that's linked to the iPad you can use any computer you want with iTunes.

2. Open up iTunes or music. It's called now.

It used to be that you had to use iTunes to update your iPad and that's what I thought it was. But in fact with the new version of the Mac operating system. If you have a PC still use iTunes.

3. If you have a new mac, under locations on the left-hand side and Finder and you'll see the iPad just tap on that.

So essentially what they did is they took this tab out of iTunes and just built it into the operating system. That's going to confuse a lot of people. Get it.

My iPad Won't Update! Here's The Fix

4. So it'll say software iOS 13.3.1 version.

5. Click check for updates.

A lot of times that will get an update on getting stuck on the iPad. If you've been trying to use iTunes or the new Finder with a new OS to do it on your iPad is to have.

6. Tap General.

7. Tap software update. It says download install the new update. That's where it will be updated.

My iPad Won't Update! Here's The Fix

9. Reset all settings

This is kind of a way to figure out if there's a deeper software issue that we can't really track down. It's kind of annoying cause you're going to have to re-enter your WiFi passwords and stuff like that. But it's a lot easier than doing other things. So Let's see how to do that.

1. Go back to the main page of General.

2. Scroll down to reset and then tap reset all settings. It'll ask for your passcode to get a confirmation pop-up.

3. if you want to reset settings tap reset all settings.

Resets turn off the iPad, turn it back On, and you are set.

My iPad Won't Update! Here's The Fix

10. iPad Pro/air 14 update requested, preparing for an update, and the update failed issue

Some iPad users complained that when they tried to update the new iPad pro/air 14 it got stuck on the update requested, preparing for an update, and the update failed. This problem mainly happened due to insufficient storage and network-related problem. You can check if there is sufficient storage space for the update.

Also if you have a property internet connection that should open a webpage or play youtube videos. This process won't delete your personal data and contents like photos, videos, apps, etc. 

Your iPad won't start updating if you don't have at least 50 percent charge but if it doesn't have that simply plug in to charge. This method usually fixes the problem.

Network related issues

As one of the main reasons for the problem is that iPad network-related issues.

1. Open settings
2. General
3. Scroll down and tap reset tap reset network settings
4. Enter your passcode and tap reset

Your iPad will auto restart and all your iPad's network-related information from the iPad will be erased.

Now re-enter the network-related information and start the software updating again.

Turn off restrictions

Sometimes some restrictions could cause the problem so if you have restrictions turned on you could turn it off to fix the problem.

1. Launch settings
2. Tap screen time.
3. Tap configure privacy distractions and turn it off.

If the iPad is stuck in preparing for an update then you can remove the software.

Step 1

1. Launch settings
2. Tap on general
3. Tap iPad storage
4. Tap iPadOS 14
5. Tap delete update (2)

Step 2

1. Restart the iPad
2. Open settings again
3. General
4. Tap software update
5. Tap download and install
6. Enter that passcode

Wait for the process to be completed. These methods will fix your iPad stuck in updating and the update failed issue on iPad pro.

11. DFU restore

The next thing to do is actually to DFU restore your iPad which is going to force it to update by erasing all the software on the iPad and then putting it back on. The problem and just the danger here is if your iPad is damaged a DFU restore can break it. So if you smashed it and it's all working fine, maybe it's a little bit glitchy and the software just isn't updating. You might just want to live with it instead of taking a chance at a DFU.

If you restore but if it is in good shape and everything's fine otherwise then go ahead and do this DFU restore there isn't gonna be a problem at all. If you're a little bit nervous maybe got the Apple store or set an appointment there first. And they could do it for you make them do it and then they'll be liable.

That is what to do when your iPad won't update and why your iPad won't update iOS or iPadOS and how to fix it up. Comment below to let us know which step works for you. Share it with your friends. So, If you've found this article helpful, leave me a comment down below with any other questions.

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