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iPad Battery Draining Fast?

iPad Battery Draining Fast?

I'm going to explain what to do when your iPad battery dies fast. One of my most popular articles ever has been the iPhone battery dying fast. But I decided to make one for the iPad too. It made sense to us because the tips are a little bit different.

12 Battery Tips to Extend your iPad's Battery life

1. Turn off Unnecessary System Services

Tap System Services. And we're going to turn off some of these switches here.

Which ones do you recommend turning off? Which ones are we going to leave on?
I recommend turning off everything except for emergency calls. And SOS because that's important find my iPad and that's about it. Everything else can go off. Your Compass is still going to work. A lot of these things are still going to work. These are settings that send data to Apple in the background of your iPad to help them improve their stuff.

But things like location-based Apple a location-based alerts you might want to have on in case there's some sort of an Amber alert or something. But everything else can get turned off. And then for setting time zone I mean just for traveling to a different time zone just turn it on. The time zone. All switch. Turn it off again. There you go. It doesn't need to be checking all the time.

Turn off Product Improvement Features

Turn off these product improvement features as iPad analytics popular near me and routing in traffic. You don't need those on. Nope. Those send data to Apple. That's their job to improve their products.

2. Turn off Unnecessary Location Services

Location services are the GPS the things that let your iPad know where it is. We're not the type of people who tell you to turn it off entirely. Because location services make the iPad easy to use. They're great to use. Let's turn them off. The one that we don't need. 

1. Open the Settings app and we will tap on Privacy Location Services. And here you'll see your apps. Whatever apps don't need your location.

2. Just tap on the app and turn it off. Yahoo. Fantasy. I don't need that allow location access. Never.

If you see any that say always sometimes an app will have access to your location all the time. Those are the ones that really affect your battery life negatively.

3. Turn On an Auto-walk

If you leave your iPad with auto-walk off the screen will be on all the time. The battery drains faster. You don't want that.

1. So we'll tap back we'll tap Privacy.

2. Go to display and brightness here on auto-lock. And I recommend
2/5, 10/15 minutes. I mean for the iPhone we recommend about 2 minutes but you're on your iPad. You might be browsing the web a little bit more or watching a video or something and maybe you don't want it to auto-lock so quickly.

3. So, set it to 5 minutes. For now, you'll see that blue check Mark appear and that's how you know auto-lock is on. Perfect.

4. Turn off Share iPad Analytics

This just sends Apple data about how you use your iPad. You don't need to do that.

1. So we'll open the Settings app again.

2. Scroll down tap Privacy.

3. Tap analytics and turn off that switch next to Share iPad Analytics

You also want to turn off Share Icloud Analytics at that switch on. And you might not see all of these options on your iPad. The reason we do is because we're running a beta version of iOS 13 so whatever you see in here you can turn off safely.

5. Close Out your Apps

This is a bit of a controversial topic but we recommend doing it. Closing apps is something that saves iPad and iPhone battery life. Although some people say it doesn't. They say that because it shouldn't. But just because it shouldn't doesn't mean that it doesn't. It shouldn't because apps are supposed to go to sleep in the background when you're not using them and not drain battery life. But sometimes apps can crash in the background of your iPhone or iPad and those will eat up your battery life. So if everything works perfectly all the time this would be unnecessary. But it doesn't.

So how do we do it?

1. So I'll go back to the home screen on the iPad. Now there are a couple of ways to do it on my iPad because I have a home button so I can double press the home button. And there's the app switcher.

2. If you don't have a home button or if you have this iPad as well you can swipe from the very bottom of the screen to the Center of the screen. App switcher appears. Just swipe that app up and off the top of the screen. Nice and easy to do close in the apps.

6. Turn off Unnecessary Notifications

You don't need to get notifications from every single app.

1. Tap notifications in the Settings app and just look at your list of apps. Which ones do you want notifications from Obviously the Messages app? When you get a new text message you want to get an alert that you got a new text message. But if it's something like screen time I don't use screen time so I don't need to have notifications there.

2. Tap that switch. Turn off. Allow notifications.

And this can make your iPad a little bit less annoying to you too. Sometimes people don't know why they're getting all these popups, especially on the home screen from CNN or wherever. And this is how you turn them off.

7. Switch Mail from Push to Fetch

So Let's go ahead and set that up. And then we can choose how often we want to do that.

1. Tap on passwords and accounts.

2. You'll see fetch new data, tap on that.

3. Select fetch. First want to draw out the switch next to push and then we'll fetch every minute.

How about that? And then you'll have to go through and individually enable fetch for your accounts. So Gmail is great to fetch. And we should also mention that it'll automatically check for mail whenever you open the mail app for whenever you use an app that uses these features. So it's not like it's not going to be up to date all the time. Great.

8. Turn on Reduce Motion

This just cuts down on some of the unnecessary animations on your iPad.

1. So to do that go to accessibility. One note here we're running the iOS13 beta iOS12. Its Settings General. Accessibility here is just Settings accessibility. You will see when you install the iOS13 software update when it gets released.

2. So tap motion and just make sure that the switch next to reduce motion is turned on.

9. Turn off Background app Refresh

For apps that don't need to be refreshing the data in the background when you're not using your iPad.

1. Tap on General.

2. Tap on background app refresh.

So which ones don't we need background app refresh for? Probably not Hulu Netflix either. Prime Video. No. Maybe you do want it on for something like Reddit or something like Yahoo. Fantasy Sports because you want them to be constantly updating. So when you open the app it's always up to date. I want to see how badly my fantasy team is losing every time they open the app. Exactly. Great away.

You don't have to wait for that download to happen but this will save battery and can save data with an iPad. Most people's iPad's are just connected to WiFi too so it's more of a battery consideration here whereas on the iPhone I can save data too.

10. Turn off any Unnecessary Widgets

Those are little mini-apps on your iPad's home screen. It's a relatively new feature.

1. Tap the home button and go back to the home screen. If you have an iPad with no home button just swipe up and go back to the home screen. So swipe all the way left to right until you get to these widgets. Which I need? As I mentioned earlier I don't use screen time.

2. I'm gonna tap Edit.

3. Tap that little minus button next to screen time and then tap remove.

And Let's say you didn't use the weather widget or you were checking the weather. That's a widget that's going to constantly be checking in the background to see I there's been a weather update right. And if you're never looking at it turn it off and then it will stop checking. I mean I use the weather app exclusively so don't really need the widget. And then once you've deleted the widgets you don't use just tap. Done. They're gone.

11. Make Sure it's not too Hot or Cold

Just make sure you're using your iPad at the standard operating temperature. If it's above 95 degrees your iPad is going to overheat. If it's below 32 degrees your iPad is just going to be slow. Might turn off because it's so cold. Hot temperatures can actually damage your iPad's battery. So don't leave it in a hot car.

But cold temperatures will not damage the battery but the battery will stop working correctly. So with the cold temperature, your iPad will stop working. But then once it warms back up it will work just fine. Don't overheat your iPad. Don't take your iPad out in a Blizzard. that's a good tip for you. There.

12. Turn off your iPad Once a Week

This is another tip that people would disagree with us on because you shouldn't have to ever do this but because apps and the iPad operating system don't always work perfectly. It's a good idea to shut it all down once a week and then turn it back on. It starts everything fresh and can solve little software glitches.

That's what to do when your iPad battery dies fast. I hope you found these tips helpful. Share this with others. Leave me a comment down below. Do we miss any battery tips?

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