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My iPhone Ringer Keeps Turning On And Off. Here's The Fix

My iPhone Ringer Keeps Turning On And Off. Here's The Fix

In this article, we're going to explain what to do if your iPhone Ringer keeps turning on and off.

1. Hardware problem

First things first it could be a hardware problem. If you're able to just tap the switch and it toggles between Ringer and silent or if there's really just no resistance it could be a hardware problem. Could be a software problem. If it is a hardware problem or even if you think it might be a software problem we really should clean this out. Right.

2. Clean out the silent switch

So a couple of things to do Antistatic brush. If you don't have one at home and use a toothbrush that you've already used.  A toothbrush used this morning. They just kind of scrape in there. Make sure to get both sides to get in there a little bit and you might notice some gunk come out when you're in there. Feel free to brush out the charge for the bottom of your phone. It is easier if you take a case off first before you do this button.

My iPhone Ringer Keeps Turning On And Off. Here's The Fix

3. Check silence unknown calls

So maybe it's a software problem. This can be caused by software issues. The first thing we're gonna look at is silence, unknown callers. Does what it sounds like it does when somebody that isn't in your contacts calls you it sends it directly to voicemail and just puts it in your recent call list. And then you might think that it's ringing for some people. And I'm not ringing for other people. Absolutely. So Let's open the Settings app Scroll down to the phone and just make sure this switch next to Silence unknown collars is turned off.

My iPhone Ringer Keeps Turning On And Off. Here's The Fix

4. Blocked contacts

And if it's not working for just somebody and maybe you've used it out like them check out your blocked contacts too because who knows? Maybe there's somebody in there somebody's in there. I don't know who. That thing you took me out of here. So if that's all set next thing to check is do not disturb.

My iPhone Ringer Keeps Turning On And Off. Here's The Fix

5. Check do not disturb

It's possible. It's unlikely but it is possible that you've done it a service scheduled. So at some point of the day, your iPhone's ringing just 5, and then all of a sudden do not service scheduled and you're not on call at night or something. Never does going rate to voicemail. We'll go back to Settings Scroll up to Do Not Disturb and just make sure the switch next to the schedule is not on. And do not disturb itself. Not on.

My iPhone Ringer Keeps Turning On And Off. Here's The Fix

6. Check ringer volume in sound & haptics

Let's head back to Settings and then head to Sounds and haptics. Sometimes you're hearing the sounds on your phone but the phone's not ringing and that can happen if your Ringer is all the way down. Let's do that and then change with buttons is off. So if you do that you can now adjust the volume of your phone but it's not going to touch the volume of the Ringer.

My iPhone Ringer Keeps Turning On And Off. Here's The Fix

And I like to have the Ringer somewhere in the middle and change with buttons off so that the Ringer is always going to work. I don't have to worry about that but I can still address the volume on my phone. So go ahead and set it up the way you like it. It's going to plan a loud noise here but it's okay.
So just be aware of that. If your Ringer was all the way down you might still will be hearing other sounds of your phone but not the Ringer. So now Let's say it's not a hardware problem. Like you're confident that you flip the switch back and forth and there's a good amount of resistance and it clicks into place and we haven't figured out what the software problem is.

A couple of things we can do.
  • The first thing is to update iOS and the second thing is simply to reset all settings. Let's check for an iOS update.
  • First tap back to the main page of the settings app.

7. Check for software update and reset all settings

Tap General.
Tap Software update.
It does look like one is available that can fix bugs. Just tap install now. It'll install the update. I'm not going to do that right now.
If there's no software update to reset all settings tap back to General and Scroll all the way down. To reset all settings a confirmation alert will appear on the screen.

My iPhone Ringer Keeps Turning On And Off. Here's The Fix

You tap that iPhone turns off resets turns back on. Before you do this keep in mind you have to reenter your WiFi password set up your wallpaper again. Reconnect Bluetooth devices. A whole bunch of mine is kind of a little bit of annoyance but it's worth it to fix deep suffering from. And even if it doesn't work after you do the update still do the resettle settings as long as. So at this point hopefully you haven't wasted too much time because just be honest with yourself. You dropped it in the link and all of a sudden it stopped working or you smashed it with the hammer.

8. Maybe we got to get it repaired

Apple Store separates deployment before you go in and listen to anything. And you might want to check out one of the third-party mom-and-pop shops too for this type of repair because the Apple Store will not just replace the Ringer switch they will have to replace the entire phone. So that could be very expensive. And sometimes not even worth it. Might be time for a new phone. I hope it was helpful. Leave a comment down below if you have any other questions.

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