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Free Apps Every Photographer Must have

Free Apps Every Photographer Must have

I'm going to show you applications which I can't live out as a photographer. It makes my life much easier when I do the outdoor shoot. I am in my studio and soon I will be packing to go outside to do some outdoor photoshoot. I thought I would share these apps with you because these apps are absolutely a must when it comes to planning an outdoor photoshoot or even if you're outside and you want to make sure it becomes smoothly without any problems. So Let's get quickly to it.

1. Storm Radar

Free Apps Every Photographer Must have

The most important I always use when it comes to Photoshoots or even when it comes to just regular sports activities or something like that during outdoors is Storm Raider. When you open up the Storm Raider application you can see your map and exactly what the weather will be like. You can actually see exactly what time is going to be raining and what time it's going to stop. It's very useful if you cannot see the clouds maybe you're shooting in wood or in the mountains. You look at this and how much time you have left until you get that shower.

2. Scout Log

This is my favorite application right now would be the Scout log. Once you find that perfect location which you would like to save to your application all you have to do is take the photo. Actually, I was in Toronto the other day standing in front of Toronto City Hall so I decided to save it in this application to get a photo. Then I opened up Google Maps. When you open the Google Map application you have to make sure your location is on your GPS.

Free Apps Every Photographer Must have

So that way when you actually type in, in a search Toronto City Hall, it will be able to find the actual address for you and then you obviously save it. You can also type in any other details you want to there. You can add tags or anything. They're useful. And what I love about it is that you can actually share it with your clients so you don't have to type it all over an email again is simply just share it to whoever you want to send it to.

3. Golden Hour

Free Apps Every Photographer Must have

This application from the top would be the Golden Hour. How many times you are planning on doing the Photo shooting this beautiful light. And you know that light is only seriously that one hour is Golden and this application will help you to plan just that.

So Let's go ahead and open up.

  • The application and you will see that the date is divided into the times into the hours.
  • And depending on the location you are at right now you can see exactly what time the Golden Hour starts and finish it so you're not wasting any minute of the shoot.

4. Model Release X

Free Apps Every Photographer Must have

It's a very important app is the model release. You know you are traveling you don't want to bring your whole office. Or sometimes when you go on the location you don't want to bother with pens and papers and stuff like that. This application model is has it all. You can do it there and you pretty much won't work it because it's always on your phone.

So Let's go ahead and open up the application to check it out.

  • You can decide if you want to save a model release property release or also a Photo release.
  • You can just fill out all the information at model Photo there as well.
  • You can save it to your phone.
  • You can share it.

5. Lens Tag

Free Apps Every Photographer Must have

An extremely important application will be Land Tag. I have to have it on my phone at all times especially when I'm traveling. I'm bringing my expensive gear with me or I'm shooting somewhere on the location in a very very careful I'm watching my stuff or you're watching your stuff. Something goes missing or somebody steals it lands. You will have proof that you have all your stuff. If everything registered right there.

Let's go ahead and open it up here.

You can register a serial number of your camera lenses and other equipment you might have.

What is cool about it?
  • They have Lenta Rescue which pretty much means they go on the black market.
  • They check if your stolen camera hasn't been used. They try to match the serial number.

So another application you simply need to have.

6. Light Meter Free

Free Apps Every Photographer Must have

The last application I'm including in this article. I actually admit I'm not using it as much but I'm including it in the article because I think a lot of people might find it very useful and it would be light meter free.

Let's open up the last application.

  • It's got everything you need.
  • You can use it as a camera meter.
  • You can use it as a spot meter.

There is actually such a cool feature like a Gray card. It's just an awesome application, check it out. So those were my top 6 favorite applications on the phone right now. I hope you found this article useful. I am pretty sure you did.

And if you have any questions. Comments I would like to request an article on a certain topic. Don't be shy and leave the comment below. 

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