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My iPhone Won't Wirelessly Charge! Here's The Fix

My iPhone Won't Wirelessly Charge! Here's The Fix

Let's talk about what to do when your iPhone won't charge the wireless charger. Just a quick background on Qi charging. iPhone only works with Qi wireless chargers. 
Qi was developed by an international power consortium aka group of Nerds file. Well, who got together and develop this open standard for wireless charging?

Editor's note

They may be nerds, but I bet they can pronounce con.sor.ti.um

If you have a wireless charger 99 % of the time it's a qi charger. This is a dollar Amazon charger. The Chargers like this Anker though are pretty finicky

My iPhone Won't Wirelessly Charge! Here's The Fix

Although the international consortium says that they should be able to charge over four centimeters. At least that's the distance theoretical anyway. There's no way sometimes too.

1. Take Your iPhone Out Of its Case
One of the reasons why your iPhone might not be wirelessly charging is because you have a thick iPhone case which can kind of interrupt with that connection when you place it on the bad. Right. So if you have a really thick case take it off. Also, make sure it's plugged in right. It's one of we're experts here people. That's important. Plug it in. Boom. Plugged in iPhone. There is wirelessly charging. But with a charger like this I mean you go here and it's not working. Forget it. I used to wake up all the time. No charge.

2. Place Your iPhone In The Center Of The Charging Pad
Make sure it's right in the Center of the charging pad. If it's off Center might not charge right. So a lot of people are probably finding out now. They need to a good case. you can buy a T-compatible case. There's a lot of good ones out there especially the Apple cases. They're excellent. They feel good too.

My iPhone Won't Wirelessly Charge! Here's The Fix

3. Wipe Off Your iPhone And Charging Pad

Wipe off the charging pad for seven meters. But even if there's like a thin layer of dust or query. Just wiping that off can make a difference especially if it's been on your nightstand like this one was forever.

My iPhone Won't Wirelessly Charge! Here's The Fix

Wipe off your iPhone. Pretty simple.

4. Try A Different Cable, Charger, And Power Outlet

So in this case it's a Qi-charger. It's not even using a Lightning cable. It's a micro USB cable. This is an Asus charger. What's great about Qi is that there's really no Apple Lightning mode for iPhone certification for the whole thing. It just works. I like that. At least Apple got on board with a universal technology. Try different outlets in the wall at your power strip.

So I want to talk about the MagSafe charger( MagSafe = Qi+ magnets) which is also a Qi charger but a finicky one. According to Apple, a MagSafe charger requires I believe it's 12 Watts at least in terms of the charger. And it has to be basically an Apple USB charger. So you buy this thing it comes to the box and you think okay got a great charger. But then you also need a USBC power adapter for it.

I have an iPhone pro so it has the MagSafe Port and back charges perfectly. This will also charge older iPhones but the kicker is that it will charge them slower than other the Chargers. So it's really not the best idea in the world to use a Mag safe charger on an older iPhone but at least it's not Super magnetic and doesn't take the whole thing with it.

So what I did is I thought to myself when I got this cable I didn't have an extra USBC power brick laying around so I thought I'm going to get cute with this thing. I'm just going to use my old one. I'm going to Amazon. I'm going to buy a USB-C to USB-A aka old school USB adapter plug it in and then use my old charger which had more than enough juice. So I plug it in. Nothing. Nothing doing. I don't know why you can't do it. You just can't check your adapter set up too while you're at it.

5. Hard Reset Your iPhone

Maybe your iPhone is just not responsive at all. it's a black screen. That used to happen a lot. A black screen and you place on the charger. It's not charging. Volume up -Volume down, press and hold that side but on until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Pro tip

If you have an iPhone 7 it is the volume down button and the side button. I just let go. That's fine. And if you have an iPhone 6s or older or an iPhone SE, the home button - power button same time the Apple logo appears on the screen. so as soon as the Apple logo appears, you could go let go. That was awesome. That was like a lot of instructions in a short amount of time. We've done this before.
Of course, I should say that the iPhone 6s doesn't have a wireless charge anyway.

6. Replace Your Qi Charger Or Power Adaptor

This problem is caused by a really cheap Qi charger or you might just need a new power adapter to actually make it right. Or a more powerful power adapter.

Anker came with a light that was so bright I put black tape over it and then just scribbled in with a Sharpie because it was waking me up at night. It was so freaking bright. It was not the best design in the world. So, I hope you found this helpful, leave a comment down below with any other questions.

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