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Best Chrome Productivity Boosts Extensions for Entrepreneurs

Best Chrome Productivity Boosts Extensions for Entrepreneurs

We all want to be more productive, and efficient. We want to get everything we need to get done in the shortest amount of time possible. Productivity is a very important topic, especially for entrepreneurs and freelancers who are trying to balance their job, their social life and their personal health. We are always looking for ways to be more productive at work.

And one of the ways to do that is via Google Chrome extensions. Think of Chrome extensions as your own personal assistant for doing work on the Internet. You can use them for to-do lists, task reminders, bookmarking sites, translating pages, and honestly, the possibilities are endless.

Top 10 Best Chrome Extensions for Entrepreneurs & Freelancers to Boost and Optimize your Productivity.

1. Dualless

Best Chrome Productivity Boosts Extensions for Entrepreneurs

Have you ever dreamt of having a really sleek workspace with two computer monitors? Well, Dualless is a great extension that lets you turn your computer monitor into two screens without having to break the bank. It's great for entrepreneurs and freelancers who have one monitor but would like to use it like they have more than one. If you have a lot of tabs open and you would like to organize them neatly into two windows, then you should try this extension.

2. The Great Suspender

Best Chrome Productivity Boosts Extensions for Entrepreneurs

Speaking of Tabs, I've been using the Great Suspender for a few months now and it has changed my workflow. Tabs that have not been viewed after a configurable length of time will be automatically suspended in the background. The Great Suspender can help you keep your computer running quickly as it is a lightweight extension that actively reduces Chrome's memory footprint. Memory leaks can be a huge problem for your computer. You may not notice it if you have a lot of RAM, but for those with less computer memory, leaks can cause your browser to run slowly and affect the performance of your computer.

3. Momentum

Best Chrome Productivity Boosts Extensions for Entrepreneurs

Momentum is a browser extension that allows you to set a daily focus, eliminate distractions and track your daily tasks. It can be set as your home or start page, and as soon as you start your day, you can set your focus for the day and see it every time you open a new tab. My favorite feature is the quick links feature, which allows you to bookmark and access your most used links by the click of one button. I also love the wonderful imagery it shows me, as well as the motivational quotes it gives me every single day.

It really does make me inspired for those uninspired days. If you saw my computer home screen a couple of weeks ago, you would probably get the opposite of calm, when you saw the number of screenshots I had floating around on my desktop.

4. Go Full Page

Best Chrome Productivity Boosts Extensions for Entrepreneurs

Go Full Page helped me with my day-to-day workflow by allowing me with the press of a button to take a full-page screenshot. I always need to take screenshots of inspiration, whether it's for my clients' websites or a completely new business idea that I'm working on. The best feature, though, is that you have the option to save the screenshots as a picture or a PDF.

Whatever your use case is, if you're looking for a quick way to take a screenshot of your full tab and not just little sections, then the Chrome extension Go Full Page is for you.

5. Text to speech voice

Best Chrome Productivity Boosts Extensions for Entrepreneurs

If you're like me and you absorb information quicker when you listen to it, instead of reading it on the screen or reading in a book, this one is for you. Intelligent Speaker is an advanced text-to-speech voice software that can read web pages, documents, and PDFs to you. An intelligent speaker reads like a human voice, so it's easy to understand and follow along with your content. Sometimes I just don't have the time to sit at my computer and review a document, so to be able to listen to it like a podcast is so useful.

6. Remove Recommendations

Best Chrome Productivity Boosts Extensions for Entrepreneurs

Have you ever went on social media to look for one specific thing just to be drawn into cat videos and get sucked down this social media rabbit hole? With a chrome extension called Remove Recommendations for YouTube VK Facebook, you can now focus on the task you originally went on the platform to do, because this extension allows you to remove those annoying recommendations from YouTube and Facebook from the sidebar. With a simple click, you can hide those useless suggestions and comments to help you not get distracted and take back your time.

7. Note board

Best Chrome Productivity Boosts Extensions for Entrepreneurs

Social media isn't the only distraction that stops us from being productive. Sometimes it's all the thoughts that are in our head and the constant balancing act of trying to remember them all. With the Chrome extension called note board, you can work smarter, not harder, in your digital workflow. Note board is a note-taking and mind mapping chrome extension that makes it easy to capture your thoughts, ideas, and information.

You can write notes like sticky notes, save pages with a screenshot to read later or capture any web content. Then you can create Kanban boards to organize your notes in columns and share them with others. This is kind of like sticky notes on steroids.

8. Water reminder

Best Chrome Productivity Boosts Extensions for Entrepreneurs

It looks like it's time for my water break. Did you have your water today? It's easy to forget to drink water throughout the day. That's why this chrome extension called water reminder will literally remind you to do exactly that. This extension is a great and free way to motivate you to drink more water.

It's easy to install and it places a reminder right at the top of your browser and all you have to do is set the frequency in which you would like to be reminded. As an entrepreneur, sometimes it feels like we are in a never-ending marathon, and in order to get to that finish line, we need to be healthy to do so.

9. Dark Reader

Best Chrome Productivity Boosts Extensions for Entrepreneurs

Speaking of health, did you know that doctors say people who are frequently exposed to digital devices can get digital eyestrain? Digital eye strain can cause significant discomfort, sore eyes, blurry vision, headaches, and even neck or shoulder pain, which would all cause you to be less productive. Dark Reader is an eye care chrome extension that enables you to create night mode, which creates dark themes for any website. You can also invert bright colors, making them high contrast and easy to read at night.

10. Tide Focus Timer

Best Chrome Productivity Boosts Extensions for Entrepreneurs

If you spend a significant amount of time online like tweeting, blogging, or posting on social media. It's important to be aware of how that affects your eyesight. The extensions I names so far can help in optimizing your productivity, but in order to be productive, you must have the discipline to be focused. With the Tide Focus Timer, you can get focused on your main priority by being immersed in an environment with natural sounds like streams and soothing wind.

This extension also uses the Pomodoro technique for productivity. The Pomodoro method helps you achieve a more productive workflow by breaking down big tasks into smaller ones. 25 minutes of work followed by 5 minute breaks Twenty-five. So all you have to do is set your timer and forget it. To help create better focus habits you can even tell the Tide extension to block distracting websites so you can truly have an immersive and productive workspace.

It's easy to say you're busy, but when it comes down to it, being productive means getting things done. If you want to be more productive, you have to be strategic about how and where you use your time because your time is so valuable. Chrome extensions are a great way to save time and increase your productivity. And believe me, they will make your life easier. Let me know in the comments which Chrome extension has made you the most productive.

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