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Best Chrome Extensions For Productivity

I have a browser tab problem. I just can't seem to help myself from having 50 or 80 browser tabs open at one time and completely taking up all my computer's ram, which is why I now have this little extension that automatically hides the browser tabs I'm not using and groups them into projects, and that's not all? 
So we're gonna focus mainly on Chrome in this article since it is the most popular browser out there.

The 16 Best Chrome Extensions that Boost your Productivity

1. Habitica Pomodoro SiteKeeper

Habitica Pomodoro SiteKeeper, which is kind of a mouthful but it is now my Pomodoro app of choice. So, if you're unfamiliar with the Pomodoro technique. Now, if you haven't used Habitica before it uses RPG and video game elements to sort of build a habit-tracking app that keeps you a bit more motivated to track your habits, especially if you're a nerd like me. But I will note that even if you're not into the RPG stuff, Habitica is a fantastic habit-tracking app, possibly one of the best out there because it's open-source, which means it has a ton of advanced features that don't cost anything where other apps that have similar features always want you to pay, which is pretty nice.

And in keeping with that way of doing things this extension for Pomodoro timing has a lot of cool features that a lot of other Pomodoro apps that I've seen want you to pay for, like tracking your Pomodoro stats. A lot of  want you to pay for that. This one does it for free and it does a few other cool things as well, namely, it connects to Habitica and adds Pomodoro-based habits to your habit tracking.

It also has a site blocker so you can add whatever sites you want to its block list and during Pomodoro sessions all of those sites are gonna be blocked. You can also add costs to websites and if you add a cost to a website it's gonna be blocked all the time, even outside of Pomodoro sessions and you can get into them for a limited amount of time by paying gold from Habitica.

Now, personally, I love having this extension connected to Habitica since I use the crap out of it, but if you don't happen to use that or you want something a little less nerdy, there is another extension called Tide, which has a Pomodoro timer, it's got the stat keeping for free, it's got the site blocker, so it's very similar but it doesn't have the Habitica connections. So check that out as an alternative.

2. uBlock Origin

It is a great lightweight ad-blocking extension for most browsers. There are a lot of ad blockers out there. I like uBlock Origin because it is again lightweight, it doesn't use a lot of resources, and if you want you can add sites to a white list so you can support them and see their ads if you trust them. But I have long held that an ad-blocking extension is almost as necessary for computer security as an antivirus program and here is why.

A lot of website owners do not place their own ads. They have third-party ad placement extensions that they put on their pages and they trust the third party to place those ads and there have been many instances where those third-party networks have placed ads that contain malware or exploits.

So I am not going to trust my computer security to every website in the world that I happen to go to. I use an ad blocker as a default and then I white list sites if I trust them. And one other really nice thing that uBlock Origin let me do is to add filters, which can block certain elements of websites.

For instance, that what's happening section on Twitter is always full of these sensationalist headlines that just suck me in and waste a ton of my time. I never wanna see what's happening on Twitter ever again and luckily in my filters section of uBlock Origin I can paste code and that is exactly what happens. It gets hidden and that is just.

3. TabCopy

Best Productivity Apps to boost your Productivity

I am absolutely terrible with tabs. I'll just have like a million tabs open and then I go like to shut my computer down at the end of the night, but I want a lot of these tabs. Like, I want to know what they were at least. So there's a little extension called tap copy, and you can just click this little red button here and copy the URLs to all of your open tabs and you can choose to have, like the expanded word will have the title and the meta-description, compact is just the title or just the link.

So I'll copy all the tabs and then I can just open up Notion and I can go to my little dashboard or my note-taking system. I'm just going to put them in my little daily tasks scratchpad here, but just boom. Every URL that I had open is nowhere. So, I can finally close down my browser at the end of the night, but not lose anything because I know it's been tracked here in Notion.

4. Forest

Best Productivity Apps to boost your Productivity

It pretty much turns focusing on tasks into a game how it works is: you set a timer for how long you're going to do a specific task without distractions. If the timers up and you succeeded, you plant a tree. And if during that time you actually went on some sort of website and you were trying to procrastinate, well.. the tree dies. And in the process, you create a cute little forest with a bunch of little productivity trees.

Now I highly recommend getting the app as well, because if you connect the desktop extension with your app, it'll also be able to tell if you're being all sneaky and stuff. And also whenever you successfully plant a tree, you get some virtual coins as well, and you collect those virtual coins with those virtual coins you can buy other cute little trees, and basically, you can customize your little forest.

5. Workona Tab Manager

Best Productivity Apps to boost your Productivity

This is probably my new favorite extension on Chrome because to make a bit of admission here I'm a really bad tab hoarder. My friends love to make fun of the fact that I often have 50 or 100 tabs open, but that's just my nature. I always have multiple research projects going on and before I know it the browser header bar on my computer screen is just this unintelligible mess of tiny slivers of tabs.

I can't even see what they are at that point and that's the problem that Workona helps people like me to solve. It basically gives you this dashboard where you can create multiple projects and then group your tabs into those projects. You can also switch between projects and Workona actually suspends the tabs that you're not using and hides them if they're not an open project so you only see what is relevant to the project that you're working on.

So basically, Workona makes context switching a lot better within Chrome but it also encourages you to be working on one specific project at a time because you know the grouping of tabs you have open are only related to that project.

6. ToDoist

Best Productivity Apps to boost your Productivity

It's a quick way to organize the work or study or any other tasks that you have for the day. You can also add websites as tasks, for example, you can add a blog post to your reading list or save an item to your wish list. The thing I found the coolest was that you can connect your google calendar with the extension and why that's awesome is because I time block in my google calendar.

Todoist takes those tasks from my google calendar and turns them into a to-do list. Basically, whenever you check off a task that you have completed, Todoist removes it from your calendar so at the end of the day or at the end of the week, you'll see how much work you actually did.

If you're a visual person, this is a really cool thing. It also helps break down bigger tasks into smaller ones, which makes you a lot less overwhelmed and makes the bigger tasks easier to complete.

7. Notion Boost

Best Productivity Apps to boost your Productivity

I am a huge user of Notion. I basically run my entire business through it. I've got my task management in it and I write all my articles and do all my research in it. I absolutely love Notion but there is a feature that I have wished Notion would add for a really long time and it's a feature that's in a lot of other notetaking and writing apps. That is a floating sticky outline.

I wanna be able to see all of my headings and be able to zoom to them and a lot of other apps have this. Google Docs has it, Dropbox Paper has it, Obsidian has it, Slite has it, unfortunately, Notion does not. They do have a table of contents block but when you put that somewhere it just stays where you put it and you have to scroll up to find it.

Not that useful. So Notion Boost adds Notion, at least in the browser, to that hallowed collection of apps that have the beautiful sticky floating outline on the sidebar. It does a few other things as well, but that is absolutely the coolest thing for me that it does.

I've got a lot of really long articles I write in Notion, I've got huge research documents, and having that sticky sidebar is really, really nice for being able to zoom to different sections.

8. SessionBuddy

Best Productivity Apps to boost your Productivity

Are you the kind of person who does research work and/or has so many things on their minds when they're on their browser and suddenly you have all these different tabs open and you don't know which one is which and you get all confused clicking all these different tabs yeah, me too.

So this app helps you manage all those different tabs and put them in separate categories and hide them away until you need to go back to them. For example, you're doing work and you have all of these different tabs open for your research or work, but at the same time, you have all of these tabs open for the top 10 lists of the best robot vacuum cleaners & which one is best for your carpet type.

You can put them in separate categories in the extension and hide them away until you need to go back to those tabs. and no more tab clutter!

9. AudiBlogs

Best Productivity Apps to boost your Productivity

It translates written articles into podcast narrations that you can send to your phone, which are narrated by a scarily good AI narration algorithm. This thing is way better than it has any right to be and I have never heard of a text-to-speech algorithm that works anywhere near as good as this thing. Sometimes it gets inflections wrong, sometimes it's a little wonky, but 95% of the time it's perfectly listenable.

And the reason I have this on my list is that for me one of my top priorities and values in life is daily, low-level movements walk and bike rides, in addition, to my sessions in the gym and more intense exercise. For me, this is a non-negotiable priority in my life and when I go for these walks and bike rides I love to listen to usually audiobooks so I can keep learning or keep myself entertained while I'm out on them.

Sometimes, I'm on my computer, I come across an article, and I wanna read that but I also wanna go out for a walk or a bike ride. So AudioBlogs lets me turn that article into a podcast narration and listen to it while I do that.

10. Web Clippers

Best Productivity Apps to boost your Productivity

There are web clippers for Notion, for Evernote, and for OneNote and these extensions basically take the entire content of a webpage or at least the text part and pour it over to the note-taking app that you're using. Now personally I don't use web clippers very often because I've got a combination of other apps that basically do the same thing for me.

If I want to make sure a bunch of tabs are saved in my resource section, well I've got Workona for that. If I'm reading an article and I wanna highlight something, I've got Readwise for that. And if I wanna just put something in my big jumble of stuff that I can go look at later, I've got Pocket for that.

But for some people, Web Clipper is going to be the thing that fits the bill. So we're mentioning it here and I'm gonna mention specifically the ones for Notion, OneNote, and Evernote because they're the ones that I know about.

11. Readwise

Best Productivity Apps to boost your Productivity

This is a wonderful highlighter app that allows you to make highlights from Kindle books, from podcast episodes, from actual print books if you use their phone app with the camera and the built-in text recognition feature and in anything that you read on the internet. With the extension installed, all you need to do is highlight some text, right-click, and send that highlight to Readwise.

This is a great way to keep a collection of the things that you want to remember. have the Readwise extension which while it won't leave those highlights on the webpage will send them to your Readwise account and if you have one of their sync options turned on can send the highlights over to RemNote or Rome Research or if you're like me, to Notion.

12. Toggl

Best Productivity Apps to boost your Productivity

I think we've all been in this situation before: you open your laptop or computer, you're about to do some productive work and suddenly it feels like you black out, wake up and realize that you've been watching fake pranks on Facebook for 2 hours straight. So this extension is good for tracking time spent on specific things whether it's scrolling on Facebook, watching YouTube videos, or doing work, anything.

I also love that it integrates with a lot of google extensions that I use. They also have a Pomodoro mode, which is basically an amazing productivity technique. And if you're worried that you're gonna forget about tracking your time, you can also set reminders in the extension.

13. News Feed Eradicator for Facebook

Best Productivity Apps to boost your Productivity

Even though it says for Facebook in the title, this is an extension that can eradicate the newsfeed in a ton of different social media websites; YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Instagram may not be on the list there but most of the distractions usual suspects are and ya gotta do is hit a little checkbox and the feed on that website is going to be deleted essentially.

It's gonna be hidden so that allows you to use social media if you're somebody like me who needs to make posts on social media or you wanna check your mentions and engage with your audience, without getting sucked into your feed. It's something that I keep on almost all the time only turning off if I really wanna check the feed for a specific reason.

14. Pocket

Best Productivity Apps to boost your Productivity

Pocket is an extension that just lets you save web pages. Readwise really wants you to make a selection and kind of save a snippet of text. Pocket is just for like eh, I wanna save this cool webpage that I found for later and that's exactly what I use it for.

If I come across an article that I don't have time to read and wanna read later or if I come across just like a cool app that I wanna share with my audience I will hit that Pocket button in my browser and it saves it to my little Pocket list, which I can go and review later on.

And another cool thing about Pocket is their mobile apps have the ability to download articles for offline reading. So, if you're somebody who commutes on the subway or you take a lot of flights or you somehow have a lot of time or you're offline, the pocket can be a really, really useful app and extension combo.

15. Reader View

Best Productivity Apps to boost your Productivity

The Reader View on mobile Safari takes a page full of distracting elements and boils it down to its essentials, namely the content that you wanna read. It also gives you typography options, which is pretty sweet. You can change the font size, you can change the line height, it's pretty nice. Now, some web designers like yours truly, design a website so extensions like this aren't needed.

It seems like almost every website out there these days has a popup asking you to subscribe, their email newsletter, there's a sidebar, there's mid-content ads, all kinds of crap that is just distracting and makes the page load slower. So an extension like Reader View is really, really nice for being able to get rid of all of that and just read the thing that you came to read and there are a couple of other cool features as well built-in.

There's a dark mode filter and actually some light-theming options. There is a text-to-speech mode, which is honestly pretty bad. I would just use AudioBlogs if you really want that, but there's also a built-in highlighter, and like in Command, the highlights you make persist even if you refresh the page.

Now it's not gonna send your highlights to Readwise as well so there is a couple of different actions to take if you want both those things to happen. That's why Command is still the gold standard for researchers as far as I'm concerned, but it is pretty cool having that highlighter feature at least.

16. ClickUp

Best Productivity Apps to boost your Productivity

This extension is a multi-tool, it has so many different things at once. So if you're that kind of person that hates having all of these different extensions on your browser, then ClickUp is definitely one of the extensions that would I recommend. So with ClickUp you can integrate your calendar, track your time by connecting your tracking extension, you can also choose one of many templates from personal vacation planning to project management. It also allows you to take quick notes, screenshots, managing emails, tracking time spent on a task, and so many more!


So, for all this article I've talked about extensions that can make you work more productivity on the internet but what about making the internet work more productively for you? Well, that's exactly what happens when you have your own online presence where you can connect with people or you have your own platform or you own your content and where you can maybe make connections with potential employers, potential clients, people who you could work with.

If you haven't started building an online presence for yourself, it's something you should definitely think about and at least take the first step to do, which is getting your own domain name. Even if you're not ready to build your own website yet, getting that domain name locked down is crucial because if somebody goes out and registers it before you can get it, well you're kind of out of luck.

So, as soon as you can go over to Hover and register yourself a domain name. Hover is a great place to do it because unlike a lot of other places out there they have a completely hassle-free and speedy checkout process. They're not trying to upsell you on a bunch of stuff like a lot of other websites and registers are.

They also have over 400 extensions to choose from, your .coms and .mes, which are great for your professional presence, but also more fun ones like .lol and .ninja. And once you have your domain, they also have a feature called Connect, which lets you easily hook that domain up to online website builders and online store builders.

So, if you're ready to claim your domain, make sure nobody else can take it, go on over to buy it. I work really hard to make sure that my content is research-backed and detailed and has a high production value. If you have other extension recommendations you wanna make, let me know down in the comments. Let me know what I missed, let me know what's good for other browsers.

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