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Best Productivity Apps to boost your Productivity

Best Productivity Apps to boost your Productivity

I talk a lot about productivity apps, but for the most part, the apps that I cover tend to be the more well-known ones, Notion, Todoist. So today I want to talk about some of the lesser-known productivity apps that you should use on a daily basis to improve your respective workflows.

10 Best Productivity Apps to boost your productivity

1. Alfred Workflows

Best Productivity Apps to boost your Productivity

We have an amazing Mac app and this is one of the most powerful things about a Mac, which is unfortunately not quite built into the operating system. And this is an app called Alfred. And the cool thing about Alfred is you press command and space and then it brings up the box that essentially lets you type anything. The Windows equivalent is sort of like hitting the Windows logo key and on Mac sort of like using spotlight search, but Alfred is just a lot more powerful than the default built-in options.

So, there are lots of things you can do with Alfred. But the simple one is you can use it to open any kind of app. So let's say you wanna open Chrome. you would hit the command space bar and I would just type in "chr" and you'd hit enter and Chrome will open. And so normally if you wanna open Chrome, it would take you at least two seconds to go all the way across your ultra-wide monitor and click. Whereas with Alfred, it's sort of done in less than half a second. And there's like a lot more you can do with Alford? Like it's not just launching apps.

You can actually do a Google search or open a website pretty instantly. - that's what I like about it compared to just the usual Mac spotlight. Mac spotlight lets you open apps, it's reasonable, but let's say I want to search for something on Google. you can just type in whatever you want and hit enter and it will just automatically realize that I'm trying to search Google. If you want to search Amazon, type in the "ama" tab, and then you can search Amazon for whatever. If I want to open a file, press the space bar and then you can open any kind of file.

The other really cool thing is that it's got custom workflows that you can put into Alfred.  you can use is integration with the Fantastical calendar app and you can just type in "cal." So meeting tomorrow at 2:00 PM in Oxford and it will natural language processing that and automatically say, see, it's added the location, it's added meeting, it's added the time. That's awesome.

And so this makes it super easy to input calendar events as soon as like. The other really cool thing about Alfred is the clipboard saving. use the crap out of the clipboard saver.  It's so helpful because how many times have you sort of copied something and then overwritten it by copying something else? But this gives you unlimited basically keyboard history.

2. Airr

Best Productivity Apps to boost your Productivity

It is a podcast app, which is unfortunately available for iOS only. Now Airr is amazing because Airr is a podcast app that lets you save the best moments from podcasts and they call them Airr quotes. So the idea is that let's say you're listening to an episode of "The Knowledge Project" where Derek Sivers is being interviewed. So obviously I'm listening to this at 2x speed and anytime I come across something where I think, you can hit the Airr quote button and it will save the last 30 seconds of what I just heard, and for most of these kinds of big podcasts, they've got transcripts available for them.

So it will automatically transcribe and figure out what Derek was saying and therefore you got a written record of the bits from the podcast that you want to save. you can title it. And now whenever you want, you can look at my Airr quotes and you can see this library of quotes that you've saved from various different podcasts.

3. Readwise

Best Productivity Apps to boost your Productivity

The other really cool thing about this is that this actually integrates with another app called Readwise, which is what you use to help resurface your highlights from Kindle and from Instapaper and Twitter. But the really cool thing is that Readwise has integration with Notion where anytime you can make any Kindle highlights, it will automatically import into this really nice libraries thing in Notion where you can see all your books. So all your highlights, go into the correct book row.

4. Tick Tick

Best Productivity Apps to boost your Productivity

I have been using it for nearly two years right now because tick tick is probably one of the easiest apps to use out there. It is definitely easy and when I say it is easy to use I literally mean you just need five minutes to understand the whole app. First, my main goal was to just actually write down my daily tasks so that I don't actually forget anything but after a couple of upgrades they actually added habit trackers.

So right now, tick tick is all in all completely a workspace that you can use to set yourself goals, set yourself daily tasks, create an inbox where you can also create some goals and tasks. And at the same time, you can create new projects and lists and track everything easily.

At the same time, it is actually a habit tracker plus you can easily use the built-in Pomodoro timer feature which can also make you more focused while you're studying and working as well. So, definitely, an app that you should check out, and my experience with tick tick has been really great.

First of all, if you are a person who doesn't really want to use 10 different apps to track something if you just need one app to do everything that you want to do. At the same time definitely cool built so when you are using it you really feel like you are cool which is weird but you know definitely an app that is worth checking out.

For a long time, I was actually using multiple different apps to track everything in my life, and after I actually downloaded tick tick and I started using it pretty well. I personally think that tick tick is probably one of the apps that you can like easily download and don't really think about other apps because it's just very good.

5. Forest

Best Productivity Apps to boost your Productivity

The main goal of using forest is basically being more productive and being more actually focused while you are studying or working every time. I jump into a work session, I basically set my timer from the forest and I start building a tree every single successful study session you have. It gives you a tree so basically a great deal and every single time you actually try to.

For example, check your emails, check social media, watch youtube videos when you are studying and that it gives you a kind of like a warning that says go back to your studying go back to your working because if you are going to continue watching this video you're going to die.

You're going to make your tree die so definitely a cool app to check out. It doesn't allow you to go on Instagram go on social media, go on youtube, go on WhatsApp, and see messages because your main goal should be actually having that task done. Y=The forest is probably one of the best apps that I would recommend to anyone who is having problems with social media checking emails throughout the day. because it is definitely a tool that you should check out.

I personally use it on a pretty much daily basis whenever I'm not really feeling in the mood because when you know for a fact that you're gonna get a tree and if you work well in a day you're gonna have a small forest out of. You know study sessions which is definitely cool. So check out forest I've been using it for a couple of months right now but I actually stopped using it for a month so it is definitely a very good app to consider.

6. Text Expansion

Best Productivity Apps to boost your Productivity

It's something that's built into every Apple device. So iOS, iPad OS, Mac OS. And it's something that a lot of people don't know about and that is keyboard replacement. So if you go on your system preferences on your Mac and you hit the keyboard, then under this text thing what you can actually do is create these like little keyboard replacement-y thingies for whatever you want.

So often I'll get a question from people being like, hey, how do you study for exams? And if I type in exclamation mark A-R across any of my devices, so iPhone, iPad, Mac, it will replace it with how to study for exams, evidence-based revision tips, and a link to my YouTube video. If I type in exclamation desk set up across any device, it will say my productivity desk set up 2019 or 2020 or, and the link to the video.

Basically, any important thing that I find myself typing out more than once I will turn into one of these keyboard replacement things and it will just be synced across all my devices and I think that's completely magical and I think more people should do this.

7. Habitica

Best Productivity Apps to boost your Productivity

RGB fans out there there's a habit tracker called Habitica in which you can literally do anything which literally looks like an RGB game. You can create habits, set up daily tasks, manage your projects and all sorts of a different kind of stuff and also build good habits and break your bad habits which is definitely a cool app. The more good things you accomplish in the app the more good things that you actually get done the more money you make in the app.

So, you can literally buy items and equipment for your character which is literally an RGB game as I said before. My favorite thing about this app is basically there are a lot of people using this app. So there's a huge community out there who are really making like challenges every single week, every single month to actually get themselves to a better position, like if you have a lot of friends who are into productivity then you can basically build up a team and create a challenge for each other for a daily task or a daily habit.

And if one of the team members skips a day then all of the other people in the team are going to get damage from their points or their health. I'm not really sure right now so it is definitely a very good place to have some account-ability because you don't want to let your team down. However, if you're not really that into nerd stuff and if you are a person who just needs a classic, app in which you can basically track your habits.

8. todoist

Best Productivity Apps to boost your Productivity

I have used probably around a year that I still recommend to a lot of my friends which is Todoist. Todoist has been probably one of the best and one of the biggest productivity apps out there. Because everybody was basically using it and the reason why everybody was using it because the app is definitely cool built at the same time. Yt is really easy to use.

It's not actually a habit tracker in you actually with help of a to-do list you set up daily tasks, you manage your projects, for example, every single time that I have a huge presentation that I have to give I always use to do is because I don't want to forget anything in my project.

So, if you are looking for an app in which you can basically track your to-do lists, track your goals, track everything that you have in your life then todoist is going to be my biggest recommendation for you.

Also at the beginning of this website, I started a project called webtspot in my todoist app, and basically, I'm tracking everything that I have about this website on my to-do list. Because it is definitely easy to use and also from the moment I actually started using it. I never ever forgot a task that I had to do. Its a definitely cool and great app actually to consider

9. Habitify

Best Productivity Apps to boost your Productivity

Habitify is a very easy-to-use effort app in which you can basically track your habits because I'm telling you it is easy because the only function you can do in this app is basically tracking your habits. So if you just want an app in which you can track your habits that is cool built which is definitely easy to use.

However, if you are looking for more like an app in which you can essentially create some tasks set up daily goals then the app you should go for probably tick tick because tick tick does both but habitify just does the habit tracking part. So if you are just looking for an effort tracker then habitify is going to be one of my best recommendations out there.

10. Loom

Best Productivity Apps to boost your Productivity

It is not exclusive to Windows. It is on both Mac OS and Windows. So anybody using it or anybody on any OS can use it. So you can take a lot of screenshots and a lot of screencasts to essentially document what you are doing, but Loom lets you quickly record your screen and then instantly gives you a link you can copy and paste to share with somebody. You can use the crap out of this because it has a Notion integration.

So, you have a knowledge base in our Notion workspace and anytime you want to document a process really quickly for somebody on my team, you can create a page for it and then just do whatever you need to do in a Loom recording and once you done, it immediately copies the URL to clipboard and you can paste it right here into a Notion page. That's really helpful.


So, these were my best productivity apps and I really hope you got some value out of them. I really hope that you are going to be using at least one of these apps out of this article to help you ensure that you are actually a very productive person. So, if you got some value out of this article, let me know in the comment section below.

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