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Best iPad Productivity Apps for Creative Entrepreneurs

Let's talk about productivity on the iPad. As a creative entrepreneur, photographer, and content creator, being able to get to my content on the go and work on it, is super important. And in my opinion, the iPad Pro is probably one of the most portable and best ways to do this. I'm a wedding photographer, Fujifilm X-Photographer, and creative entrepreneur. I've been doing this for 5 years now and absolutely love making videos, teaching others, and doing wedding photography.

Best iPad Productivity Apps for Creative Entrepreneurs

I'm super passionate about using iPads as a laptop replacement and whether you have an iPad Pro or the new iPad Air, you can get so much work done on an iPad, you really can. And just to give you some context, I use the iPad Pro 11 inch. It is my iPad of choice but again, even if you have one of the older iPads, the new iPad Air, or the larger 12.9 inch Pro, all of this stuff is gonna work for you.

7 Best iPad Productivity Apps for Creative Entrepreneurs

1. Spark

Best iPad Productivity Apps for Creative Entrepreneurs

This is my favorite email client Spark. With Spark email, I'm able to load in a bunch of my different email accounts and manage them all at the same time. It has Smart Inboxes, so it's able to separate everything so I can get in there quick and easily and see what I need to see and not be muddled down by too much noise 'cause I have like six different email accounts that I use in mine and I get a lot of emails.

You can also use Spark with a team of people. So if it's just you or maybe you and an admin or five people y'all can all work together and craft an email together or you can delegate emails out to someone and have them finish it up for you, which I do all the time because again, I get a lot of emails and it's easier for me to send it over to an admin and have them handle it there.

Spark is free to use and you only have to start paying for it when you have a larger team and you're delegating out a lot of emails. And when you get to that point, you're only paying $8 a month, which is awesome. So definitely check out Spark is in the App Store and hands down the best, best I've ever used.

2. HoneyBook

Best iPad Productivity Apps for Creative Entrepreneurs

It is my most used app. If you're not familiar with HoneyBook, it is an online client management system that helps you communicate with your clients quickly and easily, send digital contracts and get signatures, and also get paid quickly and easily online. They have built-in automation, workflows, proposals you can send, questionnaires, there's everything that you will need for your business.

And as a creative entrepreneur and photographer, this hands down gets the most use out of me. Now HoneyBook doesn't technically have an app on the iPad but the web app works perfectly on iPads. Since iOS 13 I believe it is, iPads now will load the full desktop version of a site, so you're able to use HoneyBook just fine on an iPad no matter the size. You can see here on my 11 inch it loads everything and works great.

And I'm getting all the features of HoneyBook as well since it's getting the full desktop version. So I'm able to communicate with my clients and send them proposals, get that stuff signed, and get paid. So now that we've talked about more of the productivity and admin side, it's time to get into the creative side as well, starting out with obviously Lightroom.

3. Lightroom

Best iPad Productivity Apps for Creative Entrepreneurs

So as a photographer I spend most of my time in Lightroom. And the fact that I can sync Lightroom CC on my iPad to Lightroom Classic on my desktop, is hands down the best feature. And really Lightroom is the first thing that really got me off of laptops. So for 9.99 a month, you're getting Lightroom and also Photoshop that you can use on desktop and on your iPad. And mind you, editing on the iPad it's cool because you can also use things like the Apple Pencil.

You're able to sync your photos again and also you can sync your presets. So it's super easy to get your same workflow from your desktop onto your iPad and not even need a laptop. Again, if you haven't checked out Lightroom on an iPad, you really need to do it.

Since we're talking about editing photos in Lightroom, don't forget about the best place to share your photos online.

4. Squarespace

Best iPad Productivity Apps for Creative Entrepreneurs

Squarespace is an online website builder, where you can build your website easily with pre-made templates to make it a plug-and-play experience. I myself have been using Squarespace for the entirety of my photography business which has been 5 years, and it's the best place for me to find new clients and have them get in contact with me. On top of being able to show off my portfolio and book new clients, I'm also able to view the analytics of who's visiting my site and from where.

It's easy to use, easy to get to and their customer support is hands down amazing. And next up, obviously, since we're talking about Adobe products is Photoshop.

5. Photoshop

Now I don't spend a lot of time inside of Photoshop, but the fact that they have a full working version of Photoshop on the iPad is pretty awesome. And obviously the fools with an asterisk, you can't do as much, but it's definitely there and usable. For me, someone who's doing just a little bit of healing and stuff, Photoshop on the iPad is perfect. Also, it links up with Lightroom on the iPad, so you can just send a photo from Lightroom in Photoshop and finish it up there.

And again, this comes along with that 9.99 a month, you get both of the apps and you're able to use them.

6. LumaFusion

Best iPad Productivity Apps for Creative Entrepreneurs

And since I also do more video creation, LumaFusion is hands down the best video app on the iPad. If you're not familiar with LumaFusion, again is for video editing and honestly, it's very comparable to Final Cut Pro, which is what I use on my desktop. I believe it's around $20 on the App Store and hands down It's the easiest thing I've ever edited in. I've done a couple of videos and it edits pretty much like Final Cut.

And not only does it edit like Final Cut, but there's a new feature, an additional $20, where you can export an XML and then open it back up in Final Cut. I've done it a couple of times and I love it. So being on the road and only having my iPad, loading some stuff in and editing everything right there on the iPad, export it, and throw it in Final Cut to finish it up.

And again, the price may be a little bit scary for an app, but if you're doing video creation, it's definitely something you wanna get. I recommend it to everybody and I am super happy with my purchase of LumaFusion.

I put most of my video content in there and I'm also using it in LumaFusion and I can transfer it back to Final Cut and I can just move my files back and forth wherever I need to. I feel like iCloud Drive alone, really makes using an iPad as a laptop possible. Without it, it's the worst experience. So definitely make sure you check it out. 

7. Todoist

Best iPad Productivity Apps for Creative Entrepreneurs

Todoist is a to-do app that helps you regulate your to-do list and also they just recently added a new Kanban board which I absolutely love. I actually stopped using Trello just because of that. It has all the stuff you would expect from a to-do app. So your reminders, you can set to-do's, you can delegate them to a team. So again, you can use this with a team of people, which is absolutely awesome.

You have reminders, just everything you would absolutely need in a to-do program. It's only $3 a month for premium, so it's definitely something to check out. I pay for premium and I use it on absolutely everything. And like I said again if you use Trello and you're looking for a replacement, this is great as well. I do all my YouTube video planning in it, and I absolutely loved the new Kanban board.

iCloud Drive

To tie in the whole iPad with your main Mac. And also just being able to save yourself some space on your iPad is the iCloud Drive. If you haven't used iCloud drive or not paying for it, you need to go ahead and start doing it. You can get up to two terabytes for only 9.99 a month. And this works right inside of files on your iPad. This is a great way to transfer files between your Mac and also your iPad.

And if your iPad doesn't have a lot of space, it will save you there because they'll keep the things on the cloud and you only download them to your iPad when you need them. Using the Drive feels straight up like Finder inside of my Mac and the fact that it's syncing and backing up is absolutely awesome.


And those would be my 7 apps for productivity, for creative entrepreneurs. If you're a creative entrepreneur, photographer, videographer, freelance, let me know in the comments below what apps you like using on your iPad. Also, let me know if you feel like you can replace your laptop with an iPad. I've been doing it now for 2 to 3 years, and honestly, it has been the best experience, I cannot buy a laptop anymore, I just can't. So I hope those apps were helpful for you all. And if you have any questions about them, let me know, I'm happy to answer them.

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