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Top Best Apps for Mac Maintenance & Productivity

Top Best Apps for Mac Maintenance & Productivity

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Once you go Mac you never go back”? If yes, you know it holds true. Macs are premium devices with amazing features, outstanding apps, and top-notch desktop programs supplied by Apple. But there are also lots of third-party tools that can change the way you use your Mac every day. In this article, I’m gonna show the top 10 best apps for Mac that you just can’t do without.

Whether you just bought your first computer or you’re a longtime Apple customer, these best programs for Mac will surely elevate your user experience.

Top 10 Best Apps for Mac Maintenance & Productivity

1. CleanMyMac X

Top Best Apps for Mac Maintenance & Productivity

Feeling overwhelmed by computer clutter?

Luckily, CleanMyMac X is here to save the day. It’s an all-in-one optimization tool with a stunning, intuitive interface and a range of features for scanning, organizing, and deleting files. CleanMyMac X can help you get better performance by eliminating system junk with one click. As a result, you save valuable space and processing power.

It also deals with Mac-specific threats to keep your device malware-free. Yes, Macs can get viruses too. So, if something suspicious tries to sneak into your computer, it’ll be immediately caught and destroyed. But best of all, the tool is absolutely safe to run on your Mac, as it passed the Apple notarization process. You can download a trial version for free and try it out first.

2. Cold Turkey

Top Best Apps for Mac Maintenance & Productivity

Everyone has those problem sites, the ones you visit for a quick break, and end up scrolling for 45 minutes. Self-discipline can be hard to develop when every moment you spend on your computer is a temptation. Cold Turkey helps you develop better browsing habits and wins back your productive time. How? It blocks the websites of your choice. If you spend every minute of the day on social media, you surely need a tool like this.

Cold Turkey offers unlimited website blocking, motivational block pages, cross-browser support, helpful statistics, scheduling, and more. The unique feature called Frozen Turkey locks you out of your computer completely for a set period. This Pro-only feature could compel if you have a hard time shutting down your device at night and going to bed.

If you’re serious about productivity, you may want to try Cold Turkey. It comes for free, but with limitations.

3. Evernote

Top Best Apps for Mac Maintenance & Productivity

Next is an ultimate organizer and daily planner. Evernote is the king of note-taking apps, and for a good reason. It's simple, intuitive, and accessible from nearly any device to save and organize all of your most important ideas and thoughts. Since it's one of the best-known apps existing today, there are tons of browser extensions and add-ons available for it.

Instead of limiting you to what you can type, Evernote lets you improve your notes with a good deal of extra content such as images, audio recordings, videos, and calendar entries.

More than just a digital notepad, Evernote is a superb choice for a one-stop productivity hub. It offers a free version that provides a slew of basic functionality, which works perfectly well for most people.

4. Grammarly

Top Best Apps for Mac Maintenance & Productivity

Looking for the best grammar checker to use in 2021?

Grammarly is the best writing assistant you never knew you needed. It not only corrects your grammar but also gives you comprehensive writing feedback. You can use Grammarly to improve your social media updates, emails, blog posts, articles, and even early drafts of book chapters. Its advanced AI can help with issues at all stages of the writing process, including spelling mistakes, grammar errors, awkward phrasing, and missing words.

The checker works perfectly well both as a web extension and a desktop app. It won't just fix your mistakes. In fact, it'll make you a stronger and more productive writer, whether you're writing for yourself or for an audience. I’ve used both free and premium versions since 2015, and it’s been great so far.

5. 1password

Top Best Apps for Mac Maintenance & Productivity

Do you hate trying to remember every single password for every account you have?

1Password is a fantastic password manager that can remember all your passwords for you. It keeps them safe in a fully encrypted vault, which you then access using a master password. Super simple, but very helpful! This secure password vault keeps all your login data in one place. So you can look up your username and password for any app, site, or service in just a few seconds.

6. Gemini 2

Top Best Apps for Mac Maintenance & Productivity

There’s nothing more annoying than tons of identical and duplicate files on your Mac or external drive. It becomes even more frustrating if you have no time to sort them all. Luckily, Gemini 2 saves the day. It quickly finds both duplicate and similar photos and helps you trash them with a click. For example, if you have several images showing the same object but taken from different angles, Gemini will display them and suggest leaving only one. The app isn’t freeware, but there’s the demo version that does allow you to check it out first.

7. Bartender

Top Best Apps for Mac Maintenance & Productivity

Having a bunch of open windows can be a drain on productivity. Bartender 3 is a small but powerful manager for your Mac’s menu bar. Designed with organization in mind, this slick utility app helps you better organize, search, and actually use your menu bar icons. Bartender helps you switch between apps without interrupting your workflow. The tool reduces clutter and confusion on your desktop, keeping it tidy.

It gives you the reassurance of an empty desktop, but your applications and browser tabs stay active and ready to use in the background. The bartender offers a 4-week trial, so you could test the functionality and decide whether it’s worth your money.

8. Todoist

Top Best Apps for Mac Maintenance & Productivity

Todoist is an intuitive to-do app that lets you quickly capture and organize tasks. It’s balancing power with simplicity while running on basically every platform that exists. The app is flexible enough to adapt to most workflows. With Todoist, you can remember deadlines with reminders and due dates, build lasting habits, and collaborate on projects by assigning tasks to others.

But the real magic with Todoist lies behind all the app integrations, including Slack, Zapier, Amazon Alexa, and more. While Todoist is free to use forever, you can also upgrade to Premium for things like reminders and automatic backups. But if you don't need the extras, then the free version should be fine. Overall, this is a great first to-do list app to try out, especially if you don't know where to start.

9. Amphetamine

Top Best Apps for Mac Maintenance & Productivity

Always a favorite, Amphetamine keeps your computer from going into sleep mode, starting the screensaver, or performing the auto-dim function. This super-tiny app is like giving your Mac caffeine pills. Once activated, your system will stop going to sleep. With its help, you can effortlessly override your energy saver settings and keep your Mac awake.

It’s ideal for watching streams, videos, or any other activity in which you don’t touch the keyboard or mouse for a long time. Amphetamine can automatically disable itself after a certain period. You can also set it up to work only when you need it the most.

For instance, when a particular app is running or when you’re connected to a particular network. Best of all, this awesome keep-awake app is 100% free. But note it no longer works with older versions of macOS.

10. Magnet

Top Best Apps for Mac Maintenance & Productivity

It’s not always easy to view multiple windows side by side, right? But Magnet gives you tons of options. Designed for the multitasker inside all of us, this windows manager offers a quick way to arrange your desktop. Magnet has been one of the top-selling productivity apps in the App Store over the past few months.

It makes it easy to resize windows and applications, either with customizable hotkeys or by dragging windows to the edge or corners of the display. That's a lot of ways to keep your desktop organized.

So, those are my top 10 best Mac apps every Mac user should try. Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments below. I’m really hoping that you found this article helpful.

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