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What is the Best VPN For iPhone?

What is the Best VPN For iPhone?

We're going to tell you about the best iPhone VPNs. There are a ton of VPNs out there a ton of VPN providers. What we've done is we've gone through a list of about of 50 them and we've picked out 4 that we really liked. And how we've chosen these is that we've looked at which ones have iOS apps. So they are super simple to install on your iPhone. And which ones have good security and which ones are reputable.

There are lots of these free VPN services but you have to realize that with a virtual private network you have to trust the company that's an in-between the go-between the VPN provider. If you don't trust them they can see everything you're doing on the Internet because they're the middleman.

So all these 3 companies out there, they could be seeing which websites you're going to and which you're looking at and all sorts of stuff and God knows who they're selling it to. These companies that we're going to recommend are trustworthy and they are not going to sell your data to God knows. Don't use the free VPNs. I tried using a free VPN on my iPhone once and it just it'll also be slow flow. These are fast and good. Yes, it's number one.

1. NordVPN

What is the Best VPN For iPhone?

NordVPN, not a VPN to be ignored. What you just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. NordVPN is not the cheapest VPN provider in the world but it does have Netflix compatibility which is huge. Not many companies will say that. This is also used by The Huffington Post and other major companies.

Would you say with the Netflix thing too? Why that's cool is that you can log in in the UK and they have a different catalog of stuff to watch. So you're like Oh the Us. Netflix is terrible. I want to watch this show. It's only available in Canada or the UK. Let me just hop out of my VPN set up an IP in Canada. Boom. Done easy.

One thing that I was thinking about too with VPNs is that sometimes ESPN Plus Blacks out the Yankees games in New York and I don't have cable. So what I could do is I could just say Oh I'm in California. Let me watch the Yankees game on ESPN Plus for free. Wow. Yeah, it's pretty sneaky.

NordVPN is headquartered in Panama which does not have the tightest relationship with the Us or some other countries. You're pretty safe. 6 connections a little bit more expensive but it's solid. I mean VPN is an important thing. You have to trust the company but more expensive. It's still not Super expensive as less than 69 dollars per year. It's worth the price.

2. TunnelBear

What is the Best VPN For iPhone?

TunnelBear based in Canada. Better relationship with the United States. So if you're doing something you shouldn't be doing more likely that your records will get subpoenaed. We like Tunnel Bear. One of the reasons I like Tunnel Bears. They're one of the few VPN providers that regularly do security audits of all of their apps which is awesome. It's all about security and trust. Trust? Yes.

So they are based on Canadian companies. Maybe you feel more comfortable with the VPN provider that's based in the Us or Canada because you know you're not doing anything illegal. And there are maybe better audits with some of these companies because if the company is based in a country that doesn't have great auditors and they can be telling me anything.

One thing I really like about TunnelBear too. I have the app on my phone is how easy it was to set up. You just enter your account information and it automatically configures the VPN for you.

1. Open up the TunnelBear app.
Go to the app library in TunnelBear. So right now connection unsecured. I can just tap that switch. Turn it on.

2. Look at the animation is great. It ends up in Argentina but one thing that's cool is you can just like went to go o Brazil now. Very Mario esque.

How to do is what is my IP and what it looks like?
Closeout as help bar app the VPN Stays on. Open up Chrome on iPhone. So now if I just tap on one of these sites and it says that I am in Paulo Brazil. Really easy to use, really easy to set up, very affordable. Monthly subscriptions like 3.33 dollars.

So people like if you go to our website through this VPN we would think that you were in Brazil.

3. PureVPN

What is the Best VPN For iPhone?

PureVPN has military-grade encryption. It's a reputable provider that you could trust. Also headquartered in Hong Kong. Doesn't have a great relationship with US law enforcement. Not at the moment.

PureVPN. Also, no-log certified by a leading independent auditor over 2,000 established or virtual private networks of servers accessible in more than 180 countries. So they're not keeping logs of what you're doing. Somebody can say Hey what was this guy doing? And they can say No we don't know. I don't know. We don't have the law.

4. VyprVPN

What is the Best VPN For iPhone?

Finally, Let's talk about VyprVPN just like TunnelBear. They're based in a country that has friendly relations with the United States Switzerland. So if you do something legal they might help the US find out. But they have fabulous security and they don't keep logs. So although they might talk with somebody in the US about you they might not be able to give them your information. I don't do anything illegal anyway. We don't do that. They have over 7,000 VPN servers around the world.

What I really like about this network is that they own all of their servers. They're not using another infrastructure like Degitalocean or Amazon or any of the lesser reputable because you have to trust every link in the VPN chain.

And also the VyprVPN app just like with TunnelBear is really easy to hook up.

You type in your username, password, and it fills in all the information for you. You can manually configure your VPNs on your iPhone and the Settings app. Let's say you want to be really secure. So right now it thinks that you're in Brazil because you're still connected to the other VPN. Let's connect double VPN.  Go route my VPN through a VPN-connected serve location in USA New York. So if I go to servers and you can just choose whatever you want let's go to Denmark. And as you will see in the upper right-hand corner my iPhone screen little VPN logo.

Let's head back to Google Chrome and check what is my IP address site now we're in Copenhagen. Very cool. So how cool is that? If you leave a comment down below. What VPN do you like to use?

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