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iPad Not Connecting To WiFi? Here's The Real Fix

iPad Not Connecting To WiFi? Here's The Real Fix

We're going to explain what to do if your iPad is not connecting to WiFi.

1. Turn it off and Turn it Back on Again

The easiest way to do that is just to hold down the power button which will slide the power off appears on the screen like cross the screen with your finger. You have to wait about 20 seconds to shut all the way off. Then press and hold the Power button to the Apple logo that appears on the screen and then let go.

2. Turn WiFi off and Back on Again

1. Open the Settings app.

2. I'm going to tap on WiFi tap that little green switch. The wifi is now off. Wait a few seconds. Tap it turn it on again.

And we don't really know at this point if it is your iPad has broken or if it's the WiFi network itself that isn't working correctly. So I would recommend going through McDonald's at a library or wherever they have WiFi and trying a different WiFi network. If there's a problem with the WiFi network itself it could be that you just need to unplug your router at home and plug it back in again.

And there's no way that we can go through how to do full restores on every router in the world. It would take us 48 hours. But just to unplug your router plug it back in and get at home. That might also fix this problem. So you did all that still not working.

3. Forget the WiFi Network

Forget the WiFi network on your iPad and sign up again like it was new.

1. So to do that just tap on the little blue eye next to your WiFi network and tap forget this network.

Especially sometimes if you change your WiFi password or something like that. Something changes the way your iPad connects to your WiFi network. If something changes there this can fix that kind of problem.

2. So then you tap it again. Reconnect. Enter the password.

4. Reset Network Settings

This will reset your WiFi, Bluetooth, VPN, and cellular settings back to factory defaults. So it's kind of a pain because you have to know all of your WiFi passwords. But it's easier than the next step which is to DFU Restore your iPad.

1. To reset our Settings tab in general Scroll down here to reset.

2. Then tap reset network settings. Enter your passcode. It'll say reset network settings again. Ipad will turn off. Turn back on trying to connect to WiFi.

5. DFU Restore

So DFU Restore DFU stands for device firmware Update. It's the deepest type of restore that you can do on an iPad and it fixes all sorts of problems.

I gave my dad an iPad for Christmas and we set it all up. It worked perfectly. Then 3 days later I went over to my parent's house and there he is using his old iPad. And I was like Dad what are you doing? And he was like it doesn't work. So I was like of course shirt doesn't work. So I go over and look at it. I was all naughty and that it didn't work and it would just disconnect from WiFi. And I saw that there were a bunch of problems with it.

Anyway, see if you restored it sure was gonna fix it came back 3 days later. The iPad doesn't work. What we had to do is actually get a new iPad from Amazon.

6. Connect Apple

So if you just got your iPad like it was a Christmas present you might still be in the replacement you turn policy. Just get a new one. If not bring it to the Apple store. If it's not damaged if it is damaged repairing a WiFi antenna issue. It's very expensive through Apple. They'll have to swap it out and just give you a new one so you don't have to pay full retail price. But it might be worth going through a third-party smaller repair shop to see how much they would charge you to do it because it could be much less.

And also if there's a problem with your router specifically and it's not like a minor issue just Google your router company's name customer support and that's the way to do it for you. Find their phone number and give them a call. You might have to reset your router completely and start setting that up from scratch. And usually use a little pinhole on the back that says reset. You just hold a pin in there for like seconds or so. All the things will start to blink.

I don't want to get too specific but that could also work. So that's what to do if your iPad is not connecting to WiFi. If you've found this helpful leave a comment down below with any other questions.

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