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Is Your Computer Really Safe?

Is Your Computer Really Safe?

I love to talk about security when it comes to computers. It's an interesting and important topic and changes all the time. So in this article, I'm gonna go over and help you understand all the possible threats your computer may face in this day and age and what you can do to protect yourself because you may not be as secure as you think.

So in this article, we're gonna be using their newest software Bitdefender Total Security in our examples. I'm sure many of you are already familiar with Bit Defender and their software and I've talked about their cool free anti-ransomware tool in the past but this year Bitdefender really stepped things up further. Their Total Security software does way more than what you just think of as antivirus. It's truly a comprehensive security suite including everything from network threat prevention to multilayer ransomware protection and even a built-in VPN.

And useful utilities like the ability to create encrypted file vaults and parental controls. And because you guys are so great for a limited time but Defender is going to give any of you who are new to Bitdefender 6-months free of Total Security as a trial. So Yes 6 months of the full software just for you guys. So if you've never used it before you can get started protecting your computer right away.

Now when it comes to securing your PC there is a lot to consider so we can break it down into really three simple categories.

  1. First how broadly you're protected or how many vectors you have secured on your PC for example are you only doing virus scans and calling it a day or do you have coverage for your network and access to local files as well?
  2. The next category is the performance toll on your computer. Some software out there is notorious for slowing down your system not naming names but you probably already know.
  3. And the third topic is security techniques and technology itself. Is it up to date enough to take on the latest malicious techniques evolving every day from hackers? These are all things we can cover.

The big thing you have to realize is that there is a lot more to worry about these days than just the play old viruses where you used to accidentally download a suspicious file and run it and then pop-ups would come up. Hackers have gotten a lot more smarter over the years but so have security companies because a lot of times you can get got by a so-called drive-by attack wherein exploiting your browser itself was used to infect you no user interaction is required.

And that's why it's absolutely essential in this day and age to have security software then not only does classical virus scans but can also detect malicious scripts and known malicious URLs out on the Internet when you're browsing the web. You won't realize just what kind of vulnerabilities you are exposed to until it's too late. And while the built-in antivirus that comes with your operating system is certainly better than nothing it leaves a lot of holes in your security.

As you can guess Bitdefender is more than capable of securing all of these things. Its network threat prevention does everything from automatically checking every webpage, blocking different types of attacks before they ever interact with your computer in the first place. It detects the integrative websites that are supposedly encrypted but may actually be compromised and of course, checks Web pages for phishing and fraud.

If an antivirus has real-time protection like this it means you don't have to wait until you do a virus scan for it to spot a problem. It's instant. Of course, there are a lot of aspects that go into real-time protection including the firewall which will make sure that nothing goes in and out of the computer that shouldn't. And that's a common trick of botnets which literally turn your computer into a slave machine to do the dirty work of some hacker. But with network protection like in Bitdefender, it's easy to protect against.

What about other types of ransomware attacks?

Ransomware, for example, has gotten a lot of coverage in the past three years and it's especially scary because it's especially evil literally encrypting all of your files and demanding money to return them. So it's not just a matter of removing that kind of virus because you'll lose your files. The only way to protect against that is to really prevent it in the first place. And of course, always keep your files backed up which I've said countless times before but still having to restore all your files is not ideal. And one thing I do like about Bitdefender is it has several layers of protection against ransomware and other more conventional viruses.

For example, it has what's called ransomware remediation which automatically detects if a new Ransomware virus is trying to encrypt files and then instantly backs them up so you can immediately restore them to normal after the virus is purged. It also has a feature called Safe Files which protects sensitive files and folders from any modifications except for authorized programs. So this could include your documents and photos, folders, system directories, or anything else you want to add. And there are a lot of bases covered.


Performance because obviously, you want good protection. But if the security software bogs down your computer where it's too slow to be usable then what's the point?
And of course, every security suite is going to claim to have a low impact on performance. So that's where we can turn to reliable testing firms such as AV-Test and Independent Research Search Institute in Germany.

Bitdefender won 2017 awards for best performance and best protection from AV tests. So it's really the best of both roles. And these graphs actually show the average overall scores all the way from 2011 and 2013 to 2018. So Bitdefender definitely has a consistent track record. It's not just a one-off.

Is Your Computer Really Safe?

And they actually also won the 2017 Product of the Year award from AV-Comparatives another independent research institution in Austria.

But how could a security suite be capable of both high performance and high security?

And that brings us to the third main topic the technology at the core of the software really the most important thing I'd say and we can get into a bunch of other features that you'll find cool as well. Like I said BitDefender has really overhauled their security suite to be better than ever not just in terms of how well it works but the sheer amount of features it has as well.

For example, you may not know that a lot of times when it comes to trying to remove a virus they embed themselves in so many places and lock themselves down that even if you delete them they somehow spring back because some hidden program had them running to reinstall itself. To combat this normally you'd have to boot into safe mode and handle everything yourself. But BitDefender has an awesome rescue environment mode that exists outside of the operating system.

So for a Windows PC for example it doesn't even boot to Windows with this mode enabled. So the virus literally will never start. And Bitdefender can scan the raw hard drive and scrub it off the viruses and they can do nothing to defend themselves.


But there's other cool stuff as well especially having to do with Privacy which as you know is a big concern of mine like Encrypted File Volts. I've used encryption software since forever to store important files so it's nice to have an easy way to do it right through Bit Defender. For those of you who might not be experts or on the flip side you can securely delete files as well. File shredder so they can never be recovered. Because if you weren't aware just because you delete a file doesn't actually mean it's removed from the hard drive.

It also has webcam protection so there's extra peace of mind that no programs accessing the camera without you knowing. And plus there are other features you would never expect in a typical other antivirus software such as a password manager for storing your login credentials and auto-filling them on websites. And there's even an included free VPN service with a 2,00 megabyte daily and with an allowance that you can upgrade to unlimited if you choose.

And finally, the nice thing is there's a mobile app as well. And I'd say on Android and iOS as long as you keep your phone up to date you don't really have to worry too much about the same kinds of viruses on the desktop because phones are much more locked down. But with Bit Defender on the mobile version, you get a few features that are mobile-specific like the VPN again and an antitheft feature that gives you another way to track your phone if it's lost.

And interestingly there's a way you can put in your email address and it will tell you whether it has appeared in leaked stolen databases which is a really good feature. There's a lot of cool mobile-specific features that's more than just like antivirus on your phone. So obviously there was a lot we covered today. I hope you guys found this article interesting. those of you who are new to Bitdefender definitely take advantage of that 6-month free trial. It's very rare to get one that long.

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