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How to Enable Dark Mode on Every Website

How to Enable Dark Mode on Every Website

As we all know, looking at a computer screen or laptop screen can be hard on your eyes especially when browsing or viewing websites that have mostly black text on a white background. If you do a lot of reading online on your phone, it can be really annoying looking at the white background every time on every website and this can also hurt your vision over time.

Today, I'll show you how to enable the dedicated dark modes for Twitter, Reddit, and DuckDuck Go along with a cool browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that will give any website you visit a dark theme that's easier on the eyes.

Google Chrome desktop for all websites

True dark mode in google chrome. So what do I mean by true? True, it's amazing. So it will not just affect the google chrome system it will actually affect the sites too. So it doesn't matter what site you visit everything will be dark even the google website is white. So there is no dark theme on the website. So it doesn't matter what site you visit after enabling the dark mode a newer version of google chrome. You can just turn your browser just all black dark.

First of all, go to About Google Chrome and make sure that you have google chrome version 78. So make sure that your google chrome is up-to-date it.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Every Website

1. Click on the address bar and after that type Chrome://flags and hit enter and it will open the settings.

It's a hidden setting where you can enable some secret settings for google chrome.

2. Search for the flag which is the dark mode, you'll have more than one result. Looking for the Force Dark Mode for Web Content. So this is the thing we have to enable.

3. Change the default, click on Enable and Relaunch Google Chrome.

So if you don't want to use this, you want to disable this, you can go and click on default and it will get normal. You just have to relaunch your google chrome. That's how you enable. Doesn't matter what site you visit your entire google chrome is now dark-themed.

Small tip
If you have a mac, windows, Linux doesn't matter what device you are using if we have chrome you can enable this feature in any device you can do the same thing and you'll have entire you know dark-themed google chrome.

Chrome on mobile

So if you have an android phone and you did enable the dark mode on the android settings you can access google chrome and enable the dark mode for it but it only shows on the settings on the bar at the top screen you cannot enable the dark mode on the websites that do not have the dark mode on it.

To browse all the websites with the dark mode on theme even google.com will show you a black background on the search result.

If your mobile chrome is not up to date, please update and make sure it's above 78 and you're good to go.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Every Website
1. Open Chrome and tap on URL and type in Chrome://flags
2. Tap on the search bar and search for Force Dark Mode.
3. Force dark mode for web content and tap on the default button and pick Enable.
4. Relaunch Google Chrome browser. Done.

Firefox on desktop

How to Enable Dark Mode on Every Website

1. Open Mozilla Firefox web browser
2. Click on the top-right Menu Icons
3. Click on Customize
4. Click on the Theme
5. Select the Dark Mode option. Done.

Firefox on mobile

1. Open your firefox browser
2. Tap on Three Dots at the top right
3. Tap on Settings
4. Tap on General and then Customize
5. Tap on the Theme. You have three options light, dark, and follow device theme.
6. Tap on the Dark and we have this dark theme enabled in the firefox browser.
How to Enable Dark Mode on Every Website

If you don't find this a dark option then you need to update your Firefox browser to the latest version by going to the google play store.

Microsoft Edge on desktop

Microsoft edge chromium by default in the settings it follows your system settings. So if your computer is already in the dark theme and you can see it by going into your settings app if it's black you're in dark mode. If you're in the life theme well the browser will follow that but you can bypass that option.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Every Website

1. Click on Three Dots on the upper right corner
2. Click on Settings and then the Appearance tab.
3. Click on the Theme and click on the Dark Theme all the time or lite theme depending on what you want to use.

You can actually say dark that means that even if you change the theme of your pc and actually it becomes light for some reason your browser will still remain dark. What's nice about that is that on screens with a lot of devices dark mode seems to actually more and more seems to actually help on battery life also.

Microsoft Edge on mobile

How to Enable Dark Mode on Every Website

1. Opens the Microsoft edge android browser.
2. Tap on the Main Menu and tap on the Settings option.
3. In the Basic section, tap on Appearance then tap on the Theme option. Here is the list of themes such as default light and dark.
4. Tap on the Dark Option. Done.

Safari on desktop

How to Enable Dark Mode on Every Website

1. Go to your Apple Logo at the top left corner and then go to System Preferences.
2. Go to General you want to hit it that's going to load and you can find the general information.
3. Select for Appearance Dark Theme. All the other things also change to dark mode but safari does it as well. So this is the easiest way how to change.

Safari on mobile

Enable dark mode for google chrome and safari for iPhone.

First, make sure to update your iPhone to the latest ios version.

To do that,

1. Go to Settings
2. Tap on General
3. Tap on Software Update

iOS 14 users have a system-wide dark mode tool which chrome will self theme once it's enabled. You might already have this. Apple doesn't always alert iOS users of new features if they're upgrading existing iOS install.

Then turn on dark mode,

How to Enable Dark Mode on Every Website

1. Go to Settings on your iPhone
2. Select Accessibility
3. Tap Display and Text Size
4. Turn on Smart Invert. That's done you.

Enable the dedicated dark modes


The popular social networking site Twitter is one of those blinding sites that Thankfully late last year added a dark mode which they call Night Mode that makes their site a lot easier to look at.

1. To activate it Select your Avatar in the upper right.

2. At the bottom of the drop-down menu, select Night Mode.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Every Website

The background switches to a dark blue color but the black text converted to white that supplies a better contrast that I feel makes everything a lot easier to read. Having used their dark mode for the last couple of months I have no plans of switching back.


The self-proclaimed front page of the Internet recently redesigned their site for the first time in a decade. A new feature they added is a dark mode which they have also incorrectly named Night Mode just like Twitter. More on that later calculate their so-called Night Mode whether you're logged in or not.

1. Select the Dropdown menu in the upper right.

2. Then Toggle the Switch to turn on Night Mode.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Every Website

Now you should have a black background with white text that makes the site more pleasant to look at. Kudos to Twitter and Reddit for offering this dark mode feature on their sites but they don't seem to understand the difference between Night Mode and Dark Mode. The dark mode is simply a dark theme that is very useful to minimize eyestrain.

Night Mode which goes by many names including Nightlight on Windows and Night Shift on Apple Products filters the blue light coming out of your screens to help you sleep better and reduce eye strain. The night modes offered by Twitter and Reddit do not filter out the blue light from your screens.


For those of you that use the Privacy-focused search engine, DuckDuckGo offers two dark themes for you to choose from.

1. The first one can be activated by Selecting the Menu Icon in the upper right. The four themes are visible, choose the theme to dark and this will give you a dark background with all white text.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Every Website

2. To Select, the other dark theme clicks on more themes of the two dark themes available the one I prefer is called Terminal. If you want to activate it Select Terminal and then click on Save and Exit.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Every Website

Instead of having all the text and white titles of web pages are in green and links are in yellow.

Dark Reader

How to Enable Dark Mode on Every Website

For those websites that don't have a native dark mode feature my new favorite extension is Dark Reader which is available for Chrome and Firefox. This extension is also the best Chrome productivity extension for entrepreneurs. Unlike most dark-themed extensions that create a custom dark mode for individual websites, Dark Reader creates a dark theme for the sites you visit without having to install custom styles or themes. It basically just inverts the bright colors on a website making them easier to look at without all that white light.

The first thing you'll need is a chromium browser to install a dark reader onto. So whether that's google chrome, the brave browser, or Microsoft edge either one of them will do.

1. Open up your browser, you want to navigate to the following URL address which is https:chrome.google.com/web store/category/ extensions.

2. Once you're on the chrome web store, you want to left-click on the Text Box on the top left-hand corner and then type Dark Reader, and then hit Enter.

3. Once you've done that, you'll get a list of extensions.

4. Pick the first one called Dark Reader which enables dark mode for all sites.

It's got over 2 million-plus users and over 7000 reviews.

5. Install this extension to add it to your browser.

5. Navigate to the top right-hand corner where it should say Add to and then your Browser Name. For example, if you're using brave, so it says add to brave. So left-click on the Blue Button.

6. You'll get the notification that says brave has not reviewed this extension for security and safety only install this extension if you trust the developer. Of course, this developer is trusted due to the number of users and the reviews.

7. So left-click on it Add an Extension and then the dark reader will begin downloading and installing onto your browser.

8. Once the dark reader has been installed you'll be greeted with another window where you can support the creators of the dark reader if you wish.

9. Pin dark reader to your browser, navigate to the top right-hand corner here and left-click on the Jigsaw Icon also known as extensions.
Once you've done that locate the dark reader and then left-click on the pin Extension icon to pin it.

Once you've done that you should see on the top right-hand corner you have the little dark Reader Icon

10. To customize Dark Reader to better suit your needs. Left-click on to some Additional Options and settings that you have with the dark reader.

11. Here you can Switch from Dark to Light mode, make changes to the Brightness, Contrast. Sepia filter and Grayscale.

12. If you need to make any changes for an individual site select the box only four followed by the name of the website to highlight it before making any adjustments.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Every Website

Here are some other examples of Dark Reader being used on other sites. It makes a Google Search look funky. Also Wikipedia. And it gives YouTube a cool look without having to use the beta version of their site. I highly recommend that you check out this extension. It's completely free to open-source and truly makes surfing the Internet easier on the eyes. If it was useful for you let me know your thoughts in the comments whether you think more websites should offer a dark mode.

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