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How to Delete Your Google Account After You Die?

How to Delete Your Google Account After You Die?

If you use any of Google's services, you probably have quite a bit of data linked to your Google account. In case you die, Google has a tool called Inactive Account Manager that will delete your account if it has been inactive for a certain period of time. You can also choose who is notified of your inactive status and which of your trusted contacts has access to your account data. After you stop using your account.

Inactive Account Manager setup for web browser

First I'll show you the steps to delete your account and share your data which can be done on any web browser. If you own an Android Phone or tablet I'll show you the steps for Android later on in your browser.

1. After you've logged into your Google account select your profile picture in the upper right then click on Google Account or manage your Google account.

2. Next here in the middle of the page select Data & personalization. Now Scroll down the page and find an Active Account Manager. It's all the way near the bottom. Select Change this setting.

How to Delete Your Google Account After You Die?

3. You should be at the screen where it says Make a plan for your Google account. If you pass away or stop using Google. To begin the process to auto-delete your Google account click on Start.

How to Delete Your Google Account After You Die?

4. This first step is very important. You need to choose the length of time that Google should wait to consider your account inactive. You can set this to 3 months all the way up to 18 months. I'll just leave this one at 3 months and hit Save.

How to Delete Your Google Account After You Die?

You will be contacted one month before the time is up. If you don't respond within the month your account will be terminated. If it's not already listed you'll need to add a phone number and email address and a recovery email.

5. These will be the methods that Google uses to contact you prior to deleting your account. When you're done with this page click on Next.

6. On the screen, you can choose up to people that will be notified when your Google account is considered inactive. Select Add person. Enter their email address. Click Next.

How to Delete Your Google Account After You Die?

Here. You can choose the data you would like to share with this person. This is optional and they will have three months after your account is inactive. To download your data you can Select all select None or Select each of these individually. If you don't want to share much with this person so I'll just Select Google Photos.

7. On the screen. You can add their phone number to help verify their identity before they download your data. You also have the option to select the box next to add a personal message and they'll get a message from you when they're notified of your inactivity. When done click on Save.

How to Delete Your Google Account After You Die?

8. You can set an auto-reply for anyone that tries to contact you after your account has become inactive. This is optional. Click Set Auto Reply you can put anything here that you want. For the subject, I'll just type. I'm dead. And for the message, I'll keep it simple. I no longer have access to email.

How to Delete Your Google Account After You Die?

9. You also have the choice to only send a response to those people in your contacts by selecting the box. When done click Save. That's it for this page. Click on Next.

How to Delete Your Google Account After You Die?

10. If you're absolutely positive that you would like your Google account to automatically delete after it becomes inactive toggle the slider to turn it on.

When your account becomes inactive this will delete it along with all of its data including content on other Google's own sites including YouTube, AdSense, Google+, and many others. If you've added people earlier to share your data with they will have 3 months to download your content.

11. Select Review Plan After reviewing your summary to make it permanent you will need to click on Confirm Plan and that's all there is to it.

How to Delete Your Google Account After You Die?

Inactive Account Manager setup for Android

If you use an Android phone or tablet you can get to the inactive account manager by going to Settings. Depending on your version of Android the following steps may vary.

How to Delete Your Google Account After You Die?

1. Find Google in the list. Tap on it. You're at the top. Go to the manage my google account.

2. Slide screen right to left and select Data & personalization. Also, you can view below the privacy and Personalisation. Click on manage your data & Personalization.

3. Scroll down and find Make a Plan for your account. It's way down there. Tap on it.

From here, the steps are the same as what I showed you earlier using your web browser. Hopefully, nothing terrible ever happens to you where this feature gets activated. If you learn something new if you have anything to add to this topic let us know about it in the comments.

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